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 "Look at This! What a Bastard!" Crimean Regions Deputy Melnyk Cursed at a Journalist. VIDEO

The deputy of the Crimean parliament Oleksandr Melnyk pushed around a reporter of TV Krym (Crimea) right in the corridor of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea.

The incident took place during the plenary session,Arguments of the Week - Crimea reports.

Melnyk left thecourtroom before the session, and went into the corridor. At thistime of the Crimean Tatar TV crew of TV Krym was working there.Correspondent Shevket Ganiiev was recording a stand-up. The MP wasspeaking loudly on the phone and the journalists had to restartagain. However, Melnyk began to talk louder. Ganiiev then turned tohim with a request either to speak quieter or move away a littlefurther from the recording place. In response, Melnyk entered thepicture, became agitated and started explaining that the press is"allowing too much," wave his arms, shout and insult them callingthem names. "He started to insult me loudly, saying that thejournalists are rude and impudent," Shevket Ganiiev told Argumentsof the Week - Crimea.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v225440