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 Elections outcomes: tectonic robble of democracy in Ukraine

Yurii Butusov

Cities in the southwest of Ukraine where a strong charismatic pro-Ukrainian candidate had been nominated and local patriotic elites had united, the people has provided for great results and in some cases – victory. These are the same people who had conducted a revolution without politicians, who are waging the war without generals, and who are surviving amidst the state and economy break-down.

Yes, the same people who were said not to be ready for reforms, who are allegedly falling for provocations and the third Maidan, who should not be granted right to possess weapons for they would shoot all politicians dead, who do not deserve a land reform and free land sales, and who do not deserve the punishing fiscal system to be changed for a liberal and servicing one because no one will pay taxes…

These people are able to see and understand. They see and accept all shortcomings of their candidates. But the second stage of the elections showed that there was one single denominator that brings to unite even within all the scandals - that is Ukraine which we want to pass to our children. The results of pro-Ukrainian candidates who lost to the Opposition Bloc are very high. And it is now clearly visible how narrow-minded and selfish were political leaders who placed their stakes on Trukhanov in Odesa and Kernes in Kharkiv, and could not find a strong candidate for Zaporizhia.

Where people got to believe that the candidate's victory will change their future, where they had some time to make preparations, there was turnout and there was victory. Ukrainians can be fooled, but they could not be manipulated for a long time. Free people community will build a free state. The will of millions changes the course of history over several years. The people are ready for the most radical activities, but revolutionary mood is caused by the desire to downturn not the authorities, but those ruling slow pokes who lag behind the society's maturity.

The following occurred for the first time at local elections in Ukraine:

1. …the elections were the most competitive and most democratic in Ukraine's history;

2. …the elections were no war of annihilation; political compromise and agreement occurred during the campaigning, especially in the second round. Those who lost are congratulating the winners!

3. …the lobbying power had no major influence over results at the majority of the ballot stations.

4. …there was no centralized vertical system of falsification. The violations still occurred, but their number had been decreased with significant civil control;

5. …there was real competition between popular political projects. The citizens' vote has been constructive and to a large extent conscious. This resulted from competition in media and freedom of speech;

6. …means of social mobility have started being efficient is many areas of politics. The quality of candidates' selection through party filters has become higher than before, when the majority election system allowed people without political reputation and party responsibility get into the authorities;

7. …given the political freedom, political parties have been filled with thousands of supporters. This is the result of progressive use of the proportional election system and the parties' responsibility for their candidates, as well as search for strong candidates at all levels;

8. …the second round of mayoral elections turned out a great tool for strengthening of democratic candidates and gave a chance to consolidate the votes of the democratic candidates. Where democratic parties had put up charismatic and strong candidates, there was a chance for the unity; where there were no leaders, all went according to usual scenarios of discord and quarreling;

9. …pro-Russian campaigning has disappeared - it is now very dangerous and rating-killing to demonstrate one's closeness to the Russian Federation. The myth about the pro-Russian southwest [of Ukraine -ed.], which usually votes for its local mafia only and wants no democracy, has disappeared as well. In locations where ruling parties decided to agree with local corrupted elites and were afraid to put up strong pro-Ukrainian candidates, there were independent patriotic forces putting up their new leaders and achieving significant results. This was not always enough for the victory, but the trend is speaking;

10. …local elections have become nationwide, with same Ukrainian parties winning in the west, the southeast, and central Ukraine, offering the same ideology everywhere. Two local party tickets from other cities than the capital have managed to become national and achieve great results.

Altogether this is a huge progress in development and consolidation of the society in Ukraine. I thank everyone who took constructive part in it. Now Ukraine has laid the foundation for real power decentralization.

The hottest spot of the elections is Kryvyi Rih. I wish the results of the Inhulets district, where the anomalous turnout in favor of Vilkul-senior has been falsified, are recalculated. This is the major battlefield, where Yurii Myloboh is fighting for the victory with the head of the Vilkuls clan. This is the battlefield between mafia and the non-oligarchic democratic candidate.

This is where full alert of all patriots, as well as media and social media coverage is needed. Dear patriots of Kryvyi Rih, Vilkul has to be defeated with facts of violations and falsifications immediately. Everything needs to be made public, so should you have information - post it, we will scale it and spread it.

The grandest result has been shown by Mykolaiv and its new mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych, who, supported by patriots, has been able to unite and mobilize all democratic city residents. The Opposition Bloc has been defeated unexpectedly and with a sensation - no one expected such mobilization and discipline of Ukrainian citizens.

The most uphill battle took place in Dnipropetrovsk, where Vilkul was very close to a sensational victory and was using all available resources of Akhmetov and Pinchuk, but thanks God, Ukrainian patriots in Dnipropetrovsk chose Ukraine over conflicts and criticism and provided for the winning of Borys Filatov.

The most difficult defeat is in Zaporizhia. They could not find a charismatic leader there to unite all the decent citizens and mobilize the people to vote.

The biggest hypocrisy is Chernihiv. Two former Party of Regions members Oleksandr Sokolov and Vladyslav Atroshenko made it to the second round, having repainted themselves in the colors of other parties. The Petro Poroshenko Bloc candidate Atroshenko, who had participated in the Jan. 16, 2014 voting for the dictatorial laws as the Party of Regions faction member and later said that he had recalled his vote, has won the election. He always serves the acting authorities, sells himself to them, and sells his voters. This is sad.

The biggest disappointment is Kyiv. People turned out to be not interested in the second round; they lost interest in the mayoral election. No, people could not be mobilized. And here there is nothing to blame the people for - the people showed the highest turnout, even in places where they never voted - the turnout in Dnipropetrovsk even exceeded the results of the first round. The reasons for the low turnout in Kyiv are in the candidates themselves, in organization of their campaigns, alas, speaking honestly.

We are currently covering the Kryvyi Rih situation in detail - it is necessary to achieve full transparency and re-calculation where there is suspicion of fraud.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

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