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 Militants of the Regions Candidate in Kiev Continue Attacking Opposition. VIDEO

Leader of New Kiev Civil Group and representative of the Unied opposition Zoryan Shkiryak told the press about new provocation of the 222nd district Regions candidate Maksym Lutskyy during the meetings of opposition candidate Dmytro Andriyevskyy with voters.

According to Shkiryak, yesterday's meetings of Andriyevskyy werefollowed by a group of youngsters including Lutskiy's first deputy.Their job was to sabotage the meetings with residents ofSolomenskiy district of Kiev.

Shkiryak noted that "Lutskyy must be having problems withprovocateurs - there used to be up to 30 of them and now only 10.But they are getting a bit older. It is also worth mentioning thatwhen people found out who they represented they kicked them out."told Shkiryak.

"Yesterday they went as far as attacking the opposition candidateDmytro Andriyevskyy - they tried to grab and take away themicrophone and provoke a physical conflict with further use of thepolice", stated New Kiev's keader.

"I am confident that their actions are motivated by despair.Their campaign is based solely on blackmailing, threats,provocations, and black PR against the main candidate," said theopposition activist.

He also noted that the opposition will not resort to suchmeasures.

"We have officially addressed international missions of observersin Ukraine, the stories from our district were shown in manycountries, as well as on CNN," he concluded.

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