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 I Will Come and Set Myself on Fire in Parliament, Says Teacher Robbed by Regions Deputy Hrytsak. VIDEO

Kyiv Ukrainian language teacher Nina Moskalenko threatened self-immolation if the Court of Appeals does not overturn the decision of the Pechersk District Court of Kyiv which deprives her of her house in Pechersk district of Kyiv.

Nina Moskalenko announced it in the parliament, reportsRada TМ channel.

"I'm desperate. Ifthe Court of Appeal upholds the decision of the Pechersk districtcourt, I have nothing to lose, I will come to the Verkhovna Radawith gasoline and set fire to myself, because I cannot live in thisstate," she said.

Moskalenko namedthe people who, according to her, are behind a corporate raid onher land. In particular, General Stanislav Denisiuk (former head ofthe Kharkiv Oblast Police and Head of the Kharkiv Oblast TaxAdministration) and general, the former head of Sumy Oblast PoliceOleksandr Moskalchuk.

"Raiders alwayssaid that it is an influential member of the Party of Regions andall the time gave the name of Vasyl Hrytsak. I thought that someonemay be using his name and addressed Hrytsak with a proposal to meetand talk but he did not meet with me and to be honest, after thatit got even worse," added Nina Moskalenko.

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