Fighting at Svitlodarsk. Situation report as of Dec. 21.

Yurii Butusov

Dec. 18 and 19 were two days of unstopping fighting. On the third day, Dec. 20, the combat continued but the situation got quieter. Shots still could be heard, but the booming abated.

Two enemy strongpoints have been seized. Russian sources name them ‘Krest’ and ‘Zvezda’ (near Kalynivka village and Svitlodarsk reservoir). They are located in the forest to the west from the 220 height, where the skirmish of June 29 took place. Enemy’s seizing of this forest poses a threat of control of the 220 height and other positions. The enemy’s attempts to recapture its lost positions have been rebuffed. Here is the situation report as of Dec. 19.

Enemy units of “the 3rd battalion of the 7th motorized rifle brigade” of the Russian occupation troops abandoned four bodies of their comrades and one gravely wounded soldier and retreated to neighboring strongpoints.

Their losses in the positions they took at the neighboring heights covered by our artillery are unknown. The enemy disguises them just as usual. Radio intercept says they lost more than 20 people, but these data need to be checked.

The fighting of Dec. 18-19 near Svitlodarsk claimed lives of seven Ukrainian fighters; one military went missing in action. The names of two more Ukrainian military and the missing one are known: all of them belong to the 54th brigade.

They gave their lives for our freedom and for the strong country that we are obliged to build and that will never forget its loyal sons… We will not forget.

Social media-spread rumors of 19 fallen soldiers are not true.

Let’s remember the fallen heroes of Svitlodarsk with a moment of silence. Thanks to them, who are far away at the frontline, here we do not hear the sounds of missiles they took upon themselves.

Volodymyr Stepanovych Andreshkiv, the 25th battalion of the 54th separate mechanized brigade. Native of Bortnyky village, the Lviv region. Aged 47. Participated in Maidan events, including Feb. 18-20, 2014. Survived by a wife and four children.

Serhii Yevhenovych Stepanenko, the 25th battalion of the 54th separate mechanized brigade. Native of Boryspil city, the Kyiv region. Aged 49. Survived by a wife and a son.

Vasyl Hennadiovych Panasenko, the 25th battalion of the 54th separate mechanized brigade. Native of Irpin town, the Kyiv region. Aged 33.

Roman Radyvylov, the 1st battalion of the 54th separate mechanized brigade. Native of Derhachi town, the Kharkiv region. Aged 32. Ukrainian activist, participant of the revolution, a Right Sector volunteer, serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Dmytro Klymenko, the 1st battalion of the 54th separate mechanized brigade. Former volunteer of the Right Sector, contract serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Several soldiers have been gravely wounded.

The major losses have been incurred due to massive artillery and mortar shelling by the Russian artillery, which covered the entire area, including villages of Luhanske and Myronivske. Ukrainian units were not able to completely suppress the Russian artillery: the enemy operates from long distances or well-equipped positions. Destroying these positions requires high-density fire and precise target indication, fire adjustment, and cooperation between various forces and equipment.

Russian mercenaries who participated in these battles note in their interviews that our infantry was able to achieve a tactical surprise. However, it wasn’t able to completely suppress the enemy’s fire means at the neighboring heights.

They also say that retaining control over strongpoints at the neighboring heights, which were not counterattacked by our units, allowed restoring command over the units that fled the frontline.

This entire area where the clashes are taking place should be controlled by Ukraine under the Minsk agreements. However, the Russian command is violating the accords and continues deploying its troops and heavy artillery in the area.

The reasons behind the significant losses should be studied and analyzed.

At the moment, there is no threat of extension of combat activities along the frontline or of another assault by the Russian troops. The Ukrainian soldiers remain combat-capable and motivated.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET
Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/r420313