Failure of Executives: Amateurs at Work

V. Dymchenko

So what if the trains break down. The power is worried about the nature’s negative reaction to people. And if Azarov was in place of Kolesnikov, he would have shown all the passengers their place. Something like: stop whining, take a shovel and go repair the Hyundai yourself.

Winteralways comes in Ukraine suddenly and without a declaration of"war". From year to year, the first snow is a surprise which thepublic services do not expect. This year the vaunted "executivemanagers" from the Cabinet were not ready as well. The professionalmaster of conversational genre Mykola Azarov and inappropriatelysilent Boris Kolesnikov stood out.

Azarov's Adventures in the Country of DogBees

Yesterday the Prime Minister made anotherstatement surprising in its essence. "We have 40 centimeters ofsnow. It is a two-month amount. Can it be cleared in one day? Ofcourse not! How much equipment and people would we need to clearthat much snow out of the city in one day? So our people shouldrealize that instead of whining they need to take a shovel, goclear a path, ask the neighbor to move his car so it does not blockthe way. Somewhere it is done, and somewhere they did not do it intime and as a result, in some courtyards the frost hit and snowfell which was not cleared and caused problems with our entrances.Can we clear up together? This is how it should be," hestressed.

As always, Azarov generated a "brilliant" idea.It turns out that this it is not the fault of the Cabinet ofMinisters or the local authorities or public utilities that thesnow is not removed but it is our fault. He found, his new"predecessors" to blame so to speak. One can predict that anyquestion like "Why do we pay taxes in that case?" would be angrilyswept aside by Azarov. Take a shovel and get to work. There are somany uncleared roads in Ukraine.

By the way, there is an interesting parallelbetween the present Azarov's call and the one he made in the springof 2001.

"Wholesale hypermarkets we are build willcompletely resolve the problem of supplying megacities by Fall thisyear. But what about the cities and towns where there is onlyinfrastructure object - the market? What do citizens do till Fall?Where are all our regional fruit and vegetable centers? Where isthe work of consumer cooperation? Why are traditional Ukrainianvalues forgotten: do not complain, take a shovel and your myfamily!" said Azarov.

With his shovels Azarov is like a primevaldoctor who cures all diseases with one medicine. And note that itseems that the whole country is doing nothing and only MykolaAzarov is working. Well, maybe also Yanukovych. The others areungrateful dog bees and they do not even sing praises to theirPrime Minister reformer. Such people should be educated withoccupational therapy.

We can only guess when and under whatcircumstances will "Azarov shovels" come up again… What will theresourceful Prime Minister propose to Ukrainians next: repairingthe broken down roads or start digging their own graves in advance?

The Lord of theHyundais

But, in contrast to the talkative Azarov, BorisKolesnikov is silent. And why would he say something, if it isconstantly done for him by the breakdowns of his Hyundai trains?For the past two weeks there have been more than a dozen differentbreakdowns of the Korean speed trains. Ukrzaliznytsya explains thefailure by bad weather, and "grateful" passengers do not mincewords curse Kolesnikov. Hyundai company has sent a letter withtheir apologies for any inconvenience of Ukrainian passengers. Ithas even come to the point that on the basis of complaints thatreached antitrust authority, the Anti Trust Committee of Ukrainehas started an investigation into the validity of prices fortraveling in high-speed trains.

What will any decent and responsible person doin such a situation? Admit his mistake, apologize and resign. ButBoris Kolesnikov has no time for such trifles. His party colleagueMikhael Chechetov in a commentary to Censor.NET said: "I would notexactly focus on Hyundai breakdowns. The problem is how to minimizetraffic congestion. After all, the winter will be more extreme.Nature reacts negatively to people's impact. We must think globallyabout how to deal with these problems in the future. Focusing onthe actions of the minister - is low." It should be noted that aglobal approach to any problem is a general characteristic of thecurrent government. So what if the trains break down. The power isworried about the nature's negative reaction to people. And ifAzarov was in place of Kolesnikov, he would have shown all thepassengers their place. Something like: stop whining, take a shoveland go repair the Hyundai yourself.

Opposition representative Volodymyr Ariev iscertain that Boris Kolesnikov should resign: ""They should havebought trains that would withstand our power surges and conditionson the whole. Koreans, despite the fact that they did not need toapologize, still did it, because it is a matter of reputation. Andfor Kolesnikov reputation is an empty word. Here if Yanukovychneeds you, your reputation does not matter. I am sure thatKolesnikov will never apologize. Because he despises everyonearound," the deputy told Censor.NET.

In the first month of winter the number ofHyundai train breakdowns in Ukraine has exceeded all conceivablelimits. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development openlycalled the project the biggest investment failure of 2012. ButBoris Kolesnikov remains silent. As if all goes toplan.

Representatives of the Party of Regions oftenlike to repeat that there are many business executives in theirranks. And Azarov and Kolesnikov are typical business executivesaccording to the ruling party. The truth is that one only teachesothers to live and the other just pulled a nice profitable deal forhimself that looks good on the outside. These are not executives,these are plain amateurs from a two bit joke.

Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/r227954
Source: Volodymyr Dymchenko, Censor.NET