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 Opposition Recognizes Re-elections in Five Districts. VIDEO

In five districts where the re-elections will take place the opposition will put forward a single candidate.

This was stated by one of the opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk at the rally near the CEC, reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

According to him, the decision to hold a re-election in these districts is a better way out than "if Zasukha and Hubskyy become deputies."

"We will not lay down the arms and we will prove that we will win even in the re-election," he said.

"We will nominate one candidate for each district which means that we will have even better results than we have in Kiev", he said.

Yatsenyuk also said that the CEC will announce new elections in two districts of Vynnytsya. "They want to give the victory in two districts to the Party of Regions candidates who lost the elections. We know that the CEC will have a draft decision on the re-election in two Vynnytsya districts introduced," he said.

"I know that the candidates who they wish to award a victory to in the Vynnytsya districts have signed the oath to Yanukovych," said the politician.

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