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 Journalist and Deputy Candidate Tetyana Chornovil Beat Up: I am Standing here Covered in Blood. VIDEO

Journalist and deputy candidate Tetyana Chornovil was beat up when she attempted to find out the source of fake leaflets in her name.

As she told the Ukrainian Pravda, 100,000 leaflets were made addressing people in her name to transfer the money for her election campaign to an account she never heard of before.

Chronovil found out that in Mshana village the leaflets were handed out from three cars and she went there.

When she was approaching the village these three cars were driving out. She stopped to find out what is happening, came to the closest car and saw the leaflets. Then she decided to get into that car to detain them while her assistant calls the police.

"They started to beat me and strangle me. I am standing here covered in blood. Then they threw me out of the car, hit my assistant's head on the hood of the car and left," said Chornovil.

When the police came another car was passing by with people who looked like the ones handing out leaflets. The police pulled them over and found the leaflets in the car. The people said that they were paid 50 hryvnias for handing them out.

Chornovil noted that the people who attacked her spoke Russian which is not typical for Lviv oblast. But the people who were detained later are from Lviv. The journalists suspects that they were intentionally sent to the scene to take the blame.

Talking about leaflets she said: "Elderly people take the contents seriously. And they are infuriated saying who is this person demanding money and wants to become a deputy. It is made on purpose to instill such emotions!".

She also told about the fight: "I was being strangled. I was beat up. But I was protected by the small space - you cannot hit hard when there is no room."

Lviv police refrained from comments. The press service said they are studying the statements of Chornovil and her assistant. This is not the first attack on the journalist. In September she was splashed with paint in her own house.

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