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 State of Tymoshenko’s Health Is Deteriorating. VIDEO

The state of health of Yulia Tymoshenko, who is on hunger strike for the ninth day, is deteriorating.

According to BYuT press service, the defense attorney of the opposition leader Oleksandr Plahotnyuk stated: "

"Hunger strike is the only way that Tymoshenko can draw public's attention to the elections rigged by Yanukovych's regime," he stressed. The lawyer reported that Yulia Tymoshenko has a "cheerful voice, and she is holding up well." "She has a unique power of will and faith in victory," he noted. "However, her physical condition is deteriorating, she is very faint, and it is very hard to watch. At the same time, Yulia Tymoshenko says that she will sustain everything because Yanukovych's regime could never shake her strong spirit," said Alexander Plahotnyuk.

The defense attorney noted that the opposition leader is going to starve until the Ukrainian society and the civilized world will not give an adequate assessment of large-scale electoral fraud organized by regime of Yanukovych. "I doubt that anyone, any officials will be able to persuade her to stop the hunger strike," said Plahotnyuk commenting on the information that the opposition leader will be visited by the Commissioner for Human Rights. "Yulia gave a clear answer to her comrades that she will starve until the rigged election will not be given a proper assessment by the society and the civilized world," said he.

"Yulia asked to convey to a message to all who continue to fight for democracy, continue to fight for a better life. She is confident that Yanukovych's regime will soon cease to exist, because the power is losing its supporters by the minute. Elections proved that people understand the nature of this anti-people government. Yulia thanked the people who are defending the right to choose their own future at the CEC and are showing that the government cannot intimidate anyone. It is the regime that shall be afraid," passed her words Plahotnyuk.

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