Photos from the last mission of Captain Yerofeyev and the 3rd Brigade group of Russia’s Special Forces near Shchastia on May 16, 2015

Yurii Butusov

Images and video from the phone of the Russian Special Forces sergeant Alexander Aleksandrov, who had been taken captive in the engagement near Shchastia by soldiers of the 92nd mechanized brigade, were provided to Censor.NET by volunteer Vsevolod Kozhemiako, who had received them from soldiers who had captured the saboteurs. This is another evidence of killing of Ukrainian soldier Vadym Puhachov by the Russian Special Forces Captain Yevgeniy Yerofeyev. Photos and video are valid proof for trial against the captured terrorists. As of now, the terrorists are in a remand prison, and no talks of their exchange should be conducted before the trial.

Important! During a scout ingress, Captain Yerofeyev is seen with his personal weapon, Vitorez sniper rifle of 9-mm caliber. That's exactly the same rifle from which Ukrainian soldier Vadym Puhachov was killed, the one who had noticed the Russian terrorists at the Fasad strong point and was shot with six bullets from a point-blank range. This is a valid proof which allows stating that it was Yerofeyev who shot Puhachov. The Vintorez was found at the engagement spot, and Yerofeyev was wounded in his arm.

The materials show how Russian Special Forces from Togliatti act as "Luhansk miners-turned-rebels." Their military equipment is inscribed with "Luhansk People's Republic," and their uniform insignia read "Novorossia army."

Yerofeyev's group left for Shchastia area [the Luhansk region - ed.] and organized themselves a base at an abandoned recreation facility, which had been used by Ukrainian units prior to that. Our soldiers had left a battlefield aid manual and left-overs of an American army field ration.

They found anti-tank mines and cleared them.

The enemy had searched for our units for several days.

It is worth noticing that the enemy had conducted the search very rigorously and moved cautiously.

Sergeant Aleksandrov was probably the assistant group commander. During the scout ingress, he was in charge of recording "points" of their route, the reference points. Aleksandrov had a U.S. Garmin GPS-navigator, not Russian GLONASS. Aleksandrov also took a picture with 9-mm Russian Vitorez sniper rifle before leaving, but Yerofeyev was pictured with his one right during the assignment. It is possible that both Russian terrorists were shooting - the weapon of one of them was taken away by other Russian criminals. Vintorez is a special weapon for close combat, and it is often used as additional piece for the major one in the Russian Federation. The images show that Aleksandrov was using a tommy gun with rifle-attached grenade launcher as his basic weapon.

The video shows Russian terrorists speaking, and they voice their combat mission - to reveal Ukrainian units in the given grid near Fasad strongpoint in Shchastia area.

Obviously, Yerofeyev's group approached the bridge and tried to find and destroy our positions near it. We can see how rigorous the enemy was in approaching the bridge, how cautiously they were searching for approaches. They did get very close. These are the last photos made to the Aleksandrov's phone - obviously, right after reaching the bridge they got to the Fasad stronghold and the engagement began…

I described it earlier.

There will be more images and video tomorrow on Censor.NET - this will be interesting for experts, for they will see Russian Special Forces operatives while accomplishing a mission. Nothing special, just interesting. There are even some off-duty fragments. They mention their commander of the battalion - it must be that the whole Special Forces battalion of the 3rd brigade of the Special Forces of the Russian Federation was in Ukraine together with their commanders.

This will be very important for the trial against the Russian terrorists. These killers cannot be exchanged until at least an open public court session - they have to be sentenced.

мост навигатор ерофеев

Captain of the 3rd brigade of the Special Forces of the Russian Federation Yevgeniy Yerofeyev during his group's scout ingress near Shchastia, the Luhansk region. Yerofeyev is armed with Vintorez sniper rifle, from which Ukrainian soldier of the 92nd brigade Vadym Puhachov was killed by a Russian terrorist during the Fasad strongpoint attack.


Sergeant of the 3rd brigade of the Special Forces of the Russian Federation Aleksandrov poses before the scout ingress.

мост навигатор ерофеев

Before the scout ingress, Special Forces operatives from Captain Yerofeyev's group took a picture at a Russian-made multi-purpose light-armored towing vehicle with "LPR" inscription. Sergeant Aleksandrov is at far right, with Vintorez in his hands similar to that from which Vadym Puhachov was killed by terrorists.


Aleksandrov is trying on another uniform with a masking scarf

мост навигатор ерофеев

Camp image

мост навигатор ерофеев

This camp was used by Yerofeyev's group as their base

мост навигатор ерофеев

This Ukrainian booklet was found by Russian terrorists in the camp - obviously, one of our units had made a stop there

мост навигатор ерофеев

Aleksandrov took a picture of American MRE army-field ration left-overs that had been left by Ukrainian soldiers

мост навигатор ерофеев

Approaches to the bridge


Aleksandrov's selfie at the base

мост навигатор ерофеев

Russian Special Forces operatives cleared anti-tank mines and recorded the coordinates to the U.S. Garmin navigator with U.S. GPS navigation system


One of Aleksandrov's last images taken before the engagement near the Fasad strongpoint of the 92nd brigade.


Photo taken on the group's way to Fasad strongpoint


Approaches to the bridge near Shchastia

мост навигатор ерофеев

Aleksandrov's comrade - photo taken inside of the camp's buildings

мост навигатор ерофеев

Yerofeyev's group has just found the bridge

мост навигатор ерофеев

Approaches to the bridge. This is the last image. Soon the engagement will start.

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

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