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A mother has to make some kind of story, make her child learn it and tell it to the class. One girl got Yanukovich which you can understand if hardly – at least he is the president. The teacher says that the story must be strictly positive.

A small but serious detail of how the world is changing. An oldfriend of mine told me an overwhelming story about life inDonetsk.

Her daughter is going to the 2nd grade of one of theschools in Kiev district of Donetsk and on the 1st ofSeptember there will be a lesson dedicated to the great citizens ofDonbass (Donetsk and Lugansk region). Her daughter got RinatAkhmetov.

And now the mother has to make some kind of story, make herchild learn it and tell it to the class. The other girl gotYanukovich which you can understand if hardly - at least he is thepresident. The teacher says that the story must be strictlypositive.

It is curious that among numerous options there was no VadimPisarev or Anatoliy Solovyanenko. I suspect that the school did notthought this up on its own and that all this goes down the pipefrom some local education authority. Akhmetov himself wouldprobably feel uncomfortable about it.

I think the story needs to be written in verse to make it easierfor the child to learn. I made the beginning and then - it's apoetic contest! Poets, on your mark!

A brotha came to his success

Rinat is his name

And at this moment we receive a refutal! The fire seems to beput out and the burden lifted from the children's shoulders.

Donetsk schools will dedicate the first lesson to80th anniversary of Donetsk oblast. Deputy head ofeducation department of Donetsk city council Galina Chernovodskayaconfirmed this to "Donbass News".

"The first lesson will be dedicated to the native land relatedto 80th anniversary of Donetsk oblast and of course wewill talk about great representatives of the oblast. It is writtenin methodological recommendations", she said.

She also added that there is no approved list of outstandingDonetsk persons that the kids should talk about at the lesson.

"We just give our recommendations. Everything else is decided onthe spot. The teachers prepare, find materials, invite famouspeople, public organization, veterans, industrialists - the peoplewho you can tell children about, invite them, listen to them,etc.", stated Chernovodskaya.

According to her, every year the subject of the first lesson onDonetsk schools changes. "We have a different subject of the firstlesson every year and it is dedicated to the events that arerelevant today. Recently, 6 July we celebrated 80thanniversary of Donetsk oblast and that is why we dedicate thelesson to it", she explained.

She could not give a detailed account of the list of therecommended great Donetsk personas. "I cannot say anything since Ido not deal with the list, it is developed by city scientificmethodological center", she said.

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