Spain is Teaching Ukrainians How to Defend Their Rights - Mass Protests All Over the Country. VIDEO

Third day in a row Spain is being overrun by numerous student meetings in 70 cities protesting government's austerity measures and budget cuts.

Accordingto Euronews,the cuts hit the student: their scholarships and expenses for theup-keep of the state universities: "They should be ashamed ofmaking us pay for mistakes of others. We are here to defend ourright for education: every year all working people of Spain paytaxes to ensure that we have state education and state healthcare.We will fight for a worthy state education that will not excludethose belonging to different social class or cannot pay histuition."

The level ofunemployment among the Spanish youth is the highest in the EuropeanUnion: practically every second able-bodied young Spaniard has nojob. According to UNESCO, Spain has the highest percentage ofyoungsters who do not continue their education after middleschool.

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