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 Klitschko's Party Mate Withdraws from Elections in Favor of Infamous Lyashko: He Will Not be Tempted.... VIDEO

The Strike Party candidate in district 208 Natalya Novikova has withdrawn her candidacy in favor of the scandalous Oleh Lyashko.

Lyashko writes about it on his blog.

According to him, Natalya Novikova made a wise and correct decisionby disregarding her own ambitions to "overcome the current regimetogether. I will win the Party of Regions candidate oligarchMykhaylo Golytsya in any case. But today the fight is over Ukraine.It is important not only to win this Regions gang - we have tocrush them," wrote Lyashko and provided Klitschko's party mateaddress.

"Today the Strike party is a powerful opposition party withsubstantial support in our native Chernyhiv oblast. Despite thesefacts I, Natalya Novikova would like to make a statement regardingmy withdrawal from the elections and I ask my supporters to givetheir votes to Oleh Lyashko. He is a true revolutionary. He startedfighting against dictators when he was 16. He was not scared ofregime's persecution or even prison. He was not tempted by theopportunities provided by a deputy's mandate. The whole countryknows Oleh Lyashko as a person who will never compromise with hisconscience and the regime. He often stood alone against the pack ofpredators who are robbing the people's property and now want totake the last thing they have - our fertile land. Only one deputycan represent our 208 district. If we, the opposition will cling toour ambitions and not find a unity the Party of Regions candidatewill take the seat in parliament (he can call himself anindependent all he wants). Thus, I ask you, my fellow townsmen tonot disperse your votes. Vote for Oleh Lyashko!" calledNovikova.

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