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 Family Cabinet, Holiday Prices

V. Dymchenko

On the whole, new government emanates family warmth. A small circle of close friends and relatives. Great company to meet the Christmas and New Year holidays in. And most importantly Viktor Yanukovych found a gift for each one to put under the Christmas tree.

Viktor Yanukovych picked Mykola Azarov a new team of professionals. Although it is hard to call it new but some staff decisions are still surprising. For example, the lord of Hyundais and responsible for the Euro-2012 Boris Kolesnikov did not get into the new Cabinet. Recently, the Party of Regions was praising him in every way possible and now it turns out that he changed a serious post of Vice Prime Minister for the run-down seat of the Verkhovna Rada deputy. Hard landing, we must admit.

It seems that Viktor Yanukovych got a new and somewhat peculiar hobby - to change the Defense Minister. Mikhail Yezhel stayed in office from March 2010 to February 2012. Appointed in February 2012 Dmytro Salamatin did not last a year. Now, his place is taken by Russian-born Pavlo Lebedev. Based on the declaration filed before the parliamentary elections, a man of substantial wealth. Total income for 2011 - 36,567,000 hryvnia (almost 5 million USD). He even has a small personal fleet of cars and yachts.

The climb up the career ladder is going great for former head of the NBU Serhii Arbuzov. In the new Cabinet he will hold the position of Deputy Prime Minister. And he has been predicted to take the Prime Minister's office for a while now.

Despite the fact that the scandal around the Boiko Towers already acquired international attention, he himself received a boost in the form of the post of Vice Prime Minister. By a wave of his hand the President overnight combined Tax and Customs Services. This union of a snake and a hedgehog resulted in the Ministry of Income and Charges, which was instantly labeled with a more accurate title - the Ministry of Bribery and Extortion. It is headed by former head of the State Tax Administration Oleksandr Klymenko.

Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko noted that judging by the composition of the government, Yanukovych's family won the oligarchs. "Yanukovych has actually appointed two governments: the first - with Prime Minister Arbuzov that will de facto control all the ministers, and the second - the government of Azarov by himself who has a good portfolio but no subordinates - it is like having the rank of general but be without an army," she said.

Commenting on the composition of the new Cabinet, a member of Batkivschyna Oleksandra Kuzhel stressed: "Most of all I am "pleased" by joining of the Customs and Tax services, and passing them on to one person. The family needed to control two objects and now only one. Klymenko will control all money. Zakharchenko - security. Pshonka - will be his Prosecutor General. Everything came in place." At the same time, Kuzhel does not believe that the appointment of Yurii Boiko is aa promotion: "What is a Deputy Prime Minister without a Ministry. He was taken off from all the cash flows and left to blame. He was left to not to quarrel with the Firtash clash."

Special attention should be given to a new Minister of Social Policy. The Party of Regions should advertise in subway: "We will take you off antidepressants. We give your bare buttocks in reliable old hands. Good pay." Believe me, there will be a line waiting. Especially given the miraculous "resurrection" of Korolevska. Natalia's political fate is full of amazing metamorphosis. After holding an unprecedented media campaign before the parliamentary elections, Natalia Korolevska and her party Ukraine - Ahead! managed to get (it is still funny) - 1.58% of the vote, barely ahead of the political "giants" such as Oleg Liashko and Viktor Yushchenko. And this is with the tacit support of the authorities. It seemed that the star of Korolevska was setting, and now her eternal destiny is to sit on antidepressants with a bare ass (sorry for the quote).

But the Party of Regions does not leave Luhansk people behind - Natalia Korolevska is appointed Minister of Social Policy. And this is after she, though not very noticeable to the public, but still subjected Mykola Azarov to "furious" criticism. "The increase in revenues for the state budget at the expense of businesses being terrorized by tax and administrative pressure us unacceptable. The Government intends to milk the market economy cow to death. On the eve of a possible second wave of the global crisis, the impact on business will be fatal. The increase in taxes in the current environment will lead to inevitable price increases. And all the delights of the Cabinet will be eventually paid for by consumers out of their pocket," fumed and raged "oppositionist to the bone" Korolevska in September.

And here is something even better! In November 2011, during the Congress of Ukraine - Ahead! Natalia stated: "We realized that it is impossible to work with the current government! Our task is to either make it step aside or force to submit to their own people." As we see, in the end, Natalia found an alternative - opposition-partisan. Now it is likely to be followed by a statement that she as a representative of the opposition will seek social justice ... blah blah blah.

I would like to remind the newly appointed Minister of the Social Policy her own words: "We will be able to drag the Ukrainian economy out of the shadow which will dramatically improve the well-being of our citizens. The average salary of 1000 euros and the average pension of 500 euros are possible in Ukraine. The potential of our economy allows us to achieve this. There is money for this, but they are hidden in the shadow economy and pockets of officials in the form of bribes." Although the more you think about it, the more a disturbing thought comes to mind that her appointment is just some bad joke. But it is not clear on who. Whether on Natalia, who finally got the opportunity to realize her dream giving people 1,000 euro salary and the average pension of 500 euros. I would like to see that very much. Whether it is no less an evil joke on the ordinary people. To appoint a Social Policy Ministry an angry person with a level of support of 1.58% of voters - what is this but a mockery?

On the whole, new government emanates family warmth. A small circle of close friends and relatives. Great company to meet the Christmas and New Year holidays in. And most importantly Viktor Yanukovych found a gift for each one to put under the Christmas tree.

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