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Examination confirms Berkut officers’ involvement in execution of Maidan activists, - PGO

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Shooting of the 'Nebesna Sotnia' at Maidan – Censor.NET’s version

Shooting of the `Nebesna Sotnia` at Maidan – Censor.NET’s versionIn the period from January to February of 2014, over 100 people were shot dead at the peaceful protests on Kyiv’s Euromaidan (altogether referred to as Nebesna Sotnia, the Heavenly Hundred – ed.). The investigation is far from making any conclusions, so Censor.NET’s chief editor Yurii Butusov made his own based on the website’s sources: most of the killings on Feb. 20 were committed by a group of special forces soldiers under captain Dmytro Sadovnyk.

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