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A. Irchenko

Austerity is worse than thievery. Oleksandr Rybak is your ordinary Kyiv city council deputy. A simple son of a people’s deputy, first vice-chairman of the Party of Regions, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada committee on the matters of construction, urban development, housing and communal sector and regional policy Volodymyr Rybak. Rybak Junior is a head of the State Architecture and Construction Inspection. A simple official who has no factories or corporations and never had any. But in just one year he spent over 5 million hryvnias (over 1.2 million USD) on charter flights alone!

Architectural Feed Box

State Architecture and Construction Inspection (SACI) is one of the most corrupt institutions of Ukraine. Without a conclusion (approval) from this commission none of the decisions on land allocation for construction can be passed in Ukraine. Among the businessmen who wish to build something in Ukraine this institution is considered the most expensive part of the project. The bribes for the inspection raise the price for any development project by 3-10%. Millions of dollars are flowing into the pockets of corrupt SACI officials for a couple of signatures allowing to build or use something. For example, there is a 50-year old house but to be able to work in it a businessman has to get an approval from SACI.

Oleksandr and Volodymyr Rybak

If you do not pay you can wrap up your project. The officials will always find something to pick at and send it for another round. And business cannot wait for months on end. And that is why it is obediently paying in accordance with the set corruption tariffs. This is Ukraine. Everybody pays. Including large world corporations that spread the word about the greedy and lawless Ukrainian bureaucracy.

Corruption profits of the Architectural Construction Commission are billions of hryvnias a year. Certainly, the bribes and kickbacks to the 'law enforcement' agencies and a protection in the form of his father allow Oleksandr Rybak to live a pretty calm and trouble free life.. There is no evidence. Big business will not fight officials because people just want to work. Deputy Oleksandr Sochka sent a request to the Attorney General's Office to check the correspondence of Rybak's expenses and income. An official who has declared annual income of a little over 200,000 USD is leading a royal lifestyle.

The size of Rybak's corruption can be viewed on the example of one detail. Censor.NET's source provided us with the data on Oleksandr Rybak's charter flights from and to Boryspil airport in 2011. We received information regarding every flight duration and every tail number. Even though the year 2012 is coming to an end now it was no less intense for Rybak in terms of luxurious entertainment…

So, according to the data of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine and Boryspil airport that this news site obtained can give us an idea of the level of the official's expenses. From what we gather from 2011 to beginning of 2012 Rybak Jr. made 12 two-way chartered flights. The total cost for flights only constituted 5,000,000 hryvnias (over 600,000 USD) in just a year!

Celebtano, Shakira and Others

January 2, 2011 Rybak flew from Kyiv to Dubai and returned on January 9. Both flights were made on Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign (tail number - OK - EMA ) with the cost of 5,000 EUR (6,500 USD) per flight hour. Flight time - 5 hours. For this flight he used charter airlines Travel Service to which the Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign belongs.

Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign - OK-EMA

That means the plane flew to Ukraine from Prague - that means another 1.5 hour added to the cost, then the plane returned to Prague from Dubai and then the same route but in reverse order on January 9. These flights are done at the cost of the contractor. Thus, the total cost for this two-way flight constituted at least 120,000 EUR.

Information regarding Rybak's luxurious trip to Milan during May 5-8 was in the press last year. The reason for luxury was his wife Iryna's birthday. This time they used Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign, but with a different tail number this time - OE - GBY.

Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign OE-GBY

A plane from Czech Republic again and the flight to Milan and back cost Rybak around 80,000 EUR (2 hr 50 min one way at 5,000 EUR per hour). However, according to the press this was nothing compared to what he spent on the celebration of the birthday. They stopped at the 5-star Carlton Hotel Baglioni paying 5,280 EUR for three nights. 45-minute performance of Italian singer Adriano Celentano cost the head of the SACI 200,000 EUR and 30 minutes of Shakira went for 35,000.

The cost of this birthday celebration exceeded Rybak's total salary for 5 years of irreproachable services! There were many other details, however let us return to the expensive charter flights which are proven by paperwork.

Let the Sheikhs Covet: Charter for Two Million!

After Milan Rybak went on the Crimean period - July 2 he flew from Kyiv to Belbek. One flight hour on Fairchild Dornier 320-300 Jet (tail number UA - AER ) costs 4-5 thousand dollars with a flight time of 1 hr 10 min. The return flight was on Hawker Beechcraft Corp 390 Premier 1 A (tail number OE - FAP ) for about 4,000 EUR.

Hawker Beechcraft Corp 390 Premier 1A UR-FDB

From 22 to 24 July there were two more flights Kiev-Belbek on Hawker Beechcraft Corp 390 Premier 1 A (tail number - UR - FDB ) and another 7 thousand euros for it. And finally the Crimean saga ended on August 5 with a flight to a vacation on a homelike Hawker Beechcraft Corp 390 Premier 1A with a hour of flight costing around 3,000-3,500 EUR. By the way, according to VIP room of Boryspil airport register this time he took deputy Volodymyr Rybak, his father along for a ride on Beechcraft.

Dornier 328-300 Jet UR WOG

The return was on board the Dornier 328-300 Jet (tail number - UR WOG ) paying 4-5 thousand dollars for 1 hr 10 min of flight. The price doubled because of delivering the plane. Thus, for three flights to Crimea in a month Oleksandr Rybak paid 44 thousand euros. IT is a two year salary of a Ukrainian deputy.

All flights Rybak conducted through Aerostar company which belongs to former deputy Lyudmyla Suprun. It is through Aerostar that rich people order flights - Yuryy Ivanyuschenko, Ivan Avramov, Serhiy Arbuzov, Borys Kolesnikov, Serhiy and Oleksandr Buryak, Tariel Vasadze, Nestor Shufrych, and other deputies and state officials.

The crown jewel of Rybak's charters became the flight to Dubai on December 29, 2011 and return to Ukraine on January 12 of the present year. Bombardier CL-600-2 B 16 Challenger 605 (tail number - A 7- CEA ) was chartered from Qatar Airways.

Bombardier CL-600-2B16 Challenger 605 A7-CEA

It is one of the six companies that have a 5-star rating of the British Skytrax agency. It has only 2 Bombardier Challenger 605 on the balance. According to the company's website "Challenger-605 has proved itself as a reliable, efficient and exclusively comfortable aircraft. With five passengers on board and at the speed of 800 km/h the plane can take you from Dubai to London in 7 hr 44 min and from Er-Riyad to Geneva in 6 hr 24 min."

The price is relevant to the quality - around 7.5 thousand euros per hour. And the plane is delivered from Qatar which means additional time to the bill.

Simple calculations show that the total cost of the Kyiv-Dubai round trip came to over 2,300,000 UAH (227,000 EUR)!

Prosecution's Turn

So a regular official without any enormous legal income spends millions for flights only. He does not limit his expenses ordering the services of foreign planes which are way more comfortable than local business aviation. The necessity of paying thousands of euros extra for plane delivery does not bother him. Deputy Oleksandr Sochka made an inquiry with the Interpol to check the correlation of Rybak's earnings and spending. The Ukrainian Bureau of the Interpol told him that if he has any information about the illegal activities he should refer to the corresponding Prosecutor's Office. The prosecution received information but has not reacted. IT must be a tiring jib counting money. If the law enforcement turns a blind eye here, at least the people will know their 'heroes'…

Andriy Irchenko

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