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 Vlasenko: The Court Read the President's Decision - Keep Tymoshenko in Prison as Long as Possible. VIDEO

Yulia Tymoshenko's lawyer Sergey Vlasenko thinks that the decision of the Superior Specialized Court has the purpose of keeping Tymoshenko behind bars for as long as possible.

According to the BYT press-service, after the hearing he saidthat "today Mister Yanukovych showed everybody that he does notcare about anything - the people's rights, the law. Today we didnot hear the decision of this puppet court. We heard the decisionof Viktor Yanukovych - to keep his main political opponent YuliaTymoshenko behind bars for as long as possible".

Vlasenko also noted that the panel of judges of the SuperiorCourt "executing Yanukovych's orders called the events in Pecherskcourt perfect justice". "This is the perfect justice thatYanukovych wants for Ukraine", he concluded.

The lawyer also underlined that "what was happening in thatcourt was the reason for the fact that yesterday the ECHR could notexamine the violations of article 6 of the European Convention onHuman Rights. But as early as the end of the week we will completethe report to the complaint and it will be passed to the EuropeanCourt of Human Rights concerning the lack of fair justice in regardto Yulia Tymoshenko", said Vlasenko.

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