The Kremlin’s puppets. The War Road in Donbas

NGO "Security and cooperation in Ukraine"/"STOPTERROR" Project

Special investigative report into Donbas events of 2013-2015 and analysis of participation of military forces of Russia and local terrorist groups in them.

1. Foreword (the Maydan, the Crimea)

2. Outbreak of developments in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The first shots fired

3. The first illegal armed groups of Putin's support

4. Referendum in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, the role of Russia

5. The main Kremlin's puppet battalions
5.1. Oplot battalion
5.2. Zaria battalion

6. Presence of RF Armed Forces in occupied territories
6.1. Military Personnel Alexei Chudikov
6.2. The Russian Federation's Tank T-72BM in Horlivka
6.3. The new complex of RF's "Leer-3" is tested in Donetsk

7. Leaders of self-styled republics, the Kremlin's influence on them

8. IAG (illegal armed groups) structure as of September 2015

9. Structure of Russian terrorist troops (Infographics)

kremlin puppets stopterror

Foreword (the Maydan, the Crimea)

Events in Ukraine in 2013-2015 gave the understanding the international community that established after WWII the world system of checks and balances is irrelevant and outdated.

In 2013 Ukraine was active in the Association Agreement and comprehensive free trade area with the European Union. Formally all the resources of the state were involved to achieve this purpose. The representatives of the political establishment of the European Union stated that the signing will take place, even though the arrest and conviction of political opponents of Yanukovych. At the same time, the Kremlin has made every effort to prevent it, and lured Ukraine into the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan).

The final decision not to sign the Association Agreement and free trade zone with the EU Viktor Yanukovych took after a series of private meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin. This meeting has led to the relevant decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 21 November 2013 "On the termination of arrangements of the country for entering the Association Agreement and free trade zone with the EU", which in turn initiated a civil protests in several cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, and others.). The activists have put forward a number of requirements, the key of which was the signing of the Association Agreement.

Thus, the evening of November 21 in social networks the calls for immediate protest rally began to spread. The first action started at the Independence Square in Kyiv and had a more public character.

After Yanukovych didn't sign the Association Agreement during the Vilnius summit, the events developed in the direction of strengthening the confrontation between Bankova and disagreed activists.

On November 24, Kyiv hosted a crowded opposition march and rally "For European Ukraine".

At the same time, the Russian side made efforts to heighten social tension in the Crimea. The stake was made on the pro-Russian organizations in the Crimea and Sevastopol (Rodina, Russia's unity). The work with representatives of these organizations was focused on the existing conflict between them and the Party of Regions of Ukraine, which is, in fact, monopolized its position in the government and the business environment of the Crimea.

As a result of these actions, the first meeting in support of the Azarov's government in Simferopol was held. 28-29 November, 2013, in Vilnius the Summit of "Eastern Partnership" was held, which was attended by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. By noon on 29 November, it became known that the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU has not been signed.

30 November, 2013, the protesters were dispersed in the Independence Square, resulting in a further escalation of the conflict that eventually led to the overthrow of the Viktor Yanukovych's regime and his escape to Russia.

After the escape of Viktor Yanukovych, 23 February, 2014, a citizen of the Russian Federation Alexei Chalyi at the rally, inspired by the Russian side, was "elected people's mayor of Sevastopol".

At the same time in the Crimea self-defense units were formed. 27 February, 2014, Russian special operations forces under the guise of "self-Russian-speaking population of Crimea" captured administrative buildings in Simferopol.

On the same day, the Supreme Council of ARC met in the captured building and held a meeting, during which it was voted by the decision to hold the Crimean referendum in which residents of the peninsula have to give answers to the following questions: on entry to the Russian Federation and on the return to the Constitution of 1992. The referendum was originally appointed on 25 May, 2014, then on 20 March, and, finally, on 16 March, 2014.Later, some members of the Supreme Council of ARC said that they were forced to vote for a referendum under pressure of Russian armed forces and pro-Russian illegal armed groups.

In the morning of 28 February, the territory of the Simferopol airport was occupied by unidentified armed men, who were later called "green men" (17 April, 2014, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that they were Russian military). On the same day the airport "Belbek" was blocked and roadblocks between the mainland and the peninsula of Ukraine were put up. At the same time the Ukrainian military units on the territory of the Crimea were blocked, for this purpose, Russian troops have used pro-Russian Crimean residents.

28 February 2014, the State Duma's deputy Sergei Mironov, introduced a bill on simplification of procedures for the adoption of new subjects to the Russian Federation.

The main difference from the old version was the following aspects: only request of public authorities in the region to RF is needed to be included to the Russian Federation and the results of the referendum on this initiative. Consent of the State, which includes requesting subject, was excluded from the provisions of the law.

16 March, 2014, in the Crimea, an illegal referendum on the possibility of joining Russia was held.

17 March, based on the results of the referendum, the sovereign Republic of Crimea was declared in unilateral manner, including Sevastopol.

18 March, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Crimea signed a treaty of accession of the Crimea to Russia, according to which the new subjects - Republic of the Crimea and Sevastopol as city of federal significance, were included to Russia.

The international community has not recognized and does not recognize the legitimacy of the referendum.

It was the end of the world order established as a result of the Second World War, and the beginning of a new world, the true face of which is at the moment no one can predict...

kremlin puppets stopterror

Outbreak of developments in Luhansk and Donetsk regions. The first shots fired

On the mainland Ukraine, the Russian security services through controlled radical organizations, the Russian Orthodox Church and the agents in the organs of Ukrainian government initiated the actions of civil protest. Russia pursued a number of tasks under these actions, most important of which were a distraction of international community from annexation of the Crimea and the formation in Ukraine fully controlled quasi-states.

Consequently, from March 2014, in Luhansk, Donetsk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kharkiv regions of Ukraine were held regular protests, aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine. The protesters refused to recognize the new Ukrainian government, advocated for the federalization of Ukraine and against the new governors, the appointment of which was considered as illegitimate. They choose by their own "people leaders" of their regions.

In early April 2014, after the next rallies, attack groups prepared by the Russian side went into action, capturing a number of administrative buildings in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

6 April, 2014, pro-Russian armed men seized the Donetsk Regional State Administration.

7 April, 2014, in Donetsk, one pro-Russian fringe group proclaimed the so-called "Donetsk People's Republic"; the referendum was scheduled on 11 May. On the same day, protesters in Kharkov have expressed distrust to the deputies of regional council and chose the 'alternative' deputies of the Kharkiv territorial community, who decided to create a "Kharkiv People's Republic".

8 April, anti-Ukrainian revolt in the city of Kharkiv was localized, and the legitimate Ukrainian authority was restored.

10 April in Donetsk, the chairman of the so-called DPR "interim government" Denis Pushilin announced the beginning of the formation of their own "people's army", that in fact, is terrorist groups, "to protect the people and the territorial integrity of the republic".

12 April, Russian armed group of terrorists headed by Ihor Girkin under inactivity, or rather loyalty of the local authorities and law enforcement agencies, seized Sloviansk. Capture of the city itself was made without bloodshed, but the next day, after setting of roadblocks around Slavyansk, the first blood was shed: Ukrainian troops' convoy was ambushed and SSU officer was killed.

On the same day, gunmen of illegal armed groups captured administrative buildings in Artemivsk (City Council) and Kramatorsk (the City Council and the Police).

12 April, 2014, gunmen of illegal armed groups made a failed attempt to capture the City Council of Horlivka; 14 April, 2014, the police department in Horlivka was captured.

13 April, an active President of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov stated that the decision to start anti-terrorist operation was made.

14 April, 2014, a group of terrorists proclaimed an ultimatum to the Luhansk regional council with the main requirement: non-recognition of the central authority of Ukraine. 26 April, 2014, the leader of the separatist in Luhansk Valeryi Bolotov proclaimed another requirement: to terminate the anti-terrorist operation in the Luhansk region; and stated about readiness to organize active resistance in the region.

6 April, 2014, a group of armed terrorists made an attempt to capture the military unit in Mariupol. The assault was repulsed, and the attackers suffered casualties in killed and wounded.

27 April, 2014, the group of armed terrorists, which took control of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Luhansk region, has declared the creation of so-called "People's Republic of Luhansk".

11 May, 2014, in Donetsk and Luhansk regions the so-called referendums were carried out; 12 May, 2014, the independence of so-called LPR and DPR was proclaimed under the results of referendums.

24 May, 2014, LPR separatists declared about alliance with DPR into the so-called pseudo-state formation "Novorossia" ("New Russia").

kremlin puppets stopterror

kremlin puppets stopterror

The first illegal armed groups of Putin's support

Starting from January 2014, protest actions against Ukrainian government began in Luhansk since population of Luhansk and Donetsk regions considered this government to be illegal. Protesters refused to accept the new Kiev authorities and advocated the federalization of Ukrainian state. Following the spontaneous and organized protest rallies at the territory of Luhansk region some members of the local population organized themselves into an illegal armed group under the name of "Armiya Yugo-Vostoka" (South-Eastern Army).[1, 2, 3]

Upon successful assault on the building of SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) in Luhansk where firearms armoury had been captured (the assault was triggered by the apprehension of the six AntiMaydan activists). Army had made a number of demands, and threatened with an open opposition, should the government fail to meet those demands. Barricades had been erected, local population protected the participants of the assault as a human shield against potential attack from the active armed forces of Ukraine and special-force units of MIA and SSU. On April 9th, separatists proclaimed a creation of the United headquarters of the South-Eastern Army. In the following days, my high level politicians, including deputies of the Parliament of Ukraine and presidential candidates made numerous attempts to negotiate with separatists' representatives, which ultimately failed. [4]

South-Eastern Army's headquarters set forth an ultimatum to the Ukrainian authorities, which expired on April 29th, 2014. On April 29th, federalization supporters (about 2000-2500 people) took over the buildings of regional administration, regional TV, department of internal affairs and prosecutor's office. Law enforcement officials were allowed to voluntarily leave the building captured by the separatists through the human corridor. During the next following days, Ukrainian flags were torn down and replaced with Russian, municipal or red ones in the towns of Pervomaysk, Krasniy Luch, Alchevsk, Anthracite, Rovenki, Severodonetsk, Perevalsk, Bryanka and others.[5]

kremlin puppets stopterror

On the same day, media reported that the illegal armed group called South-Eastern Army was fully controlling Luhansk. On May 7th, 2014, the leader of the Russian LDPR party, V. Zhirinovsky presented Luhansk separatists with one armoured Russian Army vehicle "Tiger". On May 8th, it was delivered to Luhansk and relayed to separatists.[6]

Further development of events:

On May 17th, separatists robbed fire-brigades in Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, and took two armoured reconnaissance-surveillance vehicles for the radiochemical reconnaissance (one of those was out of order at that moment).

On May 23rd, a band of separatists armed with automatic firearms took over emergency rescue units of the State Fire and Rescue Service in Loskutovka village in Popasnaya area of the Luganks region and stole another armoured car BRDM-PH. [7]

Initially separatists' groups had been called "companies", and upon further geographic expansion of the movement in the towns and areas of the Luhansk region larger formations began to form, those were called battalions. The whole aggregate of such parties was named as the "Armiya Yugo-Vostoka" (South-Eastern Army), under the lead of Valeryi Bolotov. After the illegal armed groups took over administrative buildings in a number of towns the anti-terrorist operation being performed at that time became a real threat to them and they started to join into larger groups and battalions. One of such first combat groups of "LPR" (Luhansk Peoples' Republic) were: "Zaria" battalion, "Leshiy" group, "USSR" (Bryanka) batallion, "Pryzrak" brigade, Don's Army (Dremov's and Kozitsyn's cossacks), rapid response team "Batman" and others. At that time, however, an armed group consisting of 15-100 could call themselves a battalion. After the start of the military engagements separatists had received large quantities of the captured weaponry made in USSR or in Russian Federation.[8]

Russian media, in their turn, began very active news coverage of the events in Ukraine. Actually, their content had been exclusively propaganda camouflage made specifically to heighten anger of the population of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, as well as to increase Putin's poll ratings within the Russian Federation.[9]

Majority of the prepared content was covering separatists' actions in a positive light, portraying them as a victimized party suffering from a conflict. Ukrainian army's actions were portrayed as the actions of the aggressor - though the Ukrainian Army had been performing an anti-terrorist operation, upon review of such news one could come to a conclusion that the Ukrainian Army - and not the separatists - were the actual terrorists.[10,11]

Russian state-controlled media had gone to great lengths to make even more population in Luhansk and Donetsk regions feel hatred to Ukrainian authorities and army. At the same time, Russian media to the maximum extent wandered from a subject of the presence of the Russian army and soldiers in Ukraine, from a subject of weapons supply to separatists from the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation, etc. At that time, Russian media had been showing Russian citizens fighting alongside separatists, so called "tourists" and "soldiers on leave", whose distinctive Russian accent they could not hide.[12,13]

This trend continues into the present day, though the focus had been moved to volunteers, since according to the Russian officials there is no Russian Army present in Ukraine, but there are numerous volunteer and patriot groups instead, which do not attempt to conceal their participation in the military conflict and their Russian Federation citizenship.[14]

Initially, Russian media provided coverage claiming as though terrorists' groups consist of local population only. Russian citizens and local separatists joining them formed a backbone of the first organized "LPR" units. Unit's structures bore resemblance with military: military ranks, positions, companies, equipment supply, etc. Each illegal armed group had its own responsibility area, own base and controlled territory. Often towns were split into controlled zones - the more powerful and bigger a group was, the larger territory it had under its cover. Each group required financing, food and various supplies, therefore in social networks, on the streets of occupied Ukrainian and Russian towns there was organized fundraising for such groups.[15]

Units, groups and battalions were united into South-Eastern Army, supply and financing sources of the "army" varied: looting, brigandism and blackmailing, yet all those actions could not cover the supply needs in full. Civilian population of Russia had provided the aid. All over the Russia there were organized volunteer centres, funds and aid campaigns to help "Novorossia" (New Russia). The assistance was being directed not to the refugees or civilians in the conflict zone, but in particular to the battalions, groups, regiments of the illegal republics. One of the ways to provide supplies to your unit is to accept assistance from "Russian brothers".[16]

And such assistance included not only harnesses, uniform and food - uncontrolled parts of the state border (e.g. Izvarino and Dolzhansky checkpoint) were used to supply radios, bulletproof vests, helmets, infrared imager, etc. Heavy weaponry, previously unavailable to separatists, were being supplied as well.[17]

Russian government pretends not to participate in this conflict, yet numerous photo and video evidences prove otherwise. From the very beginning, the Russian Federation had directly participated in this conflict. There are also evidences that militants are being trained in Russia in Rostov region.[18]

It is fair to say that Russia intentionally condones the situation, assisting expansion of the military conflict in Ukraine.

The same scenario was staged in the other part of Donbass - Donetsk region. The scheme of development of the conflict was the same, only names of the armed gangs and their participants differed. On April 12th, 2014, a group of combatants arrived to Slavyansk town to capture administrative buildings, municipal law enforcement office, SSU, etc. During the takeover of the municipal law enforcement office local population tried to oppose terrorists, but they were neutralized by the support provided to the terrorists by the then-current mayor of Slavyansk, Nelly Shtepa. N. Shtepa proclaimed that: "these guys from Donetsk came to provide assistance to the local population, to defend Slavyansk from nationalists and keep order in the town". She assured people that there will be a referendum and Donbass shall gain independence. Also, the mayor N, Shtepa thanked the Russian president for annexing Crimea.[19,20].

"Slavyanskaya brigada" (Slavic Brigade) that captured Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and nearby localities became one of the first illegal armed groups of the so called "DPR" (Donetsk People's Republic). "Slavyanskaya brigada" was under command of "Strelok" aka Igor Vsevolodovych Girkin, Russian citizen, former professional soldier in the army of the Russian Federation. In his interview "Strelok" repeatedly acknowledged Russia's involvement in the conflict in the eastern Ukraine, as well as numerously mentioned Russian Federation's assistance. He was explaining that should Russia further stop to provide terrorist organizations with weapons, equipment, ammo and food, Slavyansk group shall have to leave occupied towns, as it actually happened later on.

Against a background of protest actions and confrontations there was created a battalion "Vostok" (East) comprising of members of the Donetsk special-forces unit "Alpha", SSU, mercenaries from the Russian Federation, Chechnya and South Ossetia, supported by the weapons and militants from Russia. Battalion was headed by the former commander of the special-forces unit "Alpha" in Donetsk region, Khodakovsky Alexander. According to Khodakovsky himself, the battalion was formed in the early May 2014 out of activists of the social movement "Patriotic forces of Donbass", created and headed by him in the early March 2014.

On May 9th, 2014, armed militants appeared in Donetsk on two blue "KamAZ" trucks with a red signs "Vostok Battalion". On May 20th, it was reported that a convoy of vehicles was moving through Donetsk with Russian language signs "Vostok Battalion" on vehicles, consisting of PAZ busses and armoured car. Until July 9th, it had been maintaining control over Donetsk, Snezhnoye and Shakhtersk along with "Oplot" battalion, until August 9th - over Saur Mogila. Uses flags of "Vostok" brigade and "DPR".

"Oplot" brigade had participated in these events as well. As an organization the "Oplot" was initially created in Kharkiv, organization members were AntiMaydan activists. Later, it was moved to "DPR" as the battalion of the same name. Until July 7th, 2014, it was under command of the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the "DPR", Alexander Zhakharchenko. Partially performed the Ministry of Internal Affairs functions.

Battalion "Smert" (Death) was formed in Donetsk region. It can be considered as created in November 2014. "Smert" was formed as a reconnaissance unit and was merged into "Oplot" battalion. Battalion "Smert" consisted of Chechens (supporters of Kadyrov), earlier pardoned for taking part in the first and second wars in Chechnya, which later turned their coats and joined Russian forces, as well as former and acting Russian special-forces team members.

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kremlin puppets stopterror

Referendum in Luhansk and Donetsk regions, the role of Russia

After the annexation of the Crimea, Russia has begun to implement a plan of extending their spheres of influence to other territories of the sovereign state of Ukraine. The repeat of the plan as it was with the Crimea was already impossible also Russian government understood that the sanctions imposed by the EU would become tougher and would even have more significant impact on the Russian economy. Thus the idea of "Novorossia" was launched into action.

On the 11th of May in 2014 in Donetsk and Luhansk regions were conducted illegal referendums. Decision of conducting referendums (the second referendum "accession to RF or Ukraine" was planned on the 18th of May in 2014) became one of the key moments in opposition between members of LPR, DPR and the legitimate government of Ukraine (the procedure of holding a referendum within the boundaries of the regions is not provided by the current constitution of Ukraine).

A few days before the referendum, May 7, 2014 Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow urges supporters of federalization of Ukraine to reschedule planned for May 11 referendum at a later date to create the conditions for it. May 8, 2014 members of the so-called Luhansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic decided not to reschedule the date of the referendum on the status of the region.

In general, in Donetsk and Luhansk regions polling stations worked from 8.00 to 20.00, but in some mining towns polling stations have prolonged their work to 23:00 for miners and steelworkers, working in three shifts. In addition, representatives of the local election commissions had a right to close polling stations early for security reasons, which was done in Krasnoarmiisk and Sloviansk (in the last one the polling stations were closed at 20:00 instead of at 23:00 due to the curfew). [2]

The information published on the official website of DPR on 12 May is contradictory: the proportion of votes cast "for" and "against" is 2,252,867 / 2,511,441 = 89.70% to 256,004 / 2,511,441 = 10.19%, as indicated on the site, but the percentage amount "for", "against" and "spoiled ballots" is 89.7 + 10.19 + 0.74 = 100.63%.

In June 2014 the percentage of votes cast "for" on the site was listed as 89.07%, giving a 100% of correspondence, but the number of votes cast "for" and the total number of voters were not changed, which again gives a contradiction.

According to preliminary data, the majority of residents of Donbas - almost 90% - voted for state independence of the region. According to Vesti.ru more than half of the voters already voted by noon, although according the words of the Russian deputy of the State Duma Ilya Ponomaryov, during a news conference held at the agency "Rosbalt", it was noted that the referendum passed with huge violations, and turnout was significantly overvalued.

After the referendum, on 12 May, the authorities of DPR announced the state sovereignty and expressed their desire to become part of Russia, as well as to unite with the People's Republic of Luhansk in the Novorossia. Established by illegal means on the territory of Ukraine the new pseudo-state "Novorossia", had initially and subsequently no effect and values at the world arena as a single territorial unit. Novorossia has not been recognized by any country in the world. Even as the project it did not receive the expected development. Plan of aggressor about which the Russian President publicly announced was failed.

The Russian government does not aim at independence of the individual territories of Ukraine, in fact, under the guise the referendum and the mythical desire to separate, the Russian Federation destroyed the integrity of Ukraine.

At the same time, Putin strongly distanced himself from the events in the east of Ukraine. For the international community, the Russian President did not officially recognize the independence of the republics. These diplomatic moves were aimed at creating visibility of non-participation of Russia in the ongoing. The bet, which was made by Russian security services and the military on the pro-Russian sentiments in Odesa and Kharkiv, as well as in a number of other regions, which Putin called in an interview as "historical Novorossia", came short of hopes and was a failure.

The plan was implemented on the territory of Donbas. Igor Hirkin, also known as a "Strelok", a citizen of the Russian Federation, was a performer. He, along with a group of well-armed gunmen arrived in Sloviansk and conducted an operation to capture the city. To consolidate the success, the first terrorist group supported by "experts" from Russia on the basis of pro-Russian inhabitants of Donetsk region created the military troops, which were also used to terrorize the local pro-Ukrainian population, to dispersal of their protests and to oppose the Ukrainian troops.

"Strelkov`s" comment: "Why Sloviansk? When we had crossed the border, we did not have a clearly defined plan where to go. I had understood that there was no sense to go on Luhansk or Donetsk with such a small group. These are populous cities; in which fifty people will be just drowned…I looked on a map. Of course, it was too far away. But we had no choice. We went to Sloviansk.

By the time we arrived, about three hundred activists were waiting for us, and they were ready for any action with us. Right away we united with this group and stormed the Department of Internal Affairs. Two hours later, we seized DIA, after another hour - SSU. By lunchtime, the whole city was in our hands", - Igor Strelkov (Hirkin). [6]

kremlin puppets stopterror
Photo of Valeriy Lozovan "Volunteer" from Russia in the interview to RF's media

And so, after the annexation of the Crimea, Putin sent their armed forces under the guise of volunteers and military equipment to Donbas. It was the first military intervention in the history of independent Ukraine. It was the first national war in the history of independent Ukrainian state. By the means of powerful propaganda and provocations Ukraine in the eyes of local residents Luhansk and Donetsk regions, has turned from a liberator and defender of their lands in the "bloodthirsty Bandera's representatives" and fascists. The situation in the Russian media was like a snowball that was rolling faster and faster, gaining incredible momentum in scale, people were scared, because everyone believed in the news of the Russian propaganda. On the day of the referendum crowds were drawn to the polling stations. In the places of so-called people's expressions on the most strategically important and central objects, to which were brought all the ballots for counting after the voting, were occupied by armed masked men, some with Russian chevrons. Unarmed pro-Ukrainian population that disagrees with the decision of the rest of the population had nothing to oppose them. [7,8,9]

We should talk about the ballots themselves, which in comparison even with the Crimea did not withstand any criticism, presenting an ordinary paper, made with the help of printer. Mess was in the lists, it was possible to vote more than once, and some polling stations were placed just under the open sky, that is what witnesses have repeatedly said and what numerous pictures and articles in the press evidenced.

The motivation of those who voted in the referendum, was simple, it was a "scoop." They were led to believe that they will be a part of Russia, that their salaries and pensions will increase significantly, and prices will remain the same, that in Ukraine, are sitting real fascists who will soon kill almost all the Russian-speaking population in these regions. And then more and more silly lie was put into the heads of the population, and they were captured by it.

Then, the power, in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, was strengthened by military appointees of the Russian Federation, the same Hirkin and the endless supply of weapons. The plans for future actions, which stretch up to Odesa, that would help to link up with Transnistria, and create for them a comfortable overland route to the Crimea, have already started to be worked out.

Ukraine at the expense of the National Guard, volunteer battalions and timely mobilization gave a resolute rebuff to the aggressor in the face of Russia, because without Russia's support nothing would happen in these regions, because that is Russia a founder and inspirer of all the troubles that occur in Donbas. Due to decisive actions Ukrainian military it was succeeded to maintain control over a large part of territory, but to lose two regional centers. The project is now frozen. By the supply of manpower and weapons Vladimir Putin supports small center to continue destabilize Ukraine in the future, but we cannot talk about massive offensive blow for now. Russia is squeezed into a corner by the world community, but doesn't want to abandon its plans for good.

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The main Kremlin's puppet battalions

In Luhansk and Donetsk regions events were developed by very similar scenarios. For the men of the surface and not glaring facts make it possible to assume an artificial "coming" to the government leaders of the LPR and the DPR.

Not known to certain events Oleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskyi who headed the illegal armed groups "Oplot" and "Zaria." From simple commanders of armed groups, they become the first persons of the so-called "Novorossia" ("New Russia"), quickly and unceremoniously, moving away the already entrenched Hubarev, Hirkin and others.

Oleksandr Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskyi made rapid and similar career: they held the positions of Ministers of Defense, were Chiefs of the Council of Ministers, in their own Republics. The elections were won by far ahead of their rivals.

Each of them had its own battalion, which was well supplied and still had influence in the Republics, both previous leaders of the so-called "Novorossia" (Alexander Borodayi and Valeryi Bolotov) passed them authority, following the unknown reasons, they both came to the power due to fictitious autumn elections 2014.

Leading at the two different but at very similar Republics almost at the same time they conducted army reforms, creating an army corps with the identical structure. Important to mention that these army corps are subordinate to them only on paper (to whom really they are subordinate to???).

According to these biography facts and events from the same year 2014, it looks like one group of people is engaged in establishment of both so-called leaders of DPR and LPR, and this group of people does not really care about stereotypes of their actions.

Events that happened with the participation / under the governance of DPR Zakharchenko O.V.

At the time when Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Mariupol were blocked by the units of AFU, representatives of "Oplot" headed by Oleksandr Zakharchenko on 16 April, 2014 captured the Donetsk regional administration of the city without much resistance and even with the permission of the local political elite.

And on 18 April, armed men raised the flag of the so-called People's Republic of Donetsk in Donetsk airport, but not for long.

In April 2014 seizures of state institutions are continuing, thus the seizure of the Donetsk television station is directed by "Oplot", subsequently occupied area will be the base for the battalion "Oplot", all Ukrainian channels will disappear from TV channels in this region, and in the future channels of DPR and Russian propaganda will be aired.

kremlin puppets stopterror
Militants of "Oplot" in the seized building of the Donetsk Regional State Administration

1 May, at first the thrillers crushed and then took by storm the building of regional Prosecutor`s Office. Over the building of Prosecutor`s Office it was raised the flag of DPR (Donetsk People`s Republic), and at this time the city police department of Krasnoarmiisk and Rodynske were transferred under the control of DPR.

Starting from the 10th of April, 2014, the self-proclaimed DPR began forming the elective committee for holding the referendum concerning the status of the region.

During the preparation for the referendum Zakharchenko keeps the city position of the Military Commandant, with the help of battalion "Oplot" he takes part at the assault of the airport in Donetsk.

Zakharchenko takes part at the fighting operations, at least, the Mass Media of DPR writes about it, but his fighting success lasts not long, as in July, 2014, he was wounded in the arm and left the position of the Commander of subdivision "Oplot".

In the result, Zakharchenko was named the deputy of Ministry of the Internal Affairs.

7 August, 2014, following the resignation from the position of chairman of the Council of Ministers of DPR Borodayi, Zakharchenko followed his position.

And under the leadership of Zakharchenko, the army of DPR takes part at the fighting operations and wins during the fights for Ilovaisk.

Since August 2014, the territories controlled by the DPR, increased significantly due to the occupation and Novoazovsk and Telmanove rains of Donetsk region. Subsequently military operations 2015 in the Donetsk airport and Debaltseve were carried out.

A little-known, with no military training, who did not serve in the army Oleksand Zakharchenko, even in the rank of Major of DPR, could not plan such military operation. Also, it is impossible to keep an army that belongs to unrecognized Republic of DPR without assistance. This may indicate only one thing that Zakharchenko and so-called DPR is just a front to cover the participation of the Russian Federation in the conflict in Ukraine.

Despite the fact that Russia does not recognize their participation in the conflict, more and more evidence of direct assistance to a terrorist organization "DPR" appears in network.

The journalist Oliver Carroll reports on the financing of the militants of "Oplot" as the highest paid team of DPR, who earn up to 550 dollars a month and get a reward for the destruction of AFU's military equipment. According to him, these funds to help DPR are collect by the ordinary Russians, like Zhirinovskyi and Malofeev, it is possible that other not less odious, and more concerned individuals are involved. [2]

Militant Sergey, who was fighting in the brigade "Oplot" confirms the intervention of the Russian Federation and military assistance to terrorist organisation "LPR-DPR": "If Putin had no intention to send troops, it wasn't necessary to assist DPR, without this assistance all groups of the separatists would have disbanded in the summer. Strelkov would have been shot, a scoundrel and villain, and this would be the end of the war, many lives would have been saved. Nowadays Russian provides weapons and everything else to this mass…"

We should keep in mind frequent visits representatives of the Kremlin in Donetsk to Oleksandr Zakharchenko and his frequent visits to Moscow.

Founder of "Oplot" Evgenyi Zhylin confirms the dependence of Zakharchenko on Kremlin leaders (in Donetsk "Oplot" operates as a branch of the Kharkiv organization).

From the words of "Oplot" leader Zhylin, Donetsk branch was established in December 2013, in the midst of all the events in the Maydan, and Zakharchenko was appointed to lead it.

Zhylin added that by April 2014, there were a great number of supporters of the organisation "Oplot". The formation of the "Oplot" army was made directly by involving and Zakharchenko. They participated in the capture of various buildings in Donetsk, but in wider circles they were unknown, then Zhylin offered Zakharchenko to capture any building so that the "Oplot" will become more recognizable.

Also the head of "Oplot" said that Zakharchenko remained on the sidelines in the organization, but during the summer active work was conducted on the unwinding and lobbying for his candidacy. Zhylin promote his organization in Moscow, as well as the Donetsk branch of the "Oplot", which was headed by Zakharchenko.

Zakharchenko's command of "Oplot" and his appointment to position of the leader of DPR shows its probable connections not only with the leadership in Kremlin, but also with the political and business elite of Donetsk.

At the same time it isn't clear why Olexander Zakharchenko registered his public organization during all protest actions in Donetsk only in May 2014 (the date of registration is 20th of May). For what purpose did he register the completely new public organization in Donetsk when Zhylin had announced publicly about creation a branch. There is also another interesting fact that there is a significant difference in the organization names although Zhylin in his interviews hasn't refuted implication of Olexander Zakharchenko exactly to his organization. Known that Zakharchenko has been bounded with representatives of "Party of Region", with local administration, with Yanukovych family and that he is also controlled by close aides of R. Akhmetov, we can assumed that exactly the previous government of Donetsk and this region "privatized" the Zhylin's idea to create "Oplot" in Donetsk for their own purpose.

Actually, due to creation "Oplot" local political and economic elite tried to realize attempt to create their own organization in purpose to bargain with a new government in Kyiv for economic and political preferences.

The fragment of the interview of the same terrorist Sergey, who was fighting as a part of the Second Battalion of Republic Guard, is represented below. According to his allegation the leader of the terroristic organization "DPR", Oleksandr Zakharchenko, has worked in the structures of R. Akhmetov and protects his interests.

We belonged to Oplot's corps, but then the oligarchs tackled the administation. They (the leadership of DPR) overthrow the leader, took him to prison, and accused him in all sins. How had the Pushilin said to me, they did not like Wargan, becouse he took away Rinat Achmetov's TV channel, and made on its base the new channel, called "Rodnoe TV". There were banned all of pornography, deception, which we can see all over the television…" - said Wargan.

The Region's party and oligarchs influence did not weaken, as said terrorist, and many of people who were in power during Yanukovich presidency - stay in their positions in new Republic.

"Oplot" was based in the 7th floor of Regional State Administration. Its members, except city council, guard the buildings of occupied "Donetsk State Television and Radio Company" and "Radio and TV broadcasting Centre" in Petrovka. Zaharchenko is personally familiar with Dontsk city mayor Oleksandr Lukianchenko and with director of Region's Party staff of city's organization A.Granovskyi. "Oplot", by the way, is closely connected with MP from Region's Party Oleksandr Bobkov. In particular, so had said Egor Firsov; his office located in one of Oplot's buildings. "Deputy Bobkov, for example, is active financing the separatist's movement. His head office is located in the center of Donetsk near Lenin's square, and over 100 Oplot's hitmans are deployed there. And in this head office works the new "leader of South West" Oleg Tsarev. I think this cooperation is not accidental ", - said Firsov.

Zacharchenko's "Oplot" has passed the way from unknown to the best equipped illegal formation of this Republic. By the operative information Zacharchenko's illegal formation took active part in seizure of the administration buildings not only in Donetsk, but in Sloviansk and Horlivka too.

Let's compare some events which took place in parallel in LPR with the assistance of Plotnitskyi I.V.

On 29 April, 2014 representatives of the "Armiya Yugo-Vostoka" (South-Eastern Army) with the active support and participation of the local population seized the building of the Luhansk regional state administration.

On 30 April, so-called "Army" established control over the building of Luhansk Prosecutor's Office, office of Luhansk broadcasting company; blocked the regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, thereby having occupied the most important administrative agencies of Luhansk. In the same day in mass media there were messages that the "Armiya Yugo-Vostoka" completely controls Luhansk.

kremlin puppets stopterror
The main goal was to paralyze a system of government on places, therefore all the buildings of executive power were seized. After occupation of the broadcasting companies, the broadcasting of the Russian content started.

"Russian world" was actively promoted on all television channels. In the shortest possible time terrorists were requiring to hold a referendum about the joining of the region to Russia.

On 5 May, 2014 the battalion "Zaria" was formed (not a group of people's militia, but exactly a battalion), which with arms in hands had stormed the military units, broadcasting companies of Luhansk and other establishments.

People,that just yesterday haven't hold the gun,that haven't passed elementary combat coordination, couldn't plan an attack of important mission according to military standards. Ordinary citizens, who are not controlled by anyone, looted shops and smashed windows in the building of the regional administration of the SSU and the city administration, but in any case had not seized them. The same who directed this capture, clearly understood that even unarmed at that time people will not be shot by anybody. "Zaria", which has already had a weapon, did not participate in the assault, for unknown reasons. Coherence and elegance inherent in military or intelligence agencies were very noticeable in all conducted actions.

After the seizure of the building of SSU, the battalion "Zoria" was quite enough armed. Igor Plotnitskyi, an unknown, not "light up" on the pro-Russian rallies, was appointed battalion's commander. This was done by Kremlin's PR-technologists for the sake of reputation bonuses for Igor Plotnitskyi, and in the future they must be monetized in the presidency of the republic.

However, already known Valeryi Bolotov, somehow handed over the power to Plotnitskyi.

"Russian world" was actively promoted on all television channels and mass media. There were calls for the joining Russia, probably the main puppet master and the customer of these events was Russia. The instrument for such action was chosen battalion "Zaria" - at that time was one of the most secured and trained battalions and which could provide a "Russian order" on Ukrainian land. Initially, the battalion "Zaria", like other groups, controlled several areas of Luhansk, and the situation has not changed, besides that Plotnitskyi, who is unremarkable and not changing anything fundamentally, was gaining strength in power.

It is extremely difficult to find any mention of Plotnitskyi after analyzing all the events for the seizure of power and administrative buildings in Luhansk. In fact, he appeared, or rather was introduced to the game when all were captured; there was no risk to his physical elimination. It is noteworthy that none of the public activists "LPR" was not oppose to his introduction to the governmental echelon of LPR, and those who protested non-publicly have disappeared.

It was clear that a simple man from the street could not to come in and lead the battalion; Valery Bolotov could not simply hand over the power to a stranger.

The order of appointment of Plotnitskyi as battalion commander, also as any further actions for his promotion were conducted step by step, aiming not to arouse suspicion and opposition. The only thing that may be indicative of influence of patrons of Plotnizkyi - is the speed with which he went through the ranks in terrorist organization "LPR". Also it may be indicative due to the fact that any assassination or attack on him wasn't committed, although the struggle for power and control over the city was carried out continuously.

After the battles for Debaltseve the separatists didn't stop the attempts in creating a unified efficient army in DPR and LPR - "The armed force of Novorossia". The disjointed formation of separatists started to unite in teams in the autumn - winter of 2014. The structure of "Armed Forces of the Novorossia" consists of eight teams now. The 1st Army, which was created in the "Army of DPR", in corps of the 1, 3, 5 and 7 motorized infantry and an artillery teams, was established. The 2nd Corps of the National Police of LPR, which composed of the 2nd, 4th and 6th infantry teams, separate Battalion of tanks called "August" and a few other unist, whose status is still being decided, was created in LPR. One of the main reasons for increasing the number of combat troops of the separatists is a more or less stable funding for those units that are on the forefront and the immediate rear. The average salary in combat units of separatists ranges from $ 200 to $ 400. The highest salary in close to Plotnickyi former battalion "Zaria",which is now a regular brigade is $ 500, according to other sources in "Oplot" salary is $ 550. In the units located farther from the front, the salary is $ 100-150.

There are occasions when one or another division, mainly Cossacks one, are not paid at all, which causes dissatisfaction among the Cossacks. Availability of salary became an important factor in recruiting militants under the conditions of mass unemployment.

At the expense of captured trophies and supplies from Russia in Debaltseve, separatists succeeded in restoring the combat safety of units that suffered losses in winter. According to sources, at present the separatists with the help of Russian military advisers are trying to establish cooperation of troop types in established brigades (a report on the Russian adviser's faces was presented in the USA by the Security Service of Ukraine).

On the basis of mentioned gunmen's wages, the question is raised: why the in the groups of Zakharchenko and Plotnizkyi the highest salaries? Why their formations are the most equipped and secured? And to whom actually belong the battalion "Zaria" and the brigade "Oplot" as the combat units? [11]

Kremlin's management of LPR can be seen in the news events and in promulgated by SSU conversations of separatists. The presence on the territory of Donbas of Russian generals as consultants and as the Commanders of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps militia DPR and LPR is obvious. [12]

The Ukrainian Security Service has published several gunmens' intercepted conversations:

- On one of these records (2:37) Commander of the Cossack groups of LPR terrorists Pavel Dremov in a telephone conversation with Major-General of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Kuzovlev (call sign of Tambov, Ignatov, Head of Staff of the 58th Army, the commander of the Russian regular forces of special operations in Luhansk region), reports on the number of personnel in illegal formation; [13, 14]

- Commander of the Cossack groups of LPR terrorists Pavel Dremov in a telephone conversation mentions about the communication with Medvedev D.A. (as well as talks about the possibility of assisting in the supply of military equipment by Dmitry Medvedev to Ukraine), which is the second person of executive authority in Russia after Vladimir Putin [15]

If Dremov without having a huge influence in the LPR, holds talks with Russian curators, it is logical to assume that more significant in political and military terms Plotnizkyi has even higher management and reports directly to the Kremlin. Some information sources indicate, that after accusing Plotnizkyi in some of embezzlement, he was immediately summoned to Moscow for an explanation, and was provided with valuable guidance. [16,17]

From the above-said, it can be concluded that Zakharchenko and Plotnizkyi are just puppets, with some rights on their territories, and with the right to vote, which applies only in the territory of LPR and DPR. They are just implementing the orders of others, and do what the leaders in the Kremlin say to do.

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Presence of RF Armed Forces in occupied territories

The Russian Federation continues to deny the presence of its troops on the territory of Ukraine.

At the same time, our OSINT investigations indicate falsity words of officials of the Russian Federation.

We present to your attention next results of our activity, namely a Russian citizen, contract soldier and a resident of the village Otkaznoe Alexei Chudikov.

This character, openly published information in the social network Vkontakte, which confirms the fact of the illegal presence of Russian troops in the area of the ATO. In addition, Chudikov posted not only the location of the military group, which runs the service, but also laid on this resource pictures of comrades - terrorists.

kremlin puppets stopterror

Alexei Chudikov
Call-sign: contrabass
Date of birth: 1994-1995
Residence: village Otkaznoe (Russia)
Page in the social network: https://vk.com/kantrobass
Mobile phone: +380638187142
Skype: A537ORB
Website: http: //ask.fm/Sinyak14f88
School №7 (Otkaznoe, Russia)
53 Lyceum
Georgiyevsk's College (Georgiyevsk, Russia)
Military service:
Unit: 82258 537орб 2рр СпН (special forces) Russia, 2011-2012
Unit: 16544 Chechnya, Borzoy, 1 - intelligence troop mountain Russian, in 2013.
Unit: 74814 Budyonnovsk, 205-ОMСБР
Reconnaissance Battalion 1 intelligence troop
From 2014

Photo evidences of the presence of the Russian Federation Army in the ATO area in Ukraine.

kremlin puppets stopterror

kremlin puppets stopterror

kremlin puppets stopterror
Alexei Chudikov lives in Otkaznoe, Soviet district, Stavropol Krai.
Soviet district of Stavropol, Russia
44.347036, 43.846143
Next to this settlement the military base 74814 g of the Budyonnovsk locates, where Chudikov serves as a contract soldier.

Military Unit 74814 is located in Stavropol Krai, Budyonnovsk. Included in the 205 Motorized Rifle Division.
Full official name: "military unit 74814".
Formed in 1995 on the basis of the 167th Motorized Rifle Brigade and the 723rd Motorized Rifle Regiment during the First Chechen campaign.
Name of the head: Tyurin G. R.
Post of the head: unit commanding officer
Address 74814 (for letters): 32. 356 806,
Stavropol Krai, Budyonnovsk Stavropol, microraion Severnyi, 74814.
Coordinates: 44 ° 48'25 "N44 ° 11'45" E

kremlin puppets stopterror
In one of the social networking http://ask.fm/Sinyak14f88, contract soldier of the Russian Federation, Chudikov confirms his presence in the occupied territory of Ukraine. His record shows that he is in DPR territory. He also indicates his contact mobile number for cooperation.

kremlin puppets stopterror
21 August, 2015, Alexei Chudikov is located in village Styla (Ukraine), as evidenced by the photos data and geographic location.

kremlin puppets stopterror
After reviewing the information in the social network http://ask.fm/Sinyak14f88, where Alexei Chudikov registered, a photo of the Russian Army contractor was found.


kremlin puppets stopterror
The Russian Federation's Tank T-72BM in Horlivka

Oleksandr Trehubov will demonstrate the presence of the Russian Federation's military equipment, born in the Ukrainian city of Horlivka, 16 July 1987, graduate from the school number 32 in Horlivka.

In 2006-2007, he left the territory of Ukraine and lived in the Khabarovsk Krai of the Russian Federation.

kremlin puppets stopterrorkremlin puppets stopterror
We can see the picture of newly built bridge in Vladivostok.

After nearly eight years, in the spring of 2014, influenced by the Russian propaganda, Trehubov decided to return to Horlivka. They all have one goal - maintenance of the "Russian world" and protection of the city from the nationalists.

As a consequence Oleksandr Trehubov became a member of the terrorist organization DPR.

With the support of weapons, ammunition and tanks provided by the Russian Federation began to defend the spiritual ties of the "Russian world" on the territory of Ukraine in the ranks of terrorist 3rd separate motorized rifle brigade "Berkut" military unit 08,803.

Tactical sign used by the brigade "Roman triple in the pentagon".

We can also note that in Horlivka, where the tank T-72BM was discovered, Ihor Bezler is waited and remembered (it is possible that Oleksandr was under command of Bezler).

kremlin puppets stopterror
In the photo above, we can see Oleksandr Trehubov, a terrorist sitting on the T-72 BM with a new explosive reactive armor "Kontakt -5" (Kontakt 5 - built-in explosive reactive armor (ERA) of tanks, the developer - scientific research institute of steel) that is used and manufactured only by the Russian Federation. Dotted step is a distinctive feature.

It is designed to enhance the protection of armored vehicles against decalibrated armor-piercing shaped-charge projectiles. The complex is put into service in 1986. This complex is known as "Kontakt 5" as the part of tank T-90. It is considered a second generation of ERA. It is mounted on a modern Russian tanks (T-72BA, T-72B3, T-80U, T-90, T-90A and T-90S).

kremlin puppets stopterror
The new complex of RF's "Leer-3" is tested in Donetsk

In the course of the Osint investigation of our team further confirmation of the presence of the Russian Federation's military equipment in the occupied Donbas was received. The photo shows the car "KamAZ", that is in the inventory of the Russian Federation (marking: K5350). [1]

Take into account Internet-technologies not much time and resources were needed to establish the addresses of where the photo was taken: Donetsk, Chelyuskintsev Street near Gorkyi's Park.

Salient features the buildings, which coincide with those on the first photo, and yellow sign, white edging of superstructure and tramways, can be identified.

According to experts, on the basis of "KamAZ" K5350 a complex of Russian-made "Leer-3" was developed.

According to information from public sources, complex "Leer-3" is a part of the complex of UAV "Orlan-10" ("White-10")

The complex "Orlan-10" consists of:

1. The ground control station.
2. Two UAVs in transport cases.
3. The trigger.
4. Spares and tool kit.
5. Specialized software.
6. Interchangeable payloads.

Interchangeable target loads:

1. Camera.
2. Camcorder.
3. Gyrostabilized TV-sky cameras, gyrostabilized infrared all-sky cameras, radiation damage monitor.

kremlin puppets stopterror
With the help of Google Maps and Street View mode function, we were able to determine the place of this machine.

1) Screenshot from Google MAPS

2) Screenshots from Street View mode function

Target loads functions:

1. Aerial photography, day and night (thermal) aerial videography and video surveillance, background radiation measurements.

The complex "Leer-3":

1. Workstation UAV operator 1 piece.
2. Workstation operator payload 1 piece.
3. The antenna-feeder system command and telemetry radio 1 piece.
4. UAV 2 pieces.
5. Launching device (Catapult) 1 piece.

Complex "Leer-3" with the UAV "Orlan-10" is designed to monitor networks of GSM standard, to define system identifiers of mobile stations, their location and the transmission of the data. [2]

Russian media claimed that the complex "Leer-3" should be made operational to the radio electronic warfare units of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation by the end of 2015. Perhaps the Russian-terrorist troops needed it more, and Russian industry getting up from its knees for 15 years is not able to provide grown on expensive oil appetites of the military and to block all need of military forces in this equipment.

On the other hand, another version is not ruled out: the complex has been sent to the test in a combat zone to the east of Ukraine. Objective: to check the manufacturer's specifications in a real war.

Once again we see the supply of advanced military and special equipment of Russian production to the separatist-controlled territory, one more proof of the assistance and presence of RF's terrorists.

Links used when writing the material:
1. http://kuzov.org/
2. http://bastion-opk.ru/orlan-10/

kremlin puppets stopterror
Leaders of self-styled republics, the Kremlin's influence on them

Oleksandr Zakharchenko

kremlin puppets stopterror
He is the head of the so-called People's Republic of Donetsk from November 4, 2014. He was born in Donetsk; according to biographical data distributed in the Russian media, he graduated from Donetsk technical school of industrial automation, simultaneously getting education in Donetsk Law Institute.

About DPR leader Oleksandr Zakharchenko not much known, a backstory of his political activity provokes interest of knowing people. Conducted researches link him to work in the vodka company "Olympus", a failed chicken business, and even makeshift coalmine management.

Zakharchenko starts his activity in the anti-government movement pretty dare, in particular, he creates a public organization "Oplot of Donbas", which is an analogue of the Kharkov "Oplot". Zhylin noted that Zakharchenko reported and consulted with him as with leader. [1]

Since the beginning of armed clashes in the Donets Basin in April 2014, Zhylin said that the aim of his organization is to join the Russia of all Ukrainian lands up to the borders of the Soviet Union and Poland in 1939 - that is, with the exception of Galicia, Bukovina, Transcarpathia and Volyn.

Head of gangs formation "Oplot" Evgeniy Zhylin in an interview to the TV channel Dozhd (Дождь) talked about how he helped to promote the present terrorist leader of DPR Oleksandr Zakharchenko in Moscow.

According to Zhulin: "This is the man, who fully shared the administration of the state with me. He is the right person and the right man. This person actually represented me".[2]

Recall that the Donetsk and Luhansk scenario in Kharkov was planned to be repeated via Oplot's forces with the permission of the local administration in the person of the governor and the mayor Gennadyi Kernes and Mykhailo Dobkin. However, after a failed action Zhylin fled to Moscow, apparently, and it was then decided to send Oplot forces to Donbas, and to establish a similar organization in Donetsk. [3]

Lobbying candidate Zakharchenko in Moscow says that the selection of the head of DPR is not accidental, Moscow curators completely control the leadership of the republic, and only with their permission this or that person could take such a high position. [1]

Zakharchenko is credited with a probable link with the family of Yanukovych, referring to his management position in the illegal makeshift coalmine of Oleksandr Yanukovych. [2] Unfortunately, no more information about their relationship is known at the moment.

No less remarkable is the fact of friendship with the former MP - regionals - Oleksand Bobkov, who was the head of one of the district councils of Donetsk. Deputy has not officially decided to take a position in the Cabinet of Ministers of DPR. After the analysis of the managers' of "the young republic" it is obvious that in Donetsk continues to rule the same old team of "strong economic managers" of the Party of Regions.

In March Zakharchenko at the first time enters into the lens of journalists. Moreover, according to the video from "News of Donbass" site 17.03.2014 Zakharchenko not captures state building, but liberates it. He stands behind the future policeman of "DPR" Ihor Melnikov next to the Donetsk regional state administration, which was intended to be captured by inspired grandmothers, and persuaded them to give up this plan. [4]

The Russian media reported that the richest oligarch Rinat Akhmetov put in in a word for Zakharchenko in Moscow, although there were other candidates (like Alexander Khodakovsky), but it was decided to stay at the unnoticeable head of the Donetsk branch of "Oplot".

Zakharchenko is linked with the oligarch, though confirmation of a personal acquaintance is still not exist.

INSIDER reports on possible ties of Zakharchenko with the employees of R. Akhmetov. According to the register of legal entities, Zakharchenko was listed as a co-founder of Donetsk LLC "Delta-Fort", as well as in 2006, was listed as a director of LLC "Trading house"Continent ", which is associated with Rinat Akhmetov.

A man with the same name headed the Donetsk branch of LLC "Complex Agromars" - is one of the largest producers of chicken meat; is controlled by a deputy from the Party of Regions Euvgnyi Segal. [5]

Oleksandr Zakharchenko was not an independent figure. Was his appointment as Head of the republic due to the requests of Zylin, Akhmetov, or someone from the Party of Regions, is hard to say, perhaps it is their joint efforts played a role in the decision by the Kremlin.

Yet the change in leadership was not accidental, for the signing of the Minsk agreements Moscow needed representatives from Donbas, not the citizens of the Russian Federation, such as Strelkov and Borodayi.

kremlin puppets stopterror
Photo "News of Donbass"("Новости Донбасса")/ Video's frozen picture "News of Donbass"("Новости Донбасса"). Leftward: Zakharchenko

The inauguration was visited by acting MP of Ukraine Olesandr Bobkov

With the signing of the agreement on 5 September 2014 a new stage in the armed conflict in the east of the country began. [5]

"Now it is primarily a man of Putin - said the local crypto, who earlier in an interview "Obozrevatel" noticed that when Zakharchenko was in power Akhmetov in Donetsk "was feeling very comfortable again". - While Akhmetov would have been satisfied with Donetsk itself Putin needs all of Ukraine. Local "regionals" and hucksters, looking at depreciation of its assets, are happy to freeze the war. But Putin has other plans. To achieve his goal, he will turn into ashes a half of Ukraine. It does not matter who will act as performer - Zakharchenko or someone else".[4]

Zaharchenko is not popular among patrons in Moscow, nor the leaders of illegal armed groups, that is why the media often gets information about his replacement as the head of DPR.[6] Assassination attempt on the head of DPR are not rare.

On the position of the head of the terrorist group, he carries out reforms and appointments.

During his leadership the first Army Corps of the People's police of the Ministry of Defense of DPR begins to form, in turn, all the national armed formations on the territory controlled by terrorists are abolished or reassigned. The purpose of these actions is aimed at building the vertical power and command structure in the republic, as well as on the legitimate elimination of "dissatisfied" by disarmament, and possibly even by neutralization. For his own needs Zakharchenko creates the Republican Guard, which is something like a private army, involved only in military operations for now. The region has five motorized rifle brigades, which are equipped with weapons and personnel with the help of Russia. In addition, Army Corps includes both individual battalions and commandant's regiment.

Vladislav Surkov

kremlin puppets stopterror
Vladislav Surkov is responsible for the appointment of DPR management. He is a citizen of the Russian Federation, the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin; has been appointed to oversee the Ukraine.

Surkov is linked with shootings on the Maydan, with the annexation of the Crimea and the war in the east of Ukraine.

Employees of the Office of the President of Russia on the social and economic cooperation with the CIS countries, Abkhazia and South Ossetia are responsible for cooperation with NPR and LPR. The head of the office is Oleg Govorun, who is under control of Vladislav Surkov. Also in the article it is noted that the State Duma deputy Mikhail Markelov has joined them. [7]

"Surkov and his team - are pure humanitarians, they collect information and analyze it, develop meanings. But they have never been involved in field labor, and even more they have never developed power operation", - told the Kyiv media representative familiar with Surkov's team. [8]

Surkov's return as a curator of Ukraine coincided with the removal of Malofeev's *people from the leadership of "DPR" and "LPR": "Premiere of DPR" Oleksandr Boroday and "Minister of Defense" Igor Girkin (Strelkov) - Insider writes. [8]

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told Insider that Surkov participates in the negotiations on the situation in Donbas.

"Surkov met twice with the advisor to the President of Ukraine Ruslan Demchenko in Kyiv. He participated in the preparation of agreements. We do not hide this fact", - he said.

He also noted that he did not know whether the head of APU Borys Lozhkin had had a meeting with Surkov. [8]

In such a case, it becomes crystal clear why "expelled" Strelkov-Girkin so openly declares about the involvement of Surkov to the appointment of the leadership of DPR / LPR.

Last visit of Surkov in Donetsk was held 14 July, 2015. Putin's representative arrived in Donetsk, in order to remove from the post so-called prime minister of "DPR" Oleksandr Zakharchenko. [9] Zakharchenko is still the head of DPR, but the things may change.

The role of Vladislav Surkov is clear: he carries out political control over the situation of Donbas and places the puppets, but as to the military conflict and organization, control over the execution of combat missions, this function according to the report of the Security Service of Ukraine ("Russian aggression against Ukraine") is completely in the hands of Russian military generals.

Major-general Valeryi Solodchuk, who is accused in commanding the first Army Corps of separatist forces "Novorossia" ("New Russia") in Donetsk, major-general Alexei Zavizon, who coordinates the Russian military operation in Donetsk region, and Zavizon is to be replaced by Andrey Hurylyov.

* Konstantin Malofeev - a Russian billionaire, a business partner to Vladimir Yevtushenkov, a friend of Viktor Yanukovych.

Valeryi Solodchuk

kremlin puppets stopterror

Major-general Valeryi Solodchuk according to some reports, Airborne Division led by Solodchuk participated in the Russian annexation of the Crimea in March 2014. Solodchuk awarded the Order "For Military Merit" and the medal "For Service to the Motherland" II degree. Now, according to SSU, Valeryi Solodchuk is the commander of the first army forces of "Novorossia" ("New Russia") in Donetsk.

kremlin puppets stopterror
According to the SSU Zavizon was involved in a military conflict in the east of Ukraine on leading positions with the call sign "Alagir", it was he who was responsible for manoeuvres of artillery, MLRS, heavy equipment, manpower militants and the Russian military on the key directions of the occupied Donetsk region. The most extensive shelling of Mariupol and Kramatorsk was conductedunder his direct control. [10]

Andrey Hurylyov

kremlin puppets stopterror

kremlin puppets stopterror
Alexander Khodakovsky in his interview with Russian media talked about cooperation of leaders of illegal armed groups of DPR: "Cooperation with the Russian generals is necessary and needful. Personally I directly stay in touch with Colonel-general Lentsov. Because these officers, generals are entrusted with the task to influence the militants' commanders to comply with the basic necessary provisions of Minsk agreements. Lentsov heads the Russian delegation to this joint Ukrainian-Russian monitoring group. Naturally, he visits us quite often. I had more than one occasion to communicate with Lentsov when he, especially at a time when it was very hard to stop the mutural process of shootings and etc., demanded from us and monitored strictly. He could even come because of some separate fact which occurred on the contact line at the airport; he could even come from the Luhansk region to conduct the proceedings.

Naturally, he does not operate alone, of course, they work in a team, in a group. Therefore, the appearance of the Russian generals in our territory and their communication with our officers is a constant, normal process".[11]

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Igor Plotnitskyi

kremlin puppets stopterror
Igor Plotnitskyi is the head of the so-called "Luhansk People`s Republic" ("LPR") since August 20th, 2014. He was born in Luhansk.

According to the available biographical data Igor Plotnitskyi is known to have served in the Soviet Army, and some unconfirmed data state that he has the rank of Reserve Officer. He received the education in the military domain and within the 90-ies he was working at various enterprises at the senior positions.

The current Head of "LPR" had a very quick career growth within the administrative system of LPR, moving from the position of the Minister for Defense to the Head of the Republic within only 3 months.

Till the year of 2004 he had been carrying business in the combustibles & lubricants` field. In 2004 he took the public office at the Regional Inspection on the Protection of the Consumers` Rights, where he had been working till 2012. He started his work as the Senior Specialist, then he was the Deputy Department Manager, later - the Department Manager for the Quality Control of Non-Consumer and Combustibles & Lubricants Products and the Department Manager for Market Supervision. He was assigned the 10th rank of the public official.

In 2008 he received the Master`s Degree in public administration at the Dal` Eastern-Ukrainian University.

Igor Plotniskyi took the office of the head of the so-called "LPR" after the V. Bolotov`s resignation: "According to the results of the consultations with colleagues from the executive and legislative branches of "LPR" Igor Plotniskyi is proposed as the appropriate candidate for the position of the Head of the Republic". Colleagues with whom Bolotov had consultations remain unknown.

After the Bolotov`s resignation as the "people`s governor" the elections were held in "LPR". At these elections Plotniskyi had the opponent - A. Bednov - the leader of the fast response squad "Batman". A. Bednov had all the chances to win these elections, but his candidacy wasn`t appropriate for Kremlin, because he didn`t have the necessary reputation and biography. Two days before the elections his candidature was withdrawn without any notice.

These elections were only the play under the Russian supervision. Russia needed the devoted and obedient person ready to fulfill any orders without a question to occupy the post of the Head of "LPR". Igor Plotniskyi was the best option for it with non-spoilt biography of competent officer and diligent manager.

According to the results of the elections Igor Plotniskyi took 63 per cent of votes with being ahead of all his opponents. The difference in vote percentage was big, for example his opponent Oleg Akimov gained only 15 per cent. After becoming the Head of "LPR" Igor Plotniskyi took the oath of allegiance to the people of "LPR", and then the inauguration was held.

After the elections he put his efforts to create the People`s Militia, especially the 2nd Army Corps of the People`s Militia of "LPR" (the 1st Army Corps of the People`s Militia was formed in "DPR") under the common subordination to the so-called "Central Staff of the Army of Novorossiya". According to the mass media it is controlled by Commander Land Forces of the Russian Federation Oleg Salyukov and Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov.

All the divisions, battalions, groups, brigades which existed on the territory of the "LPR" at that moment entered the 2nd Army Corps of the People`s Militia of "LPR". All the soldiers of the militia of the so-called Army of the South-East switched to the contract service basis.

Common workers and miners couldn`t create such a complex system of the joint military subordination. Subordination to the general staff was not appropriate for the field commanders who conducted their own illegal business, coil export and metal selling.

When Valeryi Bolotov was in office such structure as the 2nd Army Corps of "LPR" wasn`t established. There wasn`t even a notice of the possible merger of the Armies of two republics. And it wasn`t created later when Igor Plotniskyi was the Minister for Defense of "LPR".

The 2nd Army Corps started to form after Igor Plotniskyi, the Kremlin protégé, became the Head of the Republic. Under the order signed by Igor Plotniskyi all the military formations that didn`t become part of the People`s Militia of "LPR", all divisions of the territorial defense and law enforcement agencies, "should voluntarily surrender the firearms, cold steel weapons, the ammunition, poison, explosives and military equipment in their disposal for the purposes of suspension of their activities and suppression of any mass riots on the territory of "LPR" till April 4th, 2015. All the other divisions were disarmed and reassigned.

As the result, Plotnitskyi got an unlimited power in the Luhansk oblast. Even such famous people as Pavel Dremov, who earlier had threatened him and accused him of theft of humanitarian aid from Russia and of hiding this aid, passed to the control of the second army corps.

Plotnitskyi was accused of coal trade, of murder of Antratsyt commandant Vyacheslav Penezhanin (call sign "Prapor", of the same call sign as Srelkov's friend), of death of Penezhan's right-hand man - kazak with the call sign "Shakhter". Also Plotnitskiy plundered humanitarian convoys.Everything, that had been in humanitarian convoys, arose in the shops, the owner of which Plotnitskyi became.To be more precise, his wife.

The pattern, according to one of the editions, is simple: products brought in the humanitarian convoys after the public transmission are sent to the "state reserve LPR", where are " having a complete rest " for a few months.

"During this time, dispatches that various "objective difficulties" (military operations, bad weather conditions, lack of transportation for distribution, unformed lists on receipt, etc.) prevent from distributing products for the population are sent to the russian side, as well as the fake reports that humanitarian aid reached addressees "- said the source. After that shipment is recognized overdue and is faced out for utilization.

"These products become the property of various companies-distributors legalized on Plotnitskiy's wife Larisa with shipping labels and tagging "humanitarian aid " removed and "State Reserve" does a control mark that "newly emerging "products "are not humanitarian aid", after that they go on sale like imported into LPR on a commercial basis. Earlier, I. Plotnitskyi, while being a commander of battalion "Zaria", was accused of the fact that in the lists, which he filed on salary there were 700 people, while the unit numbered about 300. Ministry of State Security of LPR did not pay attention to all these crimes and faults. Even letters, addressed to the President of the Russian Federation did not help. Russia closed eyes on business and theft of Head of the Republic for complete loyalty.

It's not a secret that Plotnitskyi closely associated with Alexander Efremov, an active supporter of federalization of Ukraine.

Thus, "the Minister of Finance of LPR" Valery Manuilov earlier worked as an assistant to Aleksander Effremov, when he held the post of Governor of the Luhansk region. And since 2010 he held the post of deputy head of the Main Department of the State Treasury Service of Ukraine in the Luhansk region. Many other so-called "ministers" held high positions in the direction of the Luhansk region.

All public utilities of Luhansk were headed only by proven personnel and almost everyone of them periodically became an arena of corruptive abuses. The director of "Luhansk regional television" Rodion Miroshnik who is considered to be the main spin doctor of Efremov's alinement from 2004 now is participating in the meetings of the separatist government in the place of honor next to Plotnitskyi. The current "mayor" of Luhansk - Manolis Pilavov, who is one of the closest associates of I. Plotnitskyi also considered to be Efremov's man.

There is also a work for other officials from the Luhansk region, which before the war, regarded as Alexander Efremov's men. After the proclamation of LPR, on the separatists' territory it has been decided not to choose the mayors but assign them.

On 2th December Igor Plotnitskyi personally appointed mayors of Krasnodon, Luhansk, Stakhanov, Brianka, Perevalsk, Alchevsk, Lutuhyne, Sverdlovsk, Pervomaisk and Rovenky. Most of the "appointees" turned out to be experienced regionals from the vertical built by Efremov with a long experience in leader positions in the Luhansk region.

These facts speak one that Plotnitskyi not only performs the tasks set by the direction from Moscow, but also is a protege of ex-Regional Efremov. With his hands Alexander Efremov keeps and increases his power in Luhansk and Luhansk region. In the Plotnitskyi's actions is a correlation with the local representatives of the Party of Regions. Former members of the party are actively involved in the social movement "Peace for Luhansk" to create cells in cities.

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kremlin puppets stopterror
Illegal armed groups (IAG) structure

September 2015

kremlin puppets stopterror
Flag/colors used by illegal armed group

Received during a presentation of the battle colors to the brigade by O. Zakharchenko on 15/05/2015.[1]

Full name of the illegal armed group at the territory of occupied Luhansk, Donetsk regions:

5th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade "Oplot" (5 OMBR), military unit 08805.

* at the end of the "Winter Campaign of 2015" the brigade received a new name "Donetskaya" and was presented with new battle colors

Stripes/Chevrons used by the illegal armed group on its uniform.

kremlin puppets stopterror

kremlin puppets stopterror
Tactical mark used by the illegal armed group on its vehicles. Brigade vehicles bear marks of Roman number "V" in white pentagon, as well as sign "Oplot" and image of white circle with a scull in its center and two crossed sabers.

Creation and formation history:

By September 2015, the illegal armed group "Oplot" already was an independent motorized infantry brigade of the 1st Army Corps of the Peoples' Militia of the Ministry of Defense of so called "Donetsk Peoples Republic", though its origins stem from participation of "Oplot" in AntiMaydan prrotests.

The movement originated from the organization of the same name headed by the convicted criminal and former policeman E. Zhylin.[2] Organization included a sports club "Oplot" specializing in mixed martial arts. The organization's mascot was a rhino and the motto: "Live strong!" In mid-April 2015, media mentioned participation of "Oplot" members in battles in Sloviansk.

Like all other AntiMaydan movements "Oplot" was associated with Rinat Akhmetov, which was proved by the fact that "Oplot" separatists were guarding facilities belonging to the billionaire [6], as well as a municipal executive committee building in Donetsk where a pro-Akhmetov mayor Lukyanchenko resided.

It was abundantly clear that neither in the spring, nor in the summer of 2014 no one expected commander of the brigade O. Zakharchenko to become the leader of the "Donetsk Peoples Republic".

In June 2014, this armed gang was controlling Donetsk and other localities (Torez, Snizhne, Makiivka)[2], administrative buildings [8], and had turned Donetsk TV center into battalion's headqurters.[9,10]

Until July 7th, 2014, it was under command of the aforementioned O. Zakharchenko [3], who maintains position of its informal leader till preset day. Officially it is under command of M. Tikhonov.

During August-September 2014, M. Tikhonov gave a number of interviews introducing himself as a "commander of 2nd brigade 'Oplot'". Subordination to the Ministry of Defense was legalized by the O. Zakharchenko's Decree No. 36-6 dated 29.09.2014. Further, it received new joint army number "5" and conventional "military unit 08805" name. M.G. Tikhonov maintains position of it commander. [11]

Yet there are certain problems within the very brigade. The "Oplot" Brigade, which outnumbers other armed groups are considered as personal guards for Zakharchenko and perform military functions. There are several almost uncontrolled groups within this expanded structure, however, having commercial feuds with other battalions and among themselves. After O. Zakharchenko moved into political position, he lost most of its sway over "Oplot".

Brigade still maintains its control over territories to the south of Donetsk.

Since March 11th, 2015, battalion tactical team (BTGr) 5th separate motorized rifle brigade (OMSBr) (under command of "Barkas" militant) is stationed near Telmanove town.

Illegal Armed Group commanders

kremlin puppets stopterror
Former battalion "Oplot" commander Oleksandr Zakharchenko informally commands 5th separate motorized rifle brigade "Oplot".

kremlin puppets stopterror
Support deputy, calsign "Doc" [13] is involved in collection of humanitarian aid to the brigade (uniforms, medical supplies) and civililans, children, in particular.

kremlin puppets stopterror
Mikhail Gennadievich Tikhonov - Brigade commander. Served in Afganistan. / Sergeyi Nikolaevich Rozhkov - Deputy commanding officer for personnel affairs of the 5th Donetsk motorized rifle brigade "Oplot".

Chief of stuff, military unit 08805 - call sign "Taran"
Сhief medical officer, military unit 08805 - N.Yurash.

kremlin puppets stopterror
Combat operations history Dmytrivka.
Ilovaisk. Ilovaysk area battles (Zelene, Grabske). [14]
Donetsk - airport, up to Volnovaha, Kurahovo.
Participated in battles for Elenivka.
June 2015 - battles for Marinka.[15]

Militant numbers and armaments used:

One of the few terrorists' units to be fully manned at the beginning of the winter campaign - January 13th. Around 4500 military personnel.[16]

Has full armaments set typical for regular motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Federation, though the personnel numbers are slightly out of proportions. Armored vehicles:

- tanks (T-64B, T-64BV, including captured T-64BM "Bulat", T-72BA, T-72BZ). Total number around 42-44 vehicles;

- armoured combat vehicles - BMP-1,2, BTR-60,70,80, BRDM-2, MT-LB, BAT-2 and other vehicles). Total number around 68-70 vehicles;

- artillery is represented by the artillery battalion consisting of three or four squadrons (or brigade artillery group). Some sources say it has up to 8 122mm guns В-30, 6-8 152mm guns "Msta-B", self-propelled artillery vehicles (SAU) 122mm 2S1 "Gvozdika" and 152mm SAU 2S3 "Acaсia" - in total around 20-22 SAU, possibly 6-8 BM-21 122mm multiple rocket launcher systems (RSZO) "Grad";

- 120mm and 82mm mortars, automatic grenade launchers AGS-17,21, MANPADs "Igla-M", possibly up to 6 surface-to-air missile systems (ZRK) "Strela-10M", AT mounted grenade launchers SPG-9 "Kopiye", machine cannons, various handheld antitank rocket launchers and flamethrowers of "Shmel-M" type;

- wide spectrum of Soviet- and Russian-made small arms;

- group has own transport both for supplies delivery and transporting military personnel, including several civilian vehicles "confiscated for the needs of the Republic", among those - busses, passenger cars, SUVs. Up to 45 army type vehicles - mostly KAMAZ/URAL trucks of various modifications.[2]

Deployment of short-wave radio network in the vicinity of Donetsk since January 17th, 2015.

Сantonment area:
Donetsk, Dokuchaievsk

Controlled localities:
Territory to the south of Donetsk up to Hranitne.


Full name of the illegal armed group at the territory of occupied Luhansk, Donetsk regions: People's liberation battalion "Zaria"

Creation date: May 5th, 2014, commander - Valeryi Bolotov

kremlin puppets stopterror
Flag/colors used by illegal armed group
Received during a presentation of the battle colors to the brigade by A. Zakharchenko on 15/05/2015.[1]

kremlin puppets stopterror
Stripes/Chevrons used by the illegal armed group on its uniform.

Creation and formation history:

"Zaria" battalion is the largest separatists' armed group in "LPR", subdivision of the "South-East Army". Battalion was named after Luhansk football club "Zaria".

Headquarters are located in the building of regional Luhansk military enlistment office. Initially battalion was headed by major Igor Plotnitskyi (later to become head of "LPR"), later Andrey Patrushev assumed command.

Battalion was created: in Luhansk on May 5th, 2014. On May 28th battalion took part in blockade of the Ukrainian military base No. 3035 in Luhansk. "Zaria" also stormed the military base No. 3025:

"For more than ten minutes separatists' battalion "Zaria" has been directing non-stop fire at the territory of the military base No. 3025 in Vaush near Ostraya Mohila.

One soldier's been wounded" - police reported.

On June 1st, 2014, 500 "Zaria" battalion militants took over radioelectronic intelligence center in Luhansk.

On June 17th, 2014, "Zaria" battalion took part in battles near Metallist and Stukalovskaya Balka villages. On June 19th, according to Ukrainian intelligence sources the battalion took part in fighting near Luhansk and suffered heavy casualties near Metallist village.

On July 4th, the battalion participated in battles near Alexandrovsk town. Artillery and mortars were used.

On July 9th, Ukrainian army positions at Luhansk airport took fire from the "Zaria" battalion mortar batteries.

Participated in fighting in Slavyanoserbsky region and held control over Dolgoe village, where they took part in looting as well. In August, participated in fighting at the Pavlov's crossing. Battalion's reconnaissance company and vehicles were used.

On 15.08.2014 took active part in actions near Novosletlovka village but suffered friendly fire from compatriots from Sukhodolsk. Suffered casulaties.

Took part in battles in the Metallist village.

Were spotted near Schastye and Smeloe, where they attacked a checkpoint.

Maintained control over Veselaya Gora.

On September 27th, at 16:00, shelling of Schastye town from Veselaya Gora controlled by "Zaria" and "Don" battalions began once more. During winter campaign part of the unit was stationed near Metallist and "Debaltsevo cauldron".

"Zaria" had conflicts with rapid response team (GBR) "Batman" about failure to assist in combat actions.

On May 5th, 2015 "Zaria" battalion celebrated its first anniversary.

There was a meeting of the battalion's militants in Luhansk, head of so called "Republic" I.V. Plotnitskyi visited the event.

Illegal Armed Group commanders

kremlin puppets stopterror
  • Igor Venedictovich Plotnitskyi Date of birth: June 26th 1964, Luhansk
  • Oleg Evgenievich Bugrov Date of birth: 26.06.1973
Activities: assumed command of the "Zaria" battalion, Chief of Staff, Army By August 2014, joined the "LPR" government as the Minister of Defense, later arrested. Bugrov - born in Luhansk region of Ukraine, 41 y.o. Served at "Berkut" special-force unit, later was among active supporters of the self-declared "Luhansk Peoples Republic". In 2010, Oleg Bugrov married Saint-Petersburg citizen, resided at a flat on Bucharestskaya street. On January 16th, 2015, Bugrov was banished from Luhansk due to the participation in coalition against "LPR"'s leader Igor Plotnitskyi.

kremlin puppets stopterror
  • Vasily Evgenievich Nagorny
Date of birth: 25.12.1966 Activities: Chief of staff
Biography: citizen of Luhansk, director of a private company in the field of water production OOO "Granit Aqua".

  • Andrey Patrushev
Activities: "Zaria" battalion commander
No photos

"Zaria" battalion took part in the following battles:
Alexandrovka (Luhansk)
Metallist (Luhansk)
Luhansk Airport (Luhansk)
Kamnebrody direction (Luhansk)

Militant numbers and armaments used:

Militants number: around 1000. Armaments: tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery, unknown quantities.
Сantonment area: Luhansk. Maintain control over: few districts of Luhansk and suburbs.
During reorganization of the separatists' "LPR" army were included into 2nd Brigade NM as the 1st battalion.

"Zaria" battalion oath:
People's liberation battalion "Zaria" resources

Videos with "Zaria" battalion

Leadership of Russian occupation troops and illegal armed forces

General management and coordination of the combat missions, the weapons supply, military personnel placement and contractors of the Russian Federation on the temporarily occupied territory of Luhansk and Donetsk region and the annexed Crimea were made by the General Staff of 12 Reserve Component command of the Southern Military District of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. 12 Command has been temporarily relocated from Novocherkassk to Rostov-on-Don in 2014.

In the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation an operational team was established in order to coordinate the interaction between the General Staff of AF of RF, 12 Reserve Component command and the command of illegal armed groups. It is constantly in Rostov-on-Don, and provides practical assistance to the military leadership of DPR / LPR in the planning and management of operational groups as well as units of the Armed Forces of RF, which is in the east of Ukraine.

Information was collected and prepared by Project "StopTerror.in.ua" in 2014-2015













The Kremlin's puppets. The War Road in Donbas.
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