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Y. Butusov

One reputable government department asked me - how to raise the morale of troops taking part in the ATO? How to raise the combat readiness of military units? How to build information work? We are humanists, we have no "secret agents" (osobists) and retreat blocking detachments (zagradotryad).

Chief editor of Censor.NET Yuri Butusov writes on his Facebook page:

"I see the situation as follows:

1. Show the work of the military prosecutors andmilitary counterintelligence. Cases of willful violations ofmilitary discipline must see punishment - and a public one. Casesof prosecution of soldiers for violating the oath and military dutyshall be reported. There is no need to try each and every one - butmalicious instigators and perpetrators should what they justlydeserve. As long as there are no such reports, as long as theepaulets are not ripped off in front of everyone and names are notdivulged - there is no sense talking aboutresponsibility.

2. It is necessary to conduct the rotation ofpersonnel. All troops from Donetsk, Luhansk regions should be sentto Lviv - there must be a special information program for them. Letthem be taught peace-building in Ukrainian language, the history ofUkraine before combat coordination and entering the fray. Theyshould be sent in bulk to reliable military groups but not held inone unit at the place of recruitment.

3 . Reduce the number of mobilized people who arenot motivated for the service. They are not the majority but theyare a demoralizing factor that degrades groups. The reason for thatis that in most cases the military mobilizes in accordance withmilitary specialties, not paying attention whether a person wantsto fight or not. As a result, many of those who are willing toserve in the army are not enlisted and many of those who do notwant to serve - fill its ranks. They are afraid to break the lawbut they are also afraid to serve. If it were up to me I would takeall those mobilized who are afraid to fight for Ukraine and formconstruction battalions and withdraw them from the fighting area.Let them dig trenches and ditches along the border with Russia anddo some other heavy work. Those who are trying to evade militaryduty should serve the motherland whichever way they can. Themilitary prosecution should work with them. And there should be aseparate information program for them.

4. I consider it a waste to spend budget funds onmobilizing unmotivated soldiers. Spending funds on their supply,training, equipment. In war, there must be a dry law (prohibitionon alcohol) - and the evening stress management in some mobilizedunits that are not even under fire but are located in safe areas isa moral corruption, which must be nipped at the bud. It is thiscorruption that has caused trouble in mobilized 51st, 93rdmechanized and 25th Airborne Brigades. In a combat situation it canonce again result in uncontrollable situations. It is imperative toget rid of saboteurs promptly.

5 Onlythose soldiers who are willing to perform military duty, have ahigh level of motivation should operate in the ATO area. Most people are not demoralized by the enemy or bad supply support butby servingin a unit which is not engaged in combat training, and where there is notrust between brothers-in-arms.

6. Information program shall be created for thosewho honestly perform their military duty in the area of ​​ATO whichwould facilitate the military service. I think that regulartelethons and concerts at the request of fighters are necessary.This can be done through communication with owners of TV channels.Artists and opinion makers should visit combat units. Soldiers needto see the connection with society, people's attention to theirdefenders. By the way, I first heard this mentioned by formercommander of Dnepropetrovsk "Berkut" (riot police) AndriiTkachenko.

7. ATO Headquarters shall strengthen the publicrelations in terms of assisting the self-organization of citizens.It is necessary to centralize logistics for delivery of supplies tosoldiers on the front line because it is very inconvenient for tensof thousands of people to not only buy but also to deliver things.Therefore, you should make operations control center which incooperation with the Army would help with logistics and control ofdelivery of supplies from the rear to the operational units. Atthat you can staff such control center with volunteersthemselves."

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Source: Yuri Butusov