Southern Front. Situation is Tough

Author: Y. Butusov

Military invasion of the Russian Federation is becoming more widespread. In an offensive on the southern front of the enemy used the units of 76th Air Assault and 98th Airborne Divisions, the 18th Motorized Rifle Brigade, one infantry brigade, one special forces brigade, three artillery regiments, which have not been identified yet. There are no more “militants” left at the front - except for some small gangs. Our troops are fighting with the regular forces of the Russian Federation.

Everything I wrote earlier has been fully confirmed:

1. https://www.facebook.com/ butusov.yuriy/posts/825051857535112

Russia continues to build up the invasion force. This is not a local war any more. The enemy is attacking, its strategic goals are obvious. I have often written and spoken about these goals. These are: 1 Destruction of the main forces of sectors B and D. 2 Encirclement and capture of Mariupol.

This is obvious, based on the build-up of the enemy forces in the area of Starobeshevo-Kuteinikovo-Amvrosiivka.

The Russian troops are suffering big losses. Yesterday our troops destroyed one of the squadrons of the 331st Airborne Regiment of the 98th Airborne Division in sector B. The artillery strikes the enemy, which broke through.

Even the Russian invasion force is not enough to create a continuous front line. Therefore the Ukrainian units operate successfully provided total radio silence; our troops set up ambush on the roads in front of the advancing enemy. The Ukrainian artillery demonstrates high efficiency. However, the enemy has a serious advantage in the means of electronic intelligence and unmanned reconnaissance.

Russian artillery is covering points of intense radio chatter of the army radios and mobile phones. It is necessary to limit the use of unprotected radio communications equipment and use it only in combat and emergency situations.

I will not comment on the actions of the Ukrainian command. I'll state the obvious point: Southern Front is a key part in the Russian-Ukrainian front. All the combat-ready units should be deployed there.

Russia will not stop if it is not stopped by military means.

I hope that the negotiations in Minsk will be completed today. And the Commander-in-Chief will return to Kyiv and objectively assess the situation.

I hope that the heroes of Ilovaisk - our surrounded units - will receive immediate assistance. Commander of Sector B Lt. Gen. Ruslan Khomchak controls the forces and is at the disposition of forces now. He will leave Ilovaisk only with his men.

We must do everything to keep the fighting capacity of the Ukrainian troops. You have to throw in all the units to unblock our Ilovaisk group.

Unfortunately, I have already written about all of this many days ago. I hope that at least the development of the operational situation will accelerate the necessary actions.

Here's what I wrote about the Russian invasion earlier:

https://www.facebook.com/ butusov.yuriy/posts/ 825380460835585

Yurii Butusov

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