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When will the end of the world come? How will people prepare for it and what will be their worries? The internet is now packed with forecasts, and End of the World search query is leading in all search engines. Now, get ready to be surprised. There is a recently released new novel about the End of the World and it is pretty well written.

The novel Advent tells about events in Ukraine. The plotof the action is the current political situation, and thecharacters are, among others, quite recognizable President ofUkraine, President of Russia and opposition leader OlhaVolodymirivna, a prisoner of Lukianovskaia prison. But theresonance is added by the author of the novel - one of the realleaders of the real opposition Oleksandr Turchynov!

On Wednesday,December 26, at 4.00 p.m., Turchynov will present his new book atthe Siaivo bookstore on Velyka Vasylkivska.

Turchynov'sprevious two novels Illusion of Fear and The Last Supper were noteasy read - they were rather parables where the plot was secondary,and the first place was given to the author's philosophy regardinglife and God. But when you open the Advent, it's hard to stop untilyou turn the last page, because it is the story that keeps you onthe edge and thrills you. Here you will find suspense and shock,outplaying and interpretation of the most informational andcultural symbols of the era. I find it difficult to judge whetherthe book will become a best seller, but it is obvious that it ishard to find something so up-to-date and relevant in thecontemporary Ukrainian literature not so rich in producingnovels.

So, a few details.Present day. All over the world, and in Ukraine in particular,there is a growing wave of social and natural disasters. Thescientists soon discover the cause: our galaxy is being absorbed bya black hole of the cosmos. End of the world is real, it is not arumor. And according to all calculations of astronomers, the worldwill end in the nearest future. And everyone reacts differently tothis message. Unknown sect commits the most violent and terriblecrimes. The ordinary people businessmen think about making somemoney on the next crisis. The righteous pray for the salvation ofsouls. And Ukrainian opposition leaders think that Ukraine can besaved from the police dictatorship and complete marginalization ofthe opposition parties solely by terror. The West has seizedsupporting Ukrainian democracy, the protests are attended by apitiful bunch of enthusiasts, society is indifferent, andopposition leader Olha Veronina is in Lukianovskaia prison with nochance to be released.

Therefore, theopposition is preparing assassination of the Ukrainian President.His image does contain some familiar details... And against theDoomsday, the lawlessness in the country and in the world isincreasing. The catalyst of the turmoil is a new strain of fluwhich is a deadly and rapidly spreading infection causing certaindeath.

Ukrainianbureaucratic regime collapses, unable to cope with the epidemic,which is rummaging throughout the world.

And on X day thePresident is assassinated - his car is shot up with a grenadelauncher. The President is wounded ... But here it turns out thatthe opposition leaders gravely miscalculated in trying to stoplawlessness with lawlessness. Power in the country is seized by asecret organization. Those unhappy are destroyed. The President,still alive is finish off right in the hospital bed by his closestassociates! The opposition's attempt to bring democratic values toUkraine through murder fails. Evil begets more evil. The oppositionis banned, and using the turmoil, a powerful organization Childrenof Lucifer comes into power. These Children in nature and are aworld government. End of the world is approaching. The Children ofLucifer seize control of the world. And anyone who wants to survivein the system is implanted a biometric mark replacing the passportand wallet directly into the body ...

This twisted plotis not rotund. It is in no way a literary trash. Yes, the dialoguesare straight but the logic of presentation justifies this style. Itcould only be written by a man deeply familiar with the currentUkrainian realities. In addition, there was a clear communicationof the Advent's philosophical lines with Turchynov's previousnovels.

It seemsTurchynov, who is known to be active preacher of the Protestantchurch, decided to find a form of preaching about the present andthe future, which would be of interest not only to intellectualsbut also to ordinary people far from the philosophy, mysticism andunfamiliar with politics. To sum up - I recommend readingit.

The Advent isprinted in 7,770 copies. This novel has a lot of ideas that will goviral on social networks.

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