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 Students Threaten to Take to the Streets and Organize New Maidan. VIDEO

Student social organizations will file a lawsuit to the Cabinet of Ministers and Ministry of Educations demanding to cancel the government decree #526 of 13 June, 2012 on changing the order of scholarship readjustment.

According to Censor.NO the chairman of the Youth People's Movement, Ivan Krulko announced it at the UNIAN press-conference.

According to him this Cabinet of Ministers decision practically lowers the scholarships by 150-200 UAH (20-25 USD) and July's scholarships will already be lower than June's. Krulko noted that this violates several provisions of the Constitution which does not permit narrowing people's rights and freedoms as well as guarantees everyone the right for dignified life. He also drew attention to the fact that the scholarship set by the government does not even equal the subsistence minimum.

"If the students do not see compensation funds for the summer months in their card accounts, then they (power) will see another maidan (revolution) - it will be students' maidan", said Krulko.

In his turn deputy and Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the opposition government Andrey Pavlovskiy noted that the opposition will support the students and provide legal support to the lawsuits all the way to the European court for human rights since Ukrainian justice system does not leave much to hope for today. He also said that, "Mykola Azarov pulled out the money from the students' pockets in the total amount of roughly 100 million hryvnias (12.5 million dollars). It is understandable why it caused a students' outrage and we witnessed protests at the Cabinet of Ministers. Scared Azarov told the students that decrease of students' scholarships in summer is the result of chaos in the system of state management", said Pavlovskiy. He also reminded that Azarov promised the students to fire the guilty officials. The deputy stressed that Azarov needs to live up to his promise and fire officials starting from himself, the Vice Prime-Minister Sergiy Tigipko and Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk. A representative of Ukrainian Association fo Student Self-Governing Liliya Denikevich-Levina informed the press that "today there will be a protest on the central square today entitled "Last Kopeiks of the Students' Scholarship" (Last Pennies of the Students' Scholarships). As a mark of protest the students will make a word scholarship from kopeiks".

"We will not let the scholarship be made of kopeiks", she said.

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