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 Judge in Tymoshenko's Case Accused of Document Manipulation. VIDEO

Yulia Tymoshenko's defense attorney Serhiy Vlasenko stated that judge Konstyantyn Sadovskiy has announced a previously prepared verdict and that these hearings are a farce.

After a hearing regarding the 'oral testimony by Tymoshenko'Vlasenko said that "today we saw a court farce. The judge ignoredall opposition motions and considered all motions by theprosecution. The judge manipulated the case materials," he said. Hestressed that Tymoshenko cannot take part in the hearings due tohealth reasons and "it is not a refusal as the judge and theprosecution are trying to interpret it."

"Yulia Volodymyrivna did not refuse to take part in court hearings.She stated once again that she is unfit for trial which wasconfirmed by German doctors yesterday," said Vlasenko. He called onthe press to refrain from publishing incorrect information. "YuliaTymoshenko was unfit to take part in these hearings due to healthreasons. I am confident that all of you saw that today's decisionwas prepared in advance. The judge did not react to anything. Hejust read a piece of paper he was given including the date of courthearing - November 13."

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