Vladimir Vladimirovich Cain


Why did Putin take away the Russians’ brothers, honor, soul and is now taking away their underwear?

Censor.NETeditor-in-chief Yurii Butusov writes:

There are two small newsitems common for Russia and shocking for Ukraine, which clearlyshow that recently fraternal peoples still differ from each othernot in the amount of money, language, or TV matrix.


Authorities in Russiacan beat up people - and it does not cause any protests of thesociety. They are enemies - the TV channels say, which means thatthey can be treated as rabid animals, which means the laws andregulations do not exist for them, so they can be beat up and it isallowed to destroy their property. Everybody has seen it and it didnot cause any protest and compassion. Nobody went to the square toprotest.

But the people who areobedient and uncomplaining, can be tortured in any way you like.Morally broken person in the hands of the tyrant becomes soft asclay.


Imagine if somewhere in Lviv or Dnipropetrovsk before afootball game the fans' girlfriends and wives were forced by thepolice to strip naked and squat? I cannot imagine it either. So isit in regard to language or politics do or our viewsdiffer?

Russians have greatrespect for themselves as we do. But unlike us, they do not haveany respect for their society and their fellow citizens. Russiansdo not tolerate humiliation in relation to being offendedpersonally - which is obvious on social networks. But theywillingly put up with the humiliation if the authorities diminishesa large number of Russians at once.

A brilliant Soviet filmclearly shows through the eyes of Russian classics, what happens topeople in Russia, why the authorities need to beat them up and ripoff their underwear. Why they enjoy humiliation, and how theymanage to accept humiliation as a reward.


"Why would they need freedom? Give them freedom andthey'll kill one another".

And here begins the most terrifying: humiliated andpowerless in Russia controlled by hate and fear the people get asingle outlet to fight for their freedom - not in Russia, not intheir own home, but somewhere out there, in another reality, whereaccording to Ostankino (Russia's TV Center) there are even morehumiliated slaves, even more powerless, where there are enemiesthat are even more terrible and vile than Putin's bastards.Mythology creates scary images of Bendera, the Right Sector, theNational Guard in accordance with the same patterns, which Goebbelsused to create the image of "untermensch." Enemies that are evenmore vile that Putin's slaves, who are not human, who can only bemercilessly destroyed.

Putin stole from Russia the dream of freedom and the veryconcept of freedom itself. Putin has taught the Russians that thefight for their freedom is necessary only where he is absent. Thatthe enemy of freedom is anyone, but not him. That the main measureof a man is a salary, pension, status of the language, butcertainly not justice, respect or honor. That sense of humandignity, which pushes unarmed people against bullets - is a fictionand political technology created by the enemies.

That is why the Russian propagandists are boasting scantypensions which are a bit higher than in Ukraine, because they gotnothing else. A soul? No. Because the soul always has doubt andcompassion. But if the Russian has doubt and compassion - will heallow thugs to beat him up with impunity? Will a person allowhimself to be stripped naked to take his place for which he boughta ticket? Will he allow a person to believe in a spooky nonsensepropaganda, and go and kill the fraternal Russian speaking people,most of them with relatives in Russia, for the "protection of theRussian language"?

I think that Putin will disappear into oblivion, will jointhe gallery of Russian tyrants, and the soul of Russia will return.And when people look into this soul, the Russians will be terrifiedas never before. They killed their brothers. None of their fakepriests in the "most golden and expensive" temple will be able topray away this terrible sin.

While the Ukrainians arefighting for the freedom of their land - the Ukrainian soul isalive, the soul of every Ukrainian is alive. While the Russians arekilling Ukrainians - the Russian soul is dead. So will Russiaexist, if the absence of the soul means non-existence?

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/r297353