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 Tymoshenko: If We Do Not Pluck Up Courage, There Will Be Executioner for Each of Us. VIDEO

Tymoshenko's lawyer Oleksandr Plahotnyuk has published an address of the former Prime Minister.

Censor.NET cites her fulladdress:

"On Friday, 28 October, from16:00 I started a protest action in Ukrzaliznytsia hospital, theone I can afford in the circumstances. On this day, I was againdeprived of my right for the monthly meeting with people who,according to law, can be chosen by the imprisoned personhimself/herself. The right is directly granted in the Code ofCriminal Procedure for every imprisoned person, and it is clearthat I have not exhausted any meeting quotas. But for politicalprisoners this law does not work.

As a protest, I did not returnto my hospital ward and during two days and nights I stayed on thefloor near the door where my colleagues were illegally not allowed,and I insisted that the law allowing them to visit me wasexecuted.

But the essence of my protest isnot the struggle for my rights - I am sure that the regime'spropaganda machine will speculate on this. I ask honest journalistsnot to help them with this. The main purpose of my protest is todraw attention to the fact that in the Yanukovych land we no longerhave laws for all 46 million of people. The force of laws has beenstolen together with Ukrtelecom, the Mezhygirya, money for EURO,and all other things. In the Yanukovych land, laws no longer havethe function of the fundamental basis of the country'slife.

Today, whatever our Ukrainianlaws mean, it does not matter. Only the law of the jungle iseffective, the law of power of the gang and their dubious leader.Power structures, the Parliament, courts, fainthearted officialslive not by laws, but according to orders from the state master andhis "agents" on the ground.

I can see by military men thatthey are ready to execute every illegal and dirty order theyobtain, and the only thing they worry about is whether they get abonus or next promotion - they really think they deservethis.

I am protesting against the factthat, the same as they have neglected the Constitution and lawswhile applying violence against me, they have stolen from 46millions of citizens the right to rely upon the law, to believe inthe law and to be protected by the law. The fate of people inUkraine and their lives are now determined not by rights andfreedoms, but by unlawful orders and interests of Yanukovych andhis subordinates of all levels. They are the law now. There arehundreds of thousands of people around them - obedient officials,judges and other public marauders, executors of the high orders: ifthey are told to beat they will beat; if they are told to shootthey will shoot; if they are told to try illegally they will tryillegally; if they are told to take away your last rights andmoney, have no doubts, they will. They will do this eagerly,expecting to obtain rewards and promotions. This is what I amprotesting against. This is my silent cry.

Now, at the moment when I amwriting the appeal, they are constructing a new cage around me tobreak me and my will, they are putting additional bars, they aretaking away the most necessary things, they have closed the toiletroom and have put a triple number of guards around me. ThePenitentiary Service has given me a piece of paper saying that theystop my treatment and discharge me from the hospital as the nextact of revenge for my position. But they must realize thateverything they do is in vain, I am not as weak-hearted as theofficers on duty. It will not be easy for them to deal withme.

The most important thing is thatchaos without laws and limits is grasping the country. In suchcircumstances countries do not survive. No one wants do deal withsuch countries. I am protesting against this. Every intelligent andresponsible person must protest against the mutation of sociallife. If you do not have the heart for this, an executor will standbehind everyone's back. Do we want such a country? Is this the lifewe have dreamed about?

My protest may be too weak andinsufficient against the general contractor of building the countryof slaves who help him with this so readily and actively. The lawabout criminal liability for libel is only the beginning; they willfurther do what we allow them to do and what we tolerate. Fight! Westill have a chance to stop them.

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