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Y. Tymoshenko

”Removing mafia from power is a task not only for the opposition. This time the opposition cannot manage the task by itself. This is a war against dictatorship, against injustice which requires mobilization of each and everyone,” says opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko in her address to Ukrainians.

My dear Ukrainians, I greet you and I miss you.

Thank you, my dears for the support you have given me in this difficult situation, thank you for your prayers ... Thank you for your kind letters, children's drawings, for your love which is now my main strength, my support, my faith.

Until last minute I had doubts whether I have the moral right to call on you with appeals before the election because I feel in part my responsibility for Yanukovych's return to power, for the tragic consequences of his rule for each of you and for Ukraine. I have a great need to apologize to you for each of my actions, for each decision that against my will have affected the return of neo-dictatorship to Ukraine. If you can, please accept my apologies.

Parliamentary elections that will be held on October 28 are special. This is not some tactical battle that you can afford to lose. This is a war that could end in either your victory and a chance for change or your full historical defeat. If Yanukovych will survive as a politician in this election thanks to your votes he will complete the installation of dictatorship and will not give up his power peacefully any more.

Dictatorship will like fire burn prosperity and peace in every family, in every enterprise, it will swallow every breath of freedom from every part of your life, and isolate Ukraine from the rest of the world.

The upcoming election is not a competition between the ruling regime and the United opposition or even a race between plurality candidates. These elections are voting for your survival, a struggle for existence of Ukraine, existence of its statehood.

We are determining who the country will belong to. Its land, its state monopolies, minerals, budget funds, other opportunities and resources - will they belong to you or 5 clans that rule over you today. This election will decide whether you will belong to yourself at all and have the opportunity to realize your purpose. They are already trying to turn you into submissive, frightened mass that tolerates such life and will pass it on as an inheritance to its children.

I do not want to announce empty slogans or give "sweet" promises. There is too much of it around us already. It will not be sweet because the situation in the country is difficult. I will be bold enough to give you 5 pieces of advice. You can take them or not. After all, it is your life and your right to conduct political experiments on yourself or not.

Not a single vote to the Party of Regions. That is why my first advice is to use your right to vote, try to remove oligarchs from power right now at these elections once and for all and once and for all change your life. Do not give them a single vote! You hear me? Not a single one! You are not suicidal; you are smart and worthy people!

Do not pay attention to smear campaigns against the opposition.

You are asking the right question - why didn't we remove oligarchs from power and did not do what we promised during the Orange revolution? I want to say it once again: because for whole 5 years the oligarchs had their own President, their own Attorney General, their majority in Verkhovna Rada and for 2.5 years - their own government. They did not step away from power, they simply bought presidents and parliamentary majority.

My second advice is - remember that Yanukovych and his clique are planning the biggest victory in plurality districts. Do not allow this! In plurality elections you will have to fight against yourself. You will have to step up and refrain from material benefits.

If you want to live you will have to vote against the candidate building playgrounds, fixing schools, hospitals, your buildings and elevators, roads, and giving out free food and medicine.

You will have to vote against the plurality candidate who gave you the most.

These gifts will end after elections. And you will see these generous deputies in Yanukovych pool and no one will bring any more gifts. They will take the last things you have. Fish is also caught on bait before it is cooked and eaten. Do not take the bait - it has a hook and the end of life. I stress again - my second advice is to vote for a single candidate from Batkivschyna united opposition, even if you don't like him much, even if he did not bring any gifts or paid you. Vote for him, go against your emotions, let yourself be guided by your intellect and winning strategy.

My third advice is - you need to know that the main scheme being used is that the power and opposition is the same thing. Yes, opposition is not perfect, it has its faults as does all our imperfect young society. But it significantly differs from the ruling mafia in all aspects with no exceptions. It did not appropriate state enterprises, land and mineral resources; it did not build Mezhyhirya, did not introduce tax, pension and judicial anti-reforms; it did not handicap the Constitution and the language, it did not create a corrupt ruling family, it did not destroy the middle class, or close the road to Europe.

If the opposition was the same as the ruling mafia, we would not be sitting in prison and exile, but in government residences, in VIP at Euro 2012 together with them, served them in their constitutional assemblies and their humanitarian councils. And because the opposition is different and has unshakable values, mafia can only tolerate us being imprisoned.

I appeal to honest journalists, public figures and organizations, to worthy citizens of the country to avoid assisting the regime in spreading deception that the criminals led by a dictator in power are the same as the real opposition. I appeal to leaders of civil society, honest journalists and opposition. Please stop your contradictions and do not fight with each other.

Most CIS countries have no opposition - it was destroyed by dictators. Severely and according to the plan. Do not create a unique Ukrainian absurd - when weak but ambitious civil society and imperfect but real opposition can destroy each other independently, at will. Let us remove this neo-dictatorship in our country and then we can ruthlessly criticize each other.

My fourth advice is - do not vote for the fake opposition parties. Try to realize that you are no longer working against the bandits in tracksuits from the 90's but billionaires who have something to lose and who employ cynical, professional and expensive political technologists. They own TV channels and have unlimited funds that can "mold" an opposition presidential candidate or a new, fresh leader of the opposition party with almost any available material, even from a monkey.

For the second election oligarchs successfully create a fake opposition that performs its task in the election, taking votes of gullible citizens and after the election returns to its pack carrying your votes.

A striking example of fake opposition which worked well in the presidential election was Tigipko and his party "Strong Ukraine". Did it work? Yes and very well. And where is this "sincere" opposition now?

Today, the government maintains several "opposition" parties which have a chance of getting into the parliament. So, my fourth advice is - do not give your vote to false opposition parties, even if you really want to subconsciously. Control yourself. Strive to recognize fake opposition before the elections. It will be late after!

And the last fifth advice - and perhaps the most important one. Removing mafia from power is a task not only for the opposition. This time the opposition cannot manage the task by itself. It is a war against dictatorship, against injustice which requires mobilization of each and everyone. Anyone who understands the danger, the trouble for Ukraine must act independently. Without you nothing will happen. Go to your family, friends, and neighbors who were bought by handouts, who took money for fraud at the polling stations, who were misled by information technologies of the Party of Regions, who become entangled in political events and are going to vote for the Party of Regions or their fake opposition.

Start working now, set yourself a daily plan and convince those who don't know much about politics with obvious facts, examples from your own life, investigative journalism from the Internet. Do not let your loved ones build a political guillotine with their own hands. The fatal error will be impossible to fix later. If someone cannot be convinced the first time, do it a hundred times, but do not be inactive - it is the worst choice.

Part of Ukrainians feel offended and are in despair so they do not want to go to the polls. Especially in the East and South. This is the biggest mistake. The ballots of those who do not come will be filled out in favor of the Party of Regions. Find the strength and if you all had enough and you are still against everyone - come to the polls and put a big bold cross on your ballot or ruin it in other way but do not leave your ballot blank for fraud.

Just know that now your time has come. You set the course of history. By a simple mark in the ballot you can push a stake through the heart of the oligarchy, neo-dictatorship, Ukrainophobia. You can return Ukraine to a full-fledged "today". Do this and your life will have a higher purpose. Personally I will always believe in you.

With Love, Truly Yours, Yulia Tymoshenko, Head of Batkivschyna Party

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