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 FEMEN Activists Beaten by Catholic Nationalists in Paris. PHOTOS + VIDEO

in Paris cctivists of the women's movement FEMEN held a topless protest "In Gay We Trust" in support of the bill on same-sex marriage in France.

According to the movement's press service the activists were attacked during the event.

"Religious fanatics from nationalists attacked FEMEN activists and beat them up. The aggression of bloodthirsty Catholics was stopped by the police and French LGBT community representatives who came to the rescue," the press-service of the organization.

Before the attack the activists managed to hold a rally near the Catholic rally in central Paris. "Breaking into the crowd dressed as nuns, they abundantly sprayed the audience with the "sperm of Jesus" from phallic canisters. The purpose of the FEMEN protest was to plant progressive ideas of civil and sexual freedoms into the minds of religious zombies .

FEMEN strongly forbids clerics to poke their noses into the secular matters of marriage and family, as well as sex and demands to stop imposing their medieval views of the world order in modern Europe," the FEMEN press service reports.

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