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During the first 9 months of this year Crimea topped the list of the most criminal regions of Ukraine. Second place was Sevastopol. And this is the region headed by the former head of the Ukrainian Interior Affairs Ministry. Here under the supervision of the police the marginalized Russian organizations fight with Crimean Tatars.

Anatolii Mohylev has served as Prime Minister of Crimea for little over a year. It is in this position that he was awarded with the Order For Services III Degree. The award coincided with two incidents that occurred in the Crimea based on ethnic hatred.

On the night of November 30, near Molodizhne village about 100 youths ransacked Tatar squatting premises. "However, neither the night robbers themselves, nor the Crimean police (including Berkut special forces) ensuring their cover were troubled by neither time nor methods as well as possible consequences of the night assault," said the deputy chairman of Majlis Refat Chubarov.

It was reported that about 20 Crimean Tatars who witnessed the pogrom did not responded to it, since in the opinion of Refat Chubarov, the main purpose of the night's events was a direct provocation of conflict which would engage the use of all means of suppression. "Responsibility for the pogrom has been taken nu Russian Unity activists. "Over 70 barns of unknown persons were turned into rubble of construction material. Under the pressure of strong Russian men and experienced Cossacks the constructions collapses as a deck of cards," the press-service of the organization stated.

Another unpleasant incident took place on 1 December, about 5 a.m. in Simferopol. Here unknown persons threw Molotov cocktails into a security trailer at the construction of Buyuk Juma - Jami (cathedral mosque). Mufti of Crimea Muslims Emirali Ablaiev commented the incident: "constant attempts to provoke tensions and conflicts in the Crimea are taking place. Constant targeting of Muslim graves, attacks on the shrine of Muslims are proof of this. Crimean society should not give in to such provocations. Everyone should know that the Crimea is our common home, and should feel responsible for the future of the peninsula."

Mohylev's role in the diplomatic resolution of the Crimean Tatar issue is somewhat ambiguous due to the fact that there is doubt as to what is more powerful: the reluctance to deal with the issue or on the contrary - the desire to escalate it as much as possible. The Crimean Prime Minister has been at daggers drawn with Majlis for a long time. Especial "warm" are Mohylev's relations with Mustafa Dzhemilev. However, Hennadii Moskal believes that the recent incidents could be parts of one special op planned in order to remove Anatolii Mohylev. "My position is that these pogroms (riots) are to show that he cannot cope with the situation, that it's out of control, the Crimea is on the verge of ethnic conflict." He expressed confidence that "this information about the burning of the mosque, the pogrom of squatters' buildings and lands will go to Yanukovych and conclusions will be made."

I wonder if these "services" were taken into account when awarding Anatolii Mohylev? Or maybe another mocking fact was considered: During the first 9 months of this year Crimea topped the list of the most criminal regions of Ukraine. Second place was Sevastopol. And this is the region headed by the former head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. Extremely mocking fact, wouldn't you agree? No need to go far to find examples. On November 25 Leonid Malyk, the mayor of Malyy Maiak (Greater Alushta), committed suicide.

"This system accuses and destroys. He had good doctors, they knew that he had a serious stress. He had psychosis starting. He was merely destroyed: he was pushed to his resignation, he was persecuted. His tests were normal, but he had a nervous breakdown because he was pushed in a corner. The system broke him," said former ombudsman Nina Karpachova.

Communist Leonid Grach reminded that in 2010 Leonid Malak was nominated for the position of mayor by the Party of Regions. "Another thing is that he could not live up to requests that were put forward by Makiyivka gang. He has become so inconvenient that they started pressuring him. They have pushed him to suicide by all that they psychologically and medically put in him. This is exactly their style which Dzharty and Mohylev brought to the Crime," said Grach.

Or, perhaps, Mohylev was awarded an Order for specific "innovative" approach to tourism development in the Crimea? This summer, at a seminar on the development strategy of the Crimea Anatolii Mohylev said it does not make sense to renovate old Soviet resorts "because they are already filled." People come and go here as to the preserve of the Soviet past, they like to remember their childhood. Well, if you treat the Crimea solely as the Soviet preserve, then you do not need to make a surprised face knowing that the next tourist season has failed.

What else do we remember about Anatolii Mohylev in a year in office as Prime Minister of Crimea? His insults addressed to Oleksandra Kuzhel or a proposal to expand the Crimean rights in the new Constitution. And even if you think about Mohylev's previous place of work, for some reason the first thing that comes to mind - is a failed operation of Dikaiev gang arrest. It does not seem like sufficient reason for giving a Merit award. At the very most - an award for successful implementation of Makiivka way of life.

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Source: Andrii Irchenko for Censor.NET