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 F#@ck, What a Shame! - Mariupol Went Crazy for Free Umbrellas from the Ruling Party. VIDEO

There was a sort of a stampede of the people trying to get their hands on the free umbrellas given out by the ruling Party of Regions.

According toCensor.NET, you can hear the swearing and brawl of the peopletrying to get the umbrellas and the shout of a child looking forhis mom.

The author of thevideo frankenssteincomments: "There is afrenzy with which they push each other. You don't need anynationalists from the West. And it is surprising that they reallyNEED these umbrellas. They are ready to walk with them on thestreets which is a damn shame! And I am not talking about the Partyof Regions in particular. Things with political symbolic on themlook cheap stolen from the street propagandists. You are walkingwith this umbrella on the street and people point their fingers atyou: there goes the dumb-ass who was fighting for an umbrella.F#@ck, What a shame...".

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/v217117