Deputies and political analysts have named the major milestones in the history of the country in the past year, and the vector of development of the state in the upcoming one.

Prominent politicians and experts toldCensor.NET journalist about what in their opinion was important forUkraine in the past year. Also deputies and politilogistsidentified the direction of the country in2013.

Andrii Pavlosskyy (Batkivschyna deputy)

Of course, the most important event was the election. And the factthat the opposition beat the Party of Regions by party lists, giveshope that the people will strive for a change of power in thepresidential election.

Pension reform has shown that it does not work.The Government has an antisocial state budget with artificiallydeclined social standards. In 2012, unfortunately we saw continuedusurpation of power by the two families - Yanukovych and Akhmetov.And next year the Cabinet will be controlled by the President'sson. Regretfully we are heading back to the feudalsystem.

Vladyslav Lukianov (Party of Regionsdeputy)

The main event of the year is probably the successful hosting ofEuro 2012. People saw a modern infrastructure. The competition wasreally bright, a real sporting event. And with regard to Europeanintegration and the Customs Union, I can only say that when youhave a lot of neighbors, you need to have good relationship withall of them. This year we passed a fairly realistic andconservative budget. Yes, we were a little knocked down by thecrisis, but the budget will be a factor of stability in the countrybecause the government is headed by a man who was able to correctthe situation even after Tymoshenko.

Andrii Parubii (Batkivschyna deputy)

The most important event is the language law thatencroached the basis of statehood and received a correspondingreaction in the community. The second event is, of course, theparliamentary elections in Ukraine which showed new trends in thecountry, new political forces rose which means the parliament willwork more intensely. Next year will be the year that will determinethe presidential campaign, since in 2014th it will already be wellunder way. And the key question remains is where the pendulum willswing - either to Europe, or to the Customs Union.

Iryna Farion (Svoboda deputy)

Values ​​outweighed money. In the first place in theWestern and Central Ukraine, and in the heart of Ukraine, Kyiv.This is a huge lesson to those unfortunates who measure by the lifeby the dollars in offshore, banks and their pockets. This is thebeginning of the end of consumerism ideology. This is the highestquality achievement in 2012. As of now this achievement has nodesired quantity indicators for the country to start dramaticchanges. But the Titanic of dirty oligarchy ran into an iceberg -it's a fact.

Mikhail Chechetov (Party of Regionsdeputy)

The year was positive. We have not turned the elections into apolitical war, and did not set people against each other. In termsof image - we held Euro 2012 brilliantly. We are strengthening theEuropean vector and at the same time build normal relations withthe CIS countries, without joining the Customs Union. We managed tohold a stable economic situation in the country. The National Bankhas the leverage to stop the attempts to destabilize the financialsituation. And next year we're prolonging the trend withexpectations of GDP at 3.4%.

Natalia Novak (Udar deputy)

Symbol of the year is the infamous Hyundai whichfreezes in the snow. Ukraine is in the same situation now. A lot oftalk that we are moving forward, we are undergoing reforms, that weare getting out of the crisis, and that we are being recognized inthe world. In fact it's just a beautiful cover behind which hides acomplete inability of the country's leadership to deal with what ishappening in Ukraine. The economy is in stagnation, the crisis isin full swing, the forecasts for GDP have failed, and wages are notpaid. I don't even want to talk about the growth ofproduction.

Volodymyr Ariev (Batkivschynadeputy)

The main event is certainly the elections whichshowed distrust to the authorities. In some areas, the electionsshowed the desire of people to defend their voter rights. And thetwo negative events are the adoption of the laws on language andreferendum. They are both aimed at splitting the country. TheRegions eased this task. Next year we are up for a politicalcrisis.

Leonid Grach (Communist, formerdeputy)

Results of the year are catastrophic, not only in economics butalso in the social sphere. The new year will not bring anythinggood. The human nature demands seats and posts. This quality unitedall political forces. Udar, Svoboda and certainly Communists.Simonenko is above competition. They get a secretary, a cozyoffice, and a car with a driver. This is very similar to theactions of fascists. Regretfully parliamentarism is sold out andthe parliament will not work for the people. The Rada does not evenhave a plan of legislative activities. Deputies are busy with theirown business.

Oleh Soskin (political expert, Center of SocietyTransformation Director)

The main event with a negative connotation is thetransformation of Ukraine into a backward dictatorial state.Strengthening of police powers, open pursuit of self-interest onthe part of the ruling family. In fact, we have witnessed an openseizure of power. The final note was the formation of a "familygovernment", the rule of which the Ukrainians will feel in the NewYear.

Oleksii Haran (Kyiv Mohyla Academy PolitologyProfessor)

The rhythm of political life was first of all set by the elections.The Regions changed the law and used it but they did not achievewhat the desired. The opposition won by party lists. Negotiationswith the EU have been influenced by the political persecution inUkraine. First of all - Tymoshenko and Lutsenko being in prison.This has had an impact on the negotiation process. Thus, the powercornered itself, as the EU was favorable in our regard and wasready to sign the agreement. Euro 2012 was not used politically. Ofcourse, the championship was accompanied by enormous corruptionschemes, but in the end it benefited the image of the country. TheEuropeans got an idea of the people and the country.

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