Battle For Ilovaisk

Y. Butusov

The Battle for Ilovaisk was the first battle of Ukrainian volunteer battalions. The battle is of strategic importance. Ilovaisk is the key to intercept communications of the Donetsk group of Russian mercenaries. Taking Ilovaisk endangers the Donetsk enemy forces and creates the conditions to close the encirclement of Donetsk.

Censor.NETeditor-in-chief YuriiButusov writes:

"From the north ofDonetsk, our troops are advancing in the area of Yasynuvata. Fromthe area of Ilovaisk our southern group can strike from theopposite direction. Simultaneously it creates a threat for Mospyneand Shakhtarsk enemy groups. This maneuver of our soldiers willdramatically reduce the pressure of the enemy in the sector D ofthe anti-terrorist operation.

Fighting for thecity has continued for two days non-stop. Groups of mercenaries andterrorists were knocked out of most parts of the city during thefights on August 18-19 but continue to cling to the district on thenorthern outskirts of Ilovaisk. As a result of bilateral coverageof the pro-Russian mercenaries group in southern Ilovaisk by theforces of the Interior Ministry Dnipro battalion and the 3rdBattalion Donbas of the National Guard, with the support of armyunits of the 17th tank division from Dnipropetrovsk, 51th Volyn and93rd Dnipropetrovsk mechanized brigades, on August 18 the enemy wasdefeated and most of Ilovaisk was liberated. Our fighters inflictedheavy losses to the enemy.

But on August 19,the Russian command began a counter attack to dislodge our troopsfrom Ilovaisk. Heavy fighting ensued. For the second day theterrorists from areas of Donetsk, Mospyne and Shakhtarsk have beenattacking our troops with infantry and armored vehicles. The scaleof the enemy use of artillery and multiple rocket launchers isabsolutely unprecedented. The terrorists are shelling the towntogether with civilians in order to impede the advance of theUkrainian troops. The fire is massed and intense.

It should be notedthat Russian mercenaries attack in large groups and our troops haverepeatedly come into close contact fights; all kinds of infantryweapons are being used. Some buildings could be freed only aftercomplete neutralizing of the mercenaries.

The enemy isthrowing in all their reserves from Donetsk and Shakhtarsk - theVostok battalion, Oplot, Motorola gang, units of Russianmercenaries. Terrorist units from other sectors of the front havebeen redeployed.

The positions ofthe 40th Territorial Defense Battalion Kryvbas and the 17th TankBrigade are being attacked by the enemy from the direction ofShakhtarsk. The soldiers neutralized a T-72 tank, several lightarmored vehicles, several supply trucks and caused great damage tothe manpower.

Outside urban areaof Ilovaisk the Ukrainian troops are widely using artillery andmortars - artillery groups of the 93rd and 51th brigadeseffectively suppress the enemy batteries and fire points aroundIlovaisk.

On August 19, theAzov and the Shakhtarsk Interior Ministry volunteer battalionsjoined in the battle for Ilovaisk to help their comrades. Theycontinued to fight at night. For Shakhtarsk the battle for Ilovaiskbecame the first big one. At night the reconnaissance group of theAzov battalion destroyed a stronghold and combat reconnaissancepatrol vehicle of the enemy. The Shakhtarsk battalion is a newlyformed unit and for many troops Ilovaisk became their first battle.Azov and Shakhtarsk are engaged in street battles alongside theirbrothers-in-arms from the Donbas and Dnipro.

The command of the sector B (General Khomchak) organized aclear interaction between the assault units, artillery and armoredvehicles. A good level of coordination among all Ukrainian unitshas been achieved.

The battle forIlovaisk continues. The volunteers continue toadvance.

During the twodays of fighting for Ilovaisk two soldiers of the Dnipro, fourfighters of the Donbas and four fighters of Shakhtarsk battalionsdied a heroic death."

Yurii Butusov

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