Explosions in Balakliia: over 16,000 area residents evacuated, - State Emergency Service. PHOTOS+VIDEO

As of 7:30 a.m. March 23, the rescuers continue evacuating residents from Balakliia city and villages adjacent to the exploding ammunition depot in the Kharkiv region.

Censor.NET reports citing a statement by the press office of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

2,700 people were taken from the village of Verbivka to Pryshyb village (16 km away from Balakliia); 806 residents of Yakovenkove village were evacuated to Volokhiv Yar village (20 km away from Balakliia). 16,317 people were evacuated from the city of Balakliia.

Explosions in Balakliia: over 16,000 area residents evacuated, - State Emergency Service 01

Most of the explosions reportedly take place within the territory of the depot. However, isolated cases of fragments flying out of the ammunition dump have also been recorded.


The State Emergency Service has engaged 55 tank trucks, 24 units of firefighting support equipment, and 362 rescuers. 25 ambulances with over 100 medical personnel along with 150 policemen using 40 cars are also involved in the operation.

Explosions in Balakliia: over 16,000 area residents evacuated, - State Emergency Service 02

Two fire-fighting trains deployed at the railroad station in Shebelynka village have been put on alert.

The report also reads that the Emergency Response Headquarters headed by Kharkiv region Governor Yulia Svitlychna was established onsite; the task force headed by Acting Chairman of the State Emergency Service Oleh Melchutskyi is operating on the scene.

Besides, the operational mobile group consisting of members of the National Police, prosecutor's office lead by the chief of the Kharkiv region's Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service and his deputy left for the site of fire.

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He said there was no information on casualties, as well as no information on the garrison town within the military unit. Railway connection has been halted due to proximity to the explosion site.

As reported, March 23, 2017, an emergency arose at the military ammunition depot of the Defense Ministry at Balakliia, the Kharkiv region, due to explosions of ammunition. Several storage areas of rocket and missile artillery ordnance (tank and artillery missiles of 125 mm and 152 mm caliber) were impacted by explosion and caught fire, which caused the detonation of the ammunition. Residents of the nearby areas have been evacuated.

Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios said the emergency in Balakliia was an act of sabotage.

Later, a video of the explosion at Balakliia ammunition depot was published online.
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