"Daddy, Can It": Top Political Quotes Of 2012

Y. Butusov

Politicians’ emotions are always more sincere that official press releases. Quotes are memes defining the political vocabulary and thinking of our era. We bring you the hottest quotes that most accurately determine the trend of power in 2012 and anticipate the emotions that will overwhelm our society and the authorities in the year 2013.

The power of truth

"I do not tell people the whole truth about the terrible state Ukraine is. If I start to scare people, it will affect the rate of the hryvnia."


All and all

"I do not love it, but it turned out that a young man stuck to me, offering to make a family crest. And in the end I gave up. He once said, 'What slogan would like?' I thought about it and asked him to write in Latin, 'I will overcome.' I think that the habit of getting the job done should start from childhood. "


Got to Dad and Succeeded

"We had spoiled our eldest son very much when he was little. One time I bought him a designer complex for his age. And I always came home very late home I worked a lot. I come at midnight, open the door and the family says that the child has not had dinner or supper, and was waiting for me - he spread the parts but could not put it together. Ye was waiting for me to put it together. I went to my son. He looks at me and - he just started talking - he is babbling, "Dad," and he points his finger. "Can it, can it." I quickly put it together, although it was not easy. It was after this that my son calmed down and we went to eat dinner. Now that's character. You can see it from childhood. And, of course, it should be taught to ensure that the person is able to reach a goal. Set a real goal, identify and reach it."

Yanukovych about the most successful businessmen in Ukraine in 2012 - Oleksandr Yanukovych

"In business, unfortunately, it does not work like with Ilya Muromets (mythological strongman), when suddenly, out of nothing, all at once you get everything. In business you need many conditions. In particular, a team the formation of which takes years. All of our major construction projects and financial projects have been started long before the inauguration of Viktor Yanukovych. So I am not Ilya Muromets and what we have achieved is the result of hard work, brains and team effort."

Oleksandr Yanukovych

Miracle for eccentrics

"Today Ukraine has entered the stable economic development and is a potential candidate for a new economic miracle of the world scale."

A. Kliuiev, First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine

Flight from miracle

"In the third quarter of 2012, we received almost five times less investment in the country than in 2011, i.e. this suggests that investments are leaving the country."

D. Firtash, Chairman of the Federation of Employers of Ukraine

(one of the closest businessmen to the regime gave an objective assessment of "improvement")

The intrigues of foreign bosses ...

"We will not stop until Yulia Tymoshenko and other political prisoners in Ukraine are released."

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

(according to the Ukrainian authorities, a paid agent of influence for Batkivshchyna ...)

And even Madonna ...

"Is it true that you have a not good president, corruption everywhere and no real democracy?"


Ukrainian reform formula - offtake + taking away

"Taking away what was earned, which is, in fact what our tax policy is about, compounded by corruption extortion, in recent years complemented by a taking away property. And it is on the verge of foul tricks. Businesses have much to lose and have something to defend with. The regime seems not to take this into account."

Emergencies Minister Baloha

New symbols, new incentives ...

"To show the present-day Ukraine we must show prison. Prison is a new symbol of Ukraine. "

Singer Ruslana

(Held a press conference against the lawlessness in Ukraine)

In fight against corruption bribes are growing

"Department of the PGO of investigating corruption initiated a criminal case against the first deputy head of the Kiev oblast customs for the crime under Part 4 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code and his accomplice for the crime under Part 5, Art. 27 part 4. 368 of the Criminal Code. It is established that the person demanded and received for aiding the private entrepreneur a bribe on a large scale. "

Press release of the General Prosecutor's Office

(Upon the arrest in the act on a bribe of 350 thousand euros Naumov - one of the leaders of the customs service. Shortly after Head South Customs Vdovichenko was arrested on taking a bribe in the amount of 800 thousand euros)

No one's guilty

"You say the names of people against whom there is no evidence. No one arrested Romanenko. Vdovichenko did not take a bribe - he is a witness in the case. Naumov did not take a bribe - it is pure fiction. Not a single hryvnia or dollar was taken. Someone comes up with these stories but in fact there is nothing. There is no evidence, no video, no cases, no trials. All this is an attempt to discredit honest workers."

I. Kaletnik, Chairman of the State Customs Service of Ukraine

(a few months has made a withdrawal of charges against all his senior colleagues).

Freedom of speech marching down the street

"Statement of the fines was preceded by an order to remove the news from the site. Conversation with Kondratenko and Osadchyy was reduced to the question, "Why do you write about Yanukovych?". UNIAN CEO Vadym Osadchy informed UNIAN site editors Zhalovaha Liubov and Valentyna Romanenko that based on the memo of UNIAN internet project manager Mykola Kondratenko each of them is fined 200 UAH for publishing a news item "Picket on Bankova: Protesters Brought a Boot and a Xmas Tree to Yanukovych"

Five journalists of the UNIAN website reported censorship on the part of management.

"I do not envy you! (laughter). We know each other well. You are smart enough to do the rest. "

Yanukovych's reply to journalist Mustafa Nayem regarding the question about helicopter and Mezhyhiria

Everyone is tired of businessmen and gangsters on TV

"People miss the truth, they are longing for heroes, heroic images, and they are already tired of the endless businessmen on TV, endless gangsters and all these detective stories. They need heroic past, and on this heroic past we need to educate patriots. "


Senate's controlling stake

"Moreover, the Resolution's status is 'the sense of the Senate'. It has no influence over administration and the State Department, i.e. the executive branch and it is a separate opinion of separate senators who are regretfully working for separate political powers in Ukraine. It has a lobbying character. Big money was paid for its advancement to the companies whose representatives I saw in the Committee premises."

L.Kozhara, Party of Regions deputy (believes that voting for the resolution of the U.S. Senate in support of Yulia Tymoshenko, and with the threat of sanctions to violators of human rights in Ukraine, was a paid action of BYuT. Correct explanation of the foreign policy can earn you the post of Ministers of Foreign Affairs ...)

Washington Obkom in action

"The decision on the resolution was adopted unanimously. No one voted against it. That means the Senate fully supported the resolution. "

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft explained that the resolution to impose sanctions on officials of Ukraine took part in the prosecution of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was supported unanimously.

"I think we had a very poor translator. I see no point in further dialogue. Yanukovych did not understand what he was told. Well, or he pretended not to understand. "


U.S. Secretary of State

Do not produce garbage ...

"I don't need to tell you how much political smear campaigns cost. This law is needed so you do not write garbage. "

Sukhoi, Party of Regions deputy

(explaining why it is necessary to increase fines on journalists slandering the regime)

And it is clear - who is doing who...

"It started with a flirt and ended with hardcore porn."

V.Horoshkovskyy, First Deputy Prime Minister

(an interesting way to assess the relations of Ukraine and Russia)

When our grandfathers ruled they put in prison for that

"My financial position is consistent with my wages and salaries of my family members. And it is consistent with the slogans of the Communist Party. "

P.Symonenko, Communist Party leader

(according to the declaration owns land with total area of 1200 sq. m., apartment of 70 sq. m., members of the family own land totaling 9977 sq. m., four apartments of 75, 81.3, 38.9 and 153.2 square meters.)

Hands did not steal, brains did not think ...

"We were all shocked by the depth of the political fall of Yushchenko and his willingness to serve the whims of Bankovaia (White House) in its fight against the opposition. This is disgraceful. When politicians were on hunger strike, when there was a violent confrontation with Berkut, not now, when the fight is taken over by patriotic youth has Yushchenko said a word of support or was present at the Ukrainian House."


(long-term ally of Yushchenko and leader of Our Ukraine exhaustively described his former boss ...)

There is always a choice

"The writer must be in opposition to any government ... and accept a government award as an attempt to bribe him. Especially since I cannot accept this award from the hands of the people who pushed my Ukraine into the abyss."


(90-year-old writer who refused to accept the Order of Yaroslav the Wise)

Conspiracy of the doomed

"We're just doomed. We cannot fight. You can buy, you can fool the voters and even gain a majority in parliament. But the majority in parliament will not maintain the situation, if people see that we hang out and don't do anything. They will not betray us, they will just spit in our faces and say "You are assholes" But they will not vote for others."

V.Khara, Party of Regions deputy

(explaining the phenomenon of the party's constituents behavior)

Football is not just football

"The situation in Ukraine and treatment of Yulia Tymoshenko are far from my position in the field of democracy, human rights, personal freedom and freedom of speech. I would think very seriously before you shake hands with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. "

Phillip Lahm, captain of the German national football team

(was one of the many voices of various Europeans in favor of a political boycott of the Ukrainian authorities for the period of Euro 2012)

"I examined Yulia Tymoshenko and had a long conversation with her. I confirm the words of my representative Serhii Hudruk regarding injuries of Yulia Tymoshenko. She really is bruised at the lower left abdomen and left arm. During our conversation Tymoshenko told me the details of her beating. They are terrible. "

N.Karpacheva, Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine

How to Trade at a loss

"You say that the Ukrainian government, which became the ultimate owner of this rig, paid 400 million for our installation and held tenders for similar rigs? We never heard of such tender. If I had known of the tender, I certainly would be interested, but I would have some suspicion, why would someone pay 400 million for something that costs less. "

Esa Ikehaymonen, chief financial officer of the world's second largest offshore oil company Norway's Seadrill

(confirmed in April 2011 that Seadrill sold its drilling rig West Juno to British company Highway Investment Processing for 248.5 million dollars)

The collapse of the bestseller

"Perhaps some of the politicians used some ideas from Yanukovych's books in the past. This is ridiculous to accuse the President of using some texts of Stetskiv or Volga. I can only congratulate the President on this book. "

A. Herman,

Advisor to the President

(Categorically denied the possibility of plagiarism in Yanukovych's book Opportunity Ukraine for which Donetsk publisher New World LLC decided to pay 16 million UAH.)

You call this a luxury?

"Cabinet has unanimously rejected the bill of clearly fiscal nature and contained not fully thought out rules, and sent it back for revision. There can be no question about taxing each and all apartments over 120 square meters and houses of more than 250 square meters - they may be sheds and garages."


(on luxury tax which the authorities promised to pass numerous times but never put it to vote in parliament, under various pretexts)

Stable majority

"In 2010, criminal proceedings were brought against more than 160 deputies of different levels and different party affiliation. Most of them were members of the Party of Regions and the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc - 51 each. NUNS members - 37 and 16 representatives of the Lytvyn Bloc, 8 members of the Communist Party of Ukraine. In 2011, criminal proceedings were brought against 179 deputies convicting of crimes 85 deputies from the Party of Regions, 40 - from BYuT, 33 - from NUNS, 10 - from the Communist Party of Ukraine, 7 - from the Lytvyn Bloc, 3 - from the Strong Ukraine and 1 - from Svoboda. In 2012 49 deputies of all levels and different party affiliation were held criminally liable - 30 deputies from the Party of Regions, 11 - from BYT, 5 - from NUNS, 1 - from the Communist Party of Ukraine and 2 - from Svoboda.

Interior Minister V.Zakharchenko

Graduate School of Donbass

"How many of them Donetsk? Quite a lot. But I do not see any problem. There is even a term Donbass School of Management. There are a fairly powerful enterprises there, powerful potential. What is the management of industrial enterprises? This is the school that today educates managers. And what's wrong with these managers bringing in their experience? '.

A.Klymenko, Minister of Taxes and friend of Oleksandr Yanukovych

(explained how in six years of working in tax service he made a career from an inspector to the Chairman)

"I have been trampled for a year and a half years, criminal charges against my people were made up. I became defensive. Many people talk in their kitchens about the system being corrupt, that we must fight this scum, shoot it. People cannot really do anything because the repressive apparatus is in action and it is well funded and constantly reinforced. Only a spontaneous explosion of social protest is possible."

A.Kornatskyy, businessman

(never thought of going into politics but after a series of raids became opposition candidate and won the elections in Pervomaisk beating the pro government candidate.)

"Who do we need in our lives: those who will shoot in the back, who will sit this one out, or those who will provide support when the moment comes? What are you smiling at? There is nothing to smile about today."

Azarov at a meeting with entrepreneurs

"Now we will not let those who want to take us away to the morgue, to take us to the morgue. We will get treatment, we will win, we will be healthy."

N.Korolevska, leader of the Ukraine - Ahead! party

"Ukrainian citizens can expect an increase of the minimum wage to 1,000 euros, and pensions - to 500."


As of December 1, wage arrears increased by 6% compared to November 1 - up to 950.524 million UAH.

"I ask the critical question of all employees of scientific institutions - where are our candidates for the Nobel Prize?".


(reacted to the demonstration of the Academy of Sciences employees protesting the termination of funding of science in Ukraine)

"You Kandaurov! Get up! Look, you bitch! If you - listen carefully to what I say - if you once again do your duties this way, If I find out that you personally as a director did not control the promises and commitments that you undertook, I will multiply you by zero, do you understand me?"

Kernes, Mayor of Kharkiv at a City Hall session

(after the introduction of the Russian language as regional in Kharkiv the authorities have moved to the next stage - gangster argo.)

"I myself have spent two years in prison. And I drew conclusions. First and foremost - the head is held by a tongue not the neck. "


"Every vote for the Party of Regions, for candidate Vladyslav Lukianov is an extra square meter of asphalt on the road."

V.Lukianov, Party of Regions deputy

"I do not want to talk, I want to hit in the face."

Iryna Farion,

Svoboda deputy

"Four hours late ... instead of hurrying to a meeting - stop for a drink with bikers. This is the way people show their attitude. This is a diplomatic slap in the face, and diplomatic rudeness."

V.Ohryzko, ex-foreign minister

(on Putin's delay to a meeting with Yanukovych)

"And yet now there are rogues in the country and outside who want to question the European perspective of our people."


"Materials have revealed that we do not exclude such a case, that she could have inflicted them herself (Yulia Tymoshenko showed bruises on her body)"

Tiurin, prosecutor of Kharkov oblast

(denied beating Tymoshenko)

"We're not planning to leave the Crimea."

Russian President Vladimir Putin

"It is annoying that many ministries talk to us in the Ukrainian language."


Head of the Crimean parliament

"Another one of the patrons - is MP Yuriy Ivanyushchenko - gave a picture of Ilya Repin's" Prometheus. "We do not know its history, how she came to him, but she came to the museum. "


"Another one of the patrons - deputy Yurii Ivaniushchenko - gave a picture of Ilya Repin Prometheus. We do not know its history, how he got it but it got to the museum."


«Maybach is a luxury. Porsche Cayenne? Good question! No. This is not a luxury. It's a good car, durable. I do not think a three-liter diesel Cayenne, one year old is a luxury. "

I.Gaidaiev, deputy of the Communist Party

"For me, Ukraine is one of the biggest frustrations in life."

Javier Solana, former Secretary General of NATO, the EU foreign policy commisioner

"Today, Germany and the European Union live in peace and freedom. Unfortunately, this situation is not true everywhere in Europe, because in Ukraine and Belarus people still suffer from dictatorship and repression. "

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany (speaking in the Bundestag on the anniversary of the end of World War II)

"If Europe does not consider us its part, we will build Europe here in Ukraine."


"See the beauty of the game. We played them like kittens. I do not know what they will do in the election. "

Party of Regions speaker M.Chechetov

(happy that through hearings on the explosions in Dnepropetrovsk the regime managed to unlock the parliament and to deceive the opposition by voting for the language law.)

"Even today, among the small number of locals there is talk that the pensions were increased by Her (Tymoshenko), that She has done a lot of things. But why do we not oppose these lies with intelligence, specific deeds reflected in the media? These "orange tops" need to be eradicated from Khmelnitsk oblast once and for all."

V.Yadukha, Khmelnitsk oblast governor

(Party of Regions received 18%, and opposition parties - 67%)

"I cannot be surprised by any perspective, and I know a complete set of words."


"Work so that there is profit. What, Azarov must create revenue for you? ".

Azarov at a meeting with Ukrainian entrepreneurs

"Our people have a lot more patience. It would seem that it should have waned a long, long time ago but they still tolerate and tolerate the "orange" politicians, tolerate who the hell knows who, and they tolerate us."


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Source: Yurii Butusov