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 Court Lustration in Ukraine Will Start from Tymoshenko and Lutsenko, Yatsenyuk Says. VIDEO

The decision of the European Court of Human Rights on the illegality of Yuriy Lutsenko’s arrest means that a criminal investigation regarding the investigators, prosecutors and judges who ruled on his arrest should be launched.

This was stated by Chairman of Batkivschyna Unitedopposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk at Kyiv Court of Appeals where thehearing of the appeal against Yuri Lutsenko's verdict tookplace.

According to theopposition's press service, he stated that "a similar situationwill occur in the event that the European Court of Human Rightswill make a decision on other charges against Lutsenko andrecognizes that such charges were illegal," he stressed. Accordingto Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the opposition will create a specialcommission in the new parliament "on issues of criminalresponsibility of all judges, all prosecutors, all investigators,all the representatives of the State Penitentiary System who haveviolated the law which was confirmed by the European Court of HumanRights. This will be a real judicial lustration in Ukraine. and wewill start with the cases of Yuriy Lutsenko and YuliaTymoshenko."

Commenting on thedecision of the Kyiv Court of Appeals which did not satisfy thecomplaint of Yuriy Lutsenko the Chairman of the United oppositionsaid that the former minister was convicted for the fact that"surveillance of a Ukrainian citizen had been conducted based on acourt decision. The overseeing was carried out on the basis of thelaw and, most importantly on the basis of a court decision.Lutsenko motioned to have this decision attached to the case,because that it was a judge who ruled on decided on the possibilityof surveyling the person but the court denied," hestressed.

"The fact thatthey announced this verdict testifies to the fact that there is nojudicial system in Ukraine," said Yatsenyuk.

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