Court overturns ban on alcohol sale in Kyiv kiosks, - MP Belotserkovets. PHOTOS

The court has lifted the ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in kiosks, but the city authorities claim they won't allow a return of alcohol.

MP and advisor to Kyiv mayor Dmytro Belotserkovets said to Censor.NET.

"The mafoviki [owners of kiosks - ed.] won the suit in a first instance court, which the city appealed. The Court of Appeal considered the issue today. There were a lot of mafoviki outside the court building, who provoked clashes and put pressure on judges. As a result, they ruled in favor of the crowd," Belotserkovets said.

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He called the judges "corrupt" and stressed that "nalivaiki" - small inelaborate cafes selling cheap booze - will not return to Kyiv.

"The Kyiv City Council has already registered a draft resolution intended to eliminate the possibility of selling alcohol and beer in kiosks. This decision will be unappealable," Belotserkovets added.

He explained that small architectural forms will be deprived of the possibility to sell alcohol.

"Previously, the city gave out different sale permits: for food, flowers, newspapers, cigarettes, or alcohol. We'll simply remove the "sale of alcohol" option. The city has the right to do this. They tell us the city can not prohibit the sale of alcohol. Alright. But the city can define the functions of small architectural forms," Belotserkovets concluded.

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