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V. Dymchenko

After postponing the meeting of Viktor Yanukovych and Vladimir Putin it is the Ukrainian President who looks as though somebody wiped their feet on him. By the way, this is very characteristic of the relations between the two Presidents. Yet a cancellation of the officially announced meeting on the day it was to take place is a bit outrageous. The only way it could have been worse if Yanukovych learned about it when he was somewhere between Kyiv and Moscow.

Interestingly,the foundation to fail yet another trip to Moscow was laid byRussian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov. "The very fact ofthe trip would mean that we are closer to reaching practicalagreements," Zurabov said. "This visit will be the organized with aview to conclude this agreement not only by a handshake but bysigning of documents. I mean an agreement, including the energysector. This trip (Yanukovych's trip to Moscow) on the 18th will beheld only in the event that we have something to agree onanything."

Note that it was not a Putin's statement made ina conversation one on one but a statement of the neighbor'sambassador made public. This is in regard to Russia's respect. Theway things are going Yanukovych will soon be presented ultimatumsby the Kremlin's janitors. For example that the meeting will takeplace only if he takes a pair of shoes to change. And this is whereit's heading.

Clearly, Yanukovych's cloudy formula of 3 +1 isnot to Moscow's liking, as his periodic visits for nothing. Andthey decided to show dear Viktor Yanukovych his real place.Candy-and-flower period of this relationship came to an end and thenorthern neighbor insists on taking things to the next level.Either we sign or say goodbye.

Assistant to President Vladimir Putin, YuriyUshakov said that they have not managed to agree the documents forsigning to the visit of Yanukovych. He did not name any specificdates for the visit of the Ukrainian President to Moscow. Ingeneral, the version about the allegedly unprepared documents ishardly plausible. It raises doubts as to the competence andprofessionalism of the Foreign Ministry, the PresidentialAdministration, including the Russian one. It cannot be ruled outbut it's hard to believe that a potentially important meeting couldbe disrupted because of the bungling of smallofficials.

The opposition welcomed the news of postponingthe Moscow meeting with optimism. Svoboda deputy Andrii Illenkoclaimed that the reason for it is the statement of their partyabout possible protests in case of signing the agreement with theCustoms Union. Batkivschyna representative Andrii Pavlovskyy namedtwo possible reasons for failure of the visit. "As you know, in therelations with Russia have always been stinking of gas. It ispossible that they did not agree on something. But there is anotheroption. Previously, before signing international documents theexamination of the issue at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministersis required. And ministers vote for the adoption of a decision. Asit is known, there are three procedural parts in signing of suchdocuments - recommendations of the Cabinet and initialing, and thefinal step - a mandatory ratification in the parliament. If thatdoes not take place then those officials who violated this order ofsigning international agreements will be prosecuted. In particularfor the abuse of authority, according to Article 365," saidPavlovskyy .

The shortest comment was given by ex-ForeignMinister Petro Poroshenko: "Why was the visit canceled - I thinkit's better to ask Vladimir Putin."

Any way you look, the situation for Yanukovychis not looking good. Theoretically successful in terms of imagevisit to Moscow has failed. Moscow rather strictly let it be knownthat it no longer intends to hold empty talks with Yanukovych.Given the geopolitical indecisiveness of the Ukrainian President itis a rather nasty blow. It is much easier to want an associationagreement with the EU and cooperation with the Customs Union at thesame time than to make a specific decision. And balancing betweenthe two shores is humiliating as it is: you can stumble uponinevitable and unpleasant association. Naturally, not with theEU.

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