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 No Hasavyurt, No Brest Peace Will be Enough for Putin

Y. Butusov

Today, Commander-in-Chief Petro Poroshenko will hold a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense. Important words will be voiced. But these words will not change anything, unless they will be backed up by an action plan. Unless, through the decisions and plans you can see specific soldiers and specific officers who go into battle, who are helped by the Ministry to defeat the enemy in the best possible way.

Censor.NET editor-in-chief YuriiButusov writes on his Facebookpage:

"And here, the priorityis what I have been writing about for many months, and which theUkrainian leadership, alas, has not paid enough attention to.Strategy and tactics. Because it is necessary to build an army noton the basis of ancient and abstract instructions, not on the basisof a wretched level of perception by office strategists. We mustbegin building the management of military actions and protection ofUkraine, according to the following mandatory criteria:

1. Clearly formulatedmilitary doctrine.

2. Defining actionstrategy and tactics of combat use.

3. Realistic assessmentof the fighting qualities of the armed forces.

4. Realistic assessmentof the mobilization capacity, supply and equipment resources.

5. Creation of astand-alone single command and control center for all the armedforces and government agencies in the war zone in five regions ofthe country to organize plausible operational planning andoperational control of the Army.

6. Massive personnelchanges - promotion to commanding positions of the officers who ledthe fights in combat formations in all units.

7. Calculation andplanning of combat support for the needs of the army.

8. Organization andoptimization of the logistics.

9 Reorganization oftraining, filling the existing units, spot mobilization,preparation of operational reserves.

10. Creation of a singleJoint Intelligence Body - an analytic apparatus for rapidprocessing of intelligence information and its transfer forimplementation in real-time.

All thiscan and should be done immediately.

And all this is possibleto get done immediately.

There is no other way.

You cannot fight in anold fashioned way, poorly, primitively, based onmaybe-we'll-get-lucky, as Muzhenko and Heletei did sending peoplelike toy soldiers on the map, placing little flags and drawingpretty but pointless arrows and front lines there.

You can only fight a warwith Russia professionally.

Putin will stop onlywhere he meets resistance.

It willnot work? Now look at the death toll for August 18 - September 5.Only in sectors D and B of the ATO - the southern front - ourlosses were at least 500 people dead. While volunteers arecollecting combat vehicles for the ATO one by one, we have lostenough military hardware to equip an entire mechanizedbrigade.

This isthe price of underestimating the enemy, this is the price ofunderestimating Putin's lies, the Kremlin gang's desire to destroyUkraine at any cost, the price of empty hopes for politicalpromises, without regard for existing military factors.

NoHasavyurt, no Brest Peace will be enough for Putin. His goal willbe to fuel the war until Ukraine is able to organize effectiveresistance on its land and until we can mobilize the support of theinternational community. And the world does not respect victims butefficient fighters. Let us become efficient. Let us strike theenemy not by the blood of our heroes but by professionalism andorder.

The aggressor will stopwhen Putin's mercenaries will have order more coffins thanshells."


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