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 Operational Situation as of 12:00, August 25

Y. Butusov

Russia has conducted an intrusion by the forces of at least four battalion tactical groups. The objective is to cut the Ukrainian Front in the area Amvrosiivka, operational encirclement of our troops near Ilovaisk, Torez, Shakhtarsk. One of the Russian columns is moving towards Mariupol.

This is reported by the Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov:

There have been noorders to retreat or break out given to the surrounded groups.Nobody panics, everyone is holding tight. Although the lack ofsupplies will soon begin to affect the actions of ourtroops.

The situation can beremedied if the Ukrainian command demonstrates quick response andinstantly creates a group for a counterattack.

Eyewitnesses among the soldiers of the 28th MechanizedBrigade from Odesa report concentration of 8 Russian T-72 tanks, 6self-propelled howitzers Gvozika (Carnation) up to 20 IFV-2s(BMD-2) in the region of Starobesheve. The occupants are openlydeclaring to the locals that they are from Russia. However, thisRussian military group is not the only one in the area.

The troops of the B sector have concentrated an assaultgroup and tried to break through atnight. One of the Russian units was destroyed. FiveRussian tanks were disabled and seven crew members captured - theyare being questioned. But then our troops encountered fierceresistance from the enemy. We need more forces in thearea.

According to the experience in the D sector, I would liketo clarify for the leadership of the General Staff and the ATO: theorder to "Hold" only makes sense if the command ensures supply ofthe ammunition for artillery and armored vehicles, if a maneuver ispossible. If you just stand on the positions, the enemy conductssighted shelling of the positions by howitzer artillery andmultiple rocket launchers. As it is currently happening atIlovaisk. Since our troops are shackled by the Russian attack fromthe rear, the enemy artillery at the front is acting with impunityaided by the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. The possibility ofcounter battery fire is very limited due to limited ammunition. Theelectronic reconnaissance using directional bearing of mobilephones calculates the areas of concentration of our troopsalongside around the clock drone patrolling.

On July 23 I called for a breakthrough of our troops fromthe D sector due to sighted artillery fire of the enemy, which wehad nothing to respond with. The ATO Command made the decision onlyon August 5. Today there is a similar situation - delay equalsdeath. Static deployment on positions leads to losses of heavyequipment and trucks, which significantly decreases the fightingvalue of the surrounded groups. We must collect all the forces ofthe B and D sectors into assault groups and destroy the Russianmercenaries who forced their way into our rear. This is the onlyway to immediately turn the crisis situation into our victory. Butevery day and every hour the enemy is strengthening its positionswith no delays. We need to strike immediately!

The General Staff and the ATO Command ATO were repeatedlywarned about the danger of the situation in sectors B and D in thepast three weeks. Two days ago I was personally riding on the road,which was yesterday blocked by Russian tanks. There are practicallyno Ukrainian troops in this area. Despite the battle for Ilovaisk,and redeployment of the enemy reserves into the city, our troopsbarely received any reinforcements. It has been talked about for aweek by numerous commanders. Now the ATO command is obliged to takeimmediate action to correct its mistakes.

We need to gather agroup near Savur-Mohyla, Torez, and Shakhtarsk, and send it todestroy the enemy forces that broke through to our rear.

Painful as it is butholding Savur-Mohyla in the conditions of the Russian invasion andthe absence of reserves is unjustified from an operational point ofview. It is necessary to collect all the troops in a fist anddestroy the enemy columns that had broken through. It is necessaryto cover the Mariupol direction. And while there is a chance ofplowing a corridor into Ilovaisk the city should be held. But thischance should be realized immediately.

If the Defense Ministerand the ATO Commander have a different point of view they shouldfly out to Ilovaisk. Only there you can view thingsobjectively.

The responsibility forthe crisis and for the speed of its resolving lies personally onATO Commander Viktor Muzhenko, Defense Minister Valerii Heletei,Commander-in-Chief Petro Poroshenko. We are waiting for theirdecisions, rather than calming reports.


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