Inaugural Speech of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko

Today, we need a legitimate partner for the dialogue. We will not speak to bandits. Acting local deputies do not represent anyone there already. We are ready to declare early local elections in the Donbas.

Dear compatriots from Lviv to Donetsk, fromChernihiv to Sevastopol!

We, Ukrainians, "are a living spark in thefamily of European nations and active members of Europeancivilizational work". These are the words of IvanFranko.

"To stand with one's feet and heart in Ukraineand one's head in Europe," Mykhailo Drahomanovcommanded.

The return of Ukraine to its natural, Europeanstate has been long-awaited by many generations.

Dictatorship that ruled Ukraine in recent yearssought to deprive us of this prospect - peoplerebelled.

Victorious Revolution of dignity has not onlychanged the government.

The country has changed. People havechanged.

The time of inevitable positive changes hascome.

To implement them, we need first of all peace,security and unity.

A real war, planned and unleashed in theUkrainian Donbas, became an obstacle for enormous opportunitiesthat opened for the European modernization of Ukraine after thefall of tyranny.

Until now, many people thought that we gotindependence without any difficulty.

It is not true! Entire generations of Ukrainianpatriots struggled for our independence.

Heroes of Nebesna Sotnya died forit.

Warriors and civilians of Ukraine die forit.

Let us honor the memory of those who died forfreedom and independence of Ukraine with a moment ofsilence.

[Moment of silence]

I become a President to preserve and strengthenthe unity of Ukraine.

To ensure lasting peace and guarantee reliablesecurity.

I know: peace is the main thing aspired by thepeople of Ukraine today.

The Head of State has a wide choice of variousinstruments to ensure territorial integrity of Ukraine and peacefullife of citizens.

I will have enough powers and determination. Ido not want war. I do not want revenge. Even though there are greatsacrifices of the people of Ukraine before myeyes.

I want peace and I will secure the unity ofUkraine. Thus, I begin my work offering a peacefulplan.

I strongly urge everyone who illegally tookweapons in their hands to lay them down.

In response, I first of all guarantee theexemption from criminal responsibility for those who do not haveblood of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians on their hands. Andthose who are not involved in funding terrorism.

Second, a controlled corridor for Russianmercenaries who would like to return home.

Third, peaceful dialogue.

Certainly, not with "strielky", "abvery", "bisy"and other criminals.

I am speaking of the dialogue with peacefulcitizens of Ukraine.

Even with those who have different opinion onthe future of Ukraine. Today, I would like to address compatriotsfrom Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Dear our brothers and sisters,compatriots!

Many of you have already felt the "pleasures" ofthe rule of terrorists.

In addition to pillage and abuse of civilians,they led the economy of the region, which has already been incrisis conditions, to the brink of totaldisaster.

But under no circumstances will we leave you inthe lurch.

Nationwide presidential elections has put a boldcross on the myth of allegedly illegitimate Kyivauthorities.

This myth has been created by Russian propagandaand clan of Yanukovych who betrayed the Donbas and robbed it evenmore than the whole country.

He has been inseparably ruling Donetsk regionfor 17 years. And now, he is funding terrorists.

It is he who shall be totally responsible forpolitical and socio-economic situation of theregion.

For unemployment, for poverty and forrefugees.

For killed citizens and for mothers'tears.

As President, with what will I come to you inthe nearest time?

With peace.

With project of governmentdecentralization.

With guarantee of free usage of Russian languagein your region.

With strong intention not to divide people intoright and wrong Ukrainians.

With respect for the specifics of regions. Forthe right of local communities to their peculiarities in the issuesof historic memory, pantheon of heroes, religioustraditions.

With project on creation of jobs in the East ofUkraine elaborated jointly with our partners from the EU before theelections.

With the prospect of investment, with draftprogram for the economic reconstruction of theDonbas.

Today, we need a legitimate partner for thedialogue. We will not speak to bandits. Acting local deputies donot represent anyone there already. We are ready to declare earlylocal elections in the Donbas.

This is my peaceful plan for the Donbas and thewhole country.

The issue on territorial integrity of Ukraine isnot subject to discussion.

I have just sworn "with all my undertakings toprotect the sovereignty and independence of Ukraine" and I willalways be faithful to this sacred promise.

The number of people with whom I was honored tocommunicate in the course of the election campaign has exceeded onemillion.

Ukraine is diverse, but it is strong and singlein spirit!

Striving for peace and unity of our stateprevails in all regions of Ukraine.

I am deeply impressed with patriotism ofcitizens in southern and eastern regions, from Odessa toKharkiv.

Peace has not come yet, but today we canconfidently say that hard challenges united Ukrainianfamily.

They strengthened us as Ukrainian politicalnation which is confident in its European choice.

Our people has never been sostrong.

But freedom is not given once and forever. Onemust always struggle for it.

Peace that we hope to achieve in the nearesttime will not last long unless we strengthen our securityproperly.

For peace to become lasting, we must get used toliving in constant combat readiness.

We have to keep the gunpowderdry.

Army and its re-equipment by means of nationalmilitary-industrial complex is our top priority.

Moreover, state orders for military-industrialenterprises will give a boost to reindustrialization of theeconomy.

Those who grudge money for the armed forces feedforeign army.

Our army must become a true elite of theUkrainian community.

The word "general" must be associated with theword "hero", not with the word "corruption".

We must do ourselves everything to ensurelasting peace and security of Ukraine.

Our most reliable allies and the best guarantorsof peace are our army, fleet, the National Guard and professionalspecial forces!

Nobody will protect us until we learn to defendourselves.

I will use my diplomatic experience to ensurethe signature of an international agreement that would replace theBudapest Memorandum.

Such agreement must provide direct and reliableguarantees of peace and security - up to military support in caseof threat to territorial integrity.

Any aggressor on the border of Ukraine mustremember the saying from the Gospel: for all they that take thesword shall perish with the sword.

Citizens of Ukraine will never enjoy the beautyof peace unless we settle down our relations withRussia.

Russia occupied Crimea, which was, is, and willbe Ukrainian soil.

Yesterday, in the course of the meeting inNormandy, I told this to President Putin - Crimea is Ukrainiansoil. Period!

There can be no compromise in the issues onCrimea, European choice and state structure.

Anything else shall be discussed andnegotiated.

Any attempts of external and internalenslavement of Ukrainians meet and will meet the most determinedresistance.

We want to be free.

To live in a new way means to live freely undera political system that guarantees rights and freedoms of personand nation.

I would like to emphasize my commitment toparliamentary-presidential republic.

No usurpation of power!

European democracy for me is the best form ofgovernment invented by mankind.

It is the European choice which tells us thatsignificant part of powers must be immediately delegated from thecenter to local governments.

Reform on decentralization will begin this yearwith amendments to the Constitution.

Newly elected local councils will receive newpowers.

Still, Ukraine was, is and will be a unitarystate.

Dreams of federation have no grounds inUkraine.

Early parliamentary elections are an importantpart of public request for a full reset ofgovernment.

Let us be honest!

Current composition of this distinguishedassembly does not match the mood of society. For it has changedsignificantly in 2012. A new way to live does not mean to ignorethe will of the people.

To live freely means to freely use mothertongue.

I will be guided by Article 10 of theConstitution.

It defines the Ukrainian language as singlestate language, but guarantees free development of Russian andother languages.

The words "work", "peace", "salary", "pension","scholarship" sound alike both in Russian and Ukrainianlanguages.

Availability of work is what enables a person tolive comfortably.

So far, I got the greatest professionalsatisfaction from the creation of new jobs.

What can console a man more than work and decentsalary for it?

Entrepreneurs must create new jobs. And thematter of President is to ensure conditions for nobody and nothingto interfere with work.

The state will appreciate the contribution ofthe employer and taxpayer in the economy and socialsphere.

Providing people with work and decent salary isthe first guarantee of internal peace and nationalsecurity.

While economic management falls within thecompetence of free market or the Government, President as aguarantor of the Constitution is obliged to provide conditions forinnovative economy and social justice.

Fair distribution of national wealth is anurgent demand of time.

But we must increase the national wealth beforedistributing it.

Ukraine has everything to ensure the Europeanprosperity for people.

We can and want to live by our own labor; we areable to be creative and innovative.

We even learn not to be jealous of the successof our neighbor or colleague.

But we are still taking abackseat.


Because unlike us, European countries have builtthe economy of free competition. The economy of new ideas, businessinitiative, hard work, constant self-improvement.

It will be the same inUkraine.

But we must eliminate corruption for thisend.

We need a national anti-corruption pact betweenthe government and the people.

It is simple: officials do not take and peopledo not give.

We won't be able to change the country unless wechange ourselves, our attitude to our life and the life of thecountry.

Each of us shares the responsibility for thefact that Ukraine has come to a crisis state.

Someone considered it normal not to paytaxes.

Someone lived high at the cost of the statebudget.

Someone voted and held rallies formoney.

Someone received undeserved benefits andawards.

Together we destroyed the foundation of publictrust, principles of law and social organization.

European choice of Ukraine - is the heart of ournational ideal.

It is a choice made by our ancestors andprophets.

And what exactly do we have to do to livefreely, to live comfortably, to live in peace andsecurity?

It is written in the agreement on politicalassociation and free trade area with the EU.

Together we have contributed to this document.Now I dream to make it real, and for this end we need to sign theeconomic part of the agreement as soon aspossible.

My pen is in my hands and as soon as the EUapproves the respective decision, the signature of the President ofUkraine will appear in this fateful document.

We have no right to delay the signing of theeconomic part of the deal.

The same goes for the speedy introduction ofvisa-free regime with the EU for Ukraine. We have completed thefirst stage and we will manage to finish the second stage veryquickly for Ukrainians to be able to travel without visas startingfrom January 2015.

As for the Association Agreement, we consider itas the first step towards full membership in theEU.

Nobody has the right to veto the European choiceof Ukraine.

To recognize this means to pursue a policy ofpeace and tranquility in Ukraine.

But such policy failed in the thirties of thelast century.

To implement our ambitious plans, we need notonly peace and unity of the country, but also consolidation of allpatriotic, pro-Ukrainian and pro-European forces.

We must always keep in mind the harsh lessons ofthe national liberation struggle of the seventeenth-twenties of thelast century.

At that time, our politicians were not able tounite and resist aggression jointly.

Volodymyr Vynnychenko fought against MykhailoHrushevskyi, Symon Petliura fought against Pavlo Skoropadskyi. AndNestor Makhno fought against all.

Constant quarrels and conflicts among theprominent Ukrainians resulted in the loss of ourindependence.

Conclusions should be done not only with oldarchives, but also with recent events.

We must not repeat old mistakes and have toensure coordinated work of the President, the Parliament and theCabinet.

It's time to build a new big country. Modern,high-tech, tenable, competitive country.

Let us consider the experience of countries thathave emerged on the political map only a few decades ago, butbecome leaders by choosing the development of intellect and moderntechnologies.

For the most valuable thing is not money,factories or companies, but "human capital" ofUkraine.

I have no doubt that we will overcome alldifficulties, defend the territorial integrity of our country andprovide peace and tranquility.

Nobody will turn us into slaves of criminals andbureaucracy, servants of the colonial power.

The whole world supports us. Over the past threedays I was able to verify that.

The whole Ukraine and all Ukrainians worldwideunited around the idea of independence, freedom, dignity, rule oflaw, European integration.

People has already had its say. In the course ofthe revolution. In the course of the resistance to the aggression.In the course of the elections. Now it is our turn, the turn of thegovernment.

I extend hand of peace to those who voted for meand those who did not vote.

To everyone who will help establish peace, orderand tranquility in Ukraine.

To everyone who believe in the European futureof Ukraine.

We, the people that was isolated from its greatEuropean Homeland, are coming home.

Once and for all.

Peace be with us!

May God bless us!

Glory to Ukraine!

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