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 Tymoshenko Writes a Letter to Yanukovych: What do You Want to See on My Video from the Shower or Lavatory? You Need Professional Help. VIDEO

Tymoshenko’s defense lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko published her letter to President Viktor Yanukovych.

In theletter she demanded to be transferred to Kachanovskaya colony (samerequest addressed in an address to the colonyadministration).

"FormerPrime Minister considers further treatment in Ukrzaliznytsyahospital impossible due to 24-hour camera surveillance." Vlasenkoconfirmed the authenticity of the latest video that surfaced on theweb where you can see the procedures conducted on Tymoshenko. "Wediscovered that there are three hidden cameras in the room forconfidential meetings with attorneys, two in the shower room andone over each of the two toilets. There are so many cameras thatyou cannot hide day or night. These recordings are sent toYanukovych on the daily basis. He was the one who ordered them tobe installed. Vlasenko noted that Tymoshenko has filed two requests- to the head of Kachanovskaya colony Kolpaschekova and head doctorof Ukrzaliznytsya hospital Afanasyev - to release her from hospitaland return to Kachanovskaya colony in the state which she is inright now. "Despite the fact that my treatment is not finished Iask to return me to the colony," Vlasenko quoted Tymoshenko'saddress. He also noted that German medics from Charite clinic willcontinue further treatment of Tymoshenko.

Read fulltext of Yulia Tymoshenko's open letter:


Yesterday,being in my mobile prison which you turned my hospital room intoall your TV channels showed a recording of my prison life made byhidden surveillance cameras. Considering the amorality of your deedI decided to write you an open letter.

Firstly- I confirm the authenticity of 90% of these recordings. Especiallythe parts involving my physical therapy sessions with a physicaltherapist in the treatment room.

Secondly- the video from the treatment room and other premises were madewith hidden surveillance cameras that were installed on directorders from you. Now the fact of constant hidden video surveillancehas been proved and this is your crime.

Thirdly- many of the medical procedures that take place in the treatmentroom require that I undress, and the hidden video cameras recordall of this and continue to record this during the entire period ofmy treatment. This is a moral crime that you are committing.

Fourthly- prison staff that support me, after the videos were shown on TV,gave me a plan with the exact location of these hidden videocameras that were installed on your orders in the rooms where Ispend time. The public may be interested in knowing that there arethree cameras in the room for confidential meetings with mylawyers, two cameras in the shower stall and one above each of thetwo toilets (sorry for the details). There are so many hiddensurveillance cameras that it's impossible to hide from them, day ornight.

And lastly- there is a special room by my prison cell with monitors showinground-the-clock video of me. Male officers who work in the colonyare responsible for it, male officers that work in the prosecutor'soffice cover it up, and male officers working in the SBU providetechnical support. This is done demonstratively, openly, before myeyes, obviously for additional psychological pressure.Unfortunately, the officers that serve the president take their cuefrom him.

These videos are sent to you electronically every day.

In connection with these circumstances I don't have any requests orsuggestions for you.

Should I ask you to stop this disgrace! But you organized ityourself. Should I ask you to open a criminal case against thosedoing this dirty work? But will your prosecutor general open acriminal case against You? You're the ideologue, organizer andexecutor of this unprecedented disgusting act. Therefore, I haveonly three questions that I ask you to respond to publicly.

First- what is it that you personally want to see on the videos madewith the hidden cameras in the shower, toilet, prison call, roomswhere I undergo treatment fully undressed?

What do you do with these films? Do you watch them alone or incheerful company with friends? Maybe you get more self-confidencein your political capability by watching a female politicalopponent naked? Maybe you enjoy this specific power over yourpolitical opponent and its makes you feel stronger and moresuccessful?

If you answered all these questions positively, then this, ViktorFedorovych, is a diagnosis and you need to urgently seek anonymoustreatment, because it may become chronic.

Second question.When will your channels show the continuation of this series thatyou find so interesting? When can we expect nude videos? Maybe youthink that by showing these materials you're humiliating me? No.You're humiliating yourself, showing Ukraine and the world yourtrue self. All the videos made with hidden cameras about my prisonlife turn you in the eyes of normal people into…better that you nowknow…

And my last question.Perhaps you'd like to try putting your wife Lyudmyla or yourmother, if she's still alive, under constant public videosurveillance and shown live on the Internet? Show on your channelshow they live, how they sleep, how they undress, take a shower, ordo their business. If you have such exotic fantasies to secretlymonitor the private life of women like a "behind the glass" show,start with the women in your family.

Maybe then you'll understand the difference between sadism andmorality, between vileness and dignity.

Given that I know very well who I'm dealing with and fullyunderstand your psychological portrait, I don't blame you ofanything, I even forgive you.

You are the way you are. And nobody can change you. Darwinism can'tchange a jackal into a lion, or vice versa.

Besides these questions, I don't have any requests from you.

My request is to all the women of Ukraine and the world withdignity, honor and solidarity. Before you speak with Yanukovych,just recall that he is watching, round-the-clock, the prison lifeof his female political opponent through cameras hidden in thetoilet and don't shake his hand, because you'll never be able towash it clean.

I have the same request to the men of Ukraine and abroad who lovetheir mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.

Don't shake hands with Yanukovych, because by doing so you arehumiliating all women with dignity, you are supporting Yanukovychand his dirty daily activities.

And you, Viktor Fedorovych, I am informing that I am refusing"treatment" that is under video cameras aired on TV and theInternet, and is more like being in the torture chambers of theGULAG. In those conditions people are crippled, not treated.

I demand that I be returned to the colony in the condition I am. Iwill be treated when I am free, when you are no longer prying on methrough a keyhole.

I hope the European Court of Human Rights makes a judgment thatwill make Ukrainians understand who you are and will remove you aspresident along with your mafia.

Without respect to you,
Yulia Tymoshenko
17 October 2012

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