Aug. 16-17, 2014. 80th Airmobile Brigade engages in battle with Russian troops near Luhansk. 10 Ukrainian soldiers killed. Captain Sukharevskyi wounded in close combat with Russian patrol

Yurii Butusov

A year ago, Aug. 13, 2014, Ukrainian soldiers closed the encirclement around Luhansk, cutting the enemy’s last supply line, the Krasnodon road. Aidar battalion’s assault companies together with tankmen of the 1st tank brigade took Khriashchuvate and Novosvitlivka by assault. Paratroopers of the 80th airmobile brigade, reinforced with mortarmen of the 128th Brigade and tank crews of the 24th mechanized brigade, cover the flanks of the operation.

The 3rd company of the 80th Brigade led by Captain Vadym Sukharevskyi takes tactically important heights near the village of Krasne, south of Luhansk. These heights dominate over the area and do not allow the enemy releasing the road Krasnodon - Luhansk. All attacks by Russian mercenaries from the so-called "Luhansk People's Republic" have been repulsed, the enemy has almost stopped its attacks, and ammunition is no longer supplied. Fall of Luhansk was a matter of the nearest future. Intelligence of Aidar and the 8th regiment acted confidently in the city, the enemy has been demoralized.

However, at this point superior forces of the Russian regular army had been redeployed to the breakthrough of Luhansk blockade.

Commander of the 80th airmobile brigade Vadym Sukharevskyi speaking:


Commander of the 80th airmobile brigade Vadym Sukharevskyi

"We have taken a comfortable position at the height, with a good view. In the morning we discovered several armored vehicles coming out of the woods to the south of our position and moving slowly along the forest. I noticed how the infantry moved - in unison, as a team, just as we do, each unit was moving behind an APC, sectors were controlled, APCs were painted the same camouflage, soldiers wearing the same form - this was seen even at a distance. I thought right away they were the Russians. We have previously come across Russian POWs, so participation of entire units was not a surprise. I have decided to cover them with mortars. I had communication with a battery of 120-mm mortars of the 128th Mountain Infantry Brigade.

"They opened accurate and dense fire. I was surprised, but they almost immediately managed to cover and hit closely. Two APCs caught fire immediately; they began to retreat into the woods. The infantry dissipated. We have adjusted the fire and mortarmen combed the forest with quick fire. Something started to explode there. However, after a few hours the enemy figured out our position. And then our height was hit with creeping barrage.

"10 of my troopers, led by a friend of mine, senior lieutenant Ivan Pasevych, and one tankman, if I remember correctly, from the 24th Mechanized Brigade were in the hideout. A tank and an APC stood nearby. One of the first Grad shots hit their position directly. Neither the tank nor the APC were damaged, but the rocket hit straight into the entrenchment. Everyone who was there, except for one paratrooper, who got seriously wounded, was killed in the hideout.

"The shelling lasted for several hours, there were no other losses.

"My best fighters died a heroic death. They were contract soldiers; I had worked with them for years. They had become my family.

"Many times they walked in advanced detachments and participated in dozens of engagements. Up to that moment, only one fighter from my company was killed in the anti-terrorist operation area since April 2014. We had been through the hottest points, we engaged in close combat many times. Before that, we had been lucky. But ... that one fatal Grad near Krasne killed nine of our comrades.

"Next day I agreed with the command to change our position - the enemy shot in, and we had to take a new frontier.

"At about a kilometer from our height, at a fork in the road, there was another interesting height with a good view. In the morning I went out for reconnaissance with three soldiers. Soldiers always watch my outfit. If I do not wear an armored vest and a helmet, then everything is fine. If I put on a helmet or body armor, this means alert, no relax; and if I am in full gear - it will be hot and we must be ready for anything. They assess the degree of danger judging by me. So I usually tried not to show people that I was worried and wary without need. It's not good to be stressed all the time. That time, I put on an armored vest, but didn't put on my helmet.

"We walked reservedly along the forest and came across the height that I wanted to take at the intersection. I just had time to throw a glance at the future position. Suddenly I saw seven soldiers wearing the same uniform and with the same weapons right in front of me, at about 30 meters, in the forest near the Krasnodon road. Neither us, nor mercenaries had such unified uniforms and equipment. They were obviously Russians in a tentacle. They came from the enemy, were walking towards us along the forest, and we had not noticed them, too. In fact we were lucky. If they had been 15 minutes ahead and climbed up the hill first, they could as well have caught us flatfooted. But lucky us - we were the first to climb the height and to open fire. I stood behind a tree and shot from my knee. The enemy managed to do just a few shots. But they managed to hit me. I got three strong blows into my chest at once. Three bullets hit an armor plate. But it survived. I was lucky again.

"All seven enemy soldiers were lying in front of us, they were no longer dangerous.

"But at the same time it turned out that the vanguard of the Russian troops had a group of fire support, and they were well-coordinated. The enemy immediately opened fire against us with machine guns and grenade launchers.

"I did not have time to change the position near the tree. One of the grenades exploded right next to me - I got seriously injured in the leg. I was deafened, but thank God, the shrapnel did not reach my head, for I was wearing no helmet. I could not walk. It was good that the other guys were not hurt and they picked me up. The enemy continued to conduct dense fire.

"We were rescued by rapid and independent actions of my deputy - my APCs went to rescue us without my command. They began combing the greenery with concentrated fire, the shelling stopped, and they covered the withdrawal. I was able to be safely evacuated. "

"They have borne the brunt of the Russian aggression and died a heroic death on Aug. 16 near the village of Krasne, faithful to the end of the oath to the people of Ukraine and their military duty:

Senior Lieutenant Ivan Pasevych

Senior Warrant Officer Nazar Pepryk

Sergeant Artur Lee

Junior Sergeant Ihor Dobrovolskyi

Junior Sergeant Oleh Tiurikov

Private First Class Vladyslav Muraviov

Soldier Taras Kuleba

Soldier Denys Mirchuk

Soldier Denys Chasovyi

The name of the tankman of the 24th or the 1st Tank Brigade, who was killed along with the marines, could not be established.

Eternal memory to the soldiers...

смерть боец

Senior Lieutenant Ivan Pasevych, 25 years old

смерть боец

Senior Warrant Officer Nazar Pepryk, 33 years old

смерть боец

Sergeant Artur Lee, 30 years old

смерть боец

Private First Class Vladyslav Muraviov, 20 years old

смерть боец

Junior Sergeant Ihor Dobrovolskyi, 22 years old

смерть боец

Soldier Denys Chasovyi, 22 years old

смерть боец

Junior Sergeant Oleh Tiurikov, 23 years old

смерть боец

Soldier Denys Mirchuk, 18 years old

смерть боец

Soldier Taras Kuleba, 21 years old

Yurii Butusov, Censor.NET

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