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 Opposition Demands to Punish Management of the First National TV Channel: 90% of Air Time is Lies and Dirt on the Regime Opponents. VIDEO

One of the opposition leaders Oleksandr Turchynov and Batkivschyna representative in the Central Election Commission Ruslan Knyazevych demand to punish the management of the First National TV Channel.

Censor.NETreports that opposition representatives think that it is themanagement that has to be held responsible for untruthfulinformation being broadcast.

Turchynov andKnyazevych state that the Party of Regions has been long pretendingthat we have a constitutional and legal electionprocess.

"They cross theline with direct rough, dirty propaganda with the use of thenational TV using administrative resources against the Unitedopposition as its main opponent," saidTurchynov.

"For three daysthe First National TV Channel has been running a 6-minute moviecaptioned as "Political advertisement" that none of it but insteadcontains false untruthful information regarding the Unitedopposition and its leaders," said Knyazevych.

He explainedthat it is a gross violation of the law since the ad has to containthe name of the purchaser or the full name of the candidate whoordered the ad. "Moreover, this text has to take no less than 15%of the screen and be in contrast to the background. There is nodefinition, no mention of the purchaser in the ad," said theopposition representative.

According toKnyazevych, the law states that any subject of the elections whothinks that information in an ad is untruthful has the right for abroadcast reply in the same amount of time and for no charge. "Inaccordance with the law we referred to the First National Channelwith a request to place such a reply but theyrefused."

That is whyaccording to Knyazevych the opposition referred to the CEC for itto demand the information regarding the purchasers of the ad,agreements signed with him, and the paymentdocuments.

According tounofficial information obtained by the opposition, "the purchaseris one of the plurality candidates of a Kiev district who isaffiliated with the Party of Regions."

"We have noother option but to refer to observing missions, diplomaticinstitutions, and PACE."

The oppositionalso appealed to the Attorney General because "such actions areillegal under article 157 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine sincethey mislead voters."

"If the TVchannel violates the conditions of the license on electionadvertisement the corresponding state institutions have to reactand take adequate measures, which may include even revoking thelicense.

"We demand to be given the right to answer as the lawdemands," he said and added that otherwise they will file a lawsuitin court.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v219453