Several rings of abductors apprehended in Ukraine over last week, Police Deputy Chief Troian says. PHOTOS

Several people were abducted in Ukraine last week. All the perpetrators were detained by the police in hot pursuit.

First Deputy Chief of the National Police of Ukraine Vadym Troian wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

The law enforcer recalled that a CEO of a development company was abducted by criminals dressed up as SBU employees in Kyiv. They demanded $500,000 for his release.

похищение задержание преступники

"The abductee was put a plastic bag on his head and tortured. The police apprehended six armed persons in the territory of the Kyiv region. The youngest attacker was only 20. One member of the gang was a Russian army veteran who previously served in the troubled spots," Troian said.

"Odesa. A four strong group abducted a woman at a parking lot in Odesa. They took her and the parking lot guard out of the city. The abductors later released the guard and brought the woman in Kyiv. They demanded $200,000 to release her. The victim's son reported to the police. The attackers were subsequently detained in industrial zone in Kyiv region," the police deputy chief said.

похищение задержание преступники

"Poltava. Several attackers demanded debt redemption from a woman and her daughter after gaining access to their house by calling themselves employees of local utility provider. The "utility folks" took away a TV set and gas cooker when the women refused to settle the debt. After that, they exerted psychological coercion on the 52-year-old woman to force her to get in the van and took her to an unknown location. The law enforcement officers detained three persons," Vadym Troian said.

похищение задержание преступники

"Zhytomyr. A 22-year-old man left home after he figured out that a girl he intended to marry was seeing another guy. Nov. 7, the deceived man's parents learned from the police that seven persons abducted their son. The attackers were riding a car holding this guy with a gunshot wound in the trunk. Four people were apprehended on the spot. Three others fired upon the police as they were trying to escape. The law enforcement officers were forced to use firearms.

"What do these cases have in common? The fact that the victims' relatives immediately called the police. What do these crime rings have in common? Membership of these groups was almost invariably determined by ethnic origin; all the criminals were from different regions; the crimes were carefully plotted; and the victims were maltreated. What would you do if one of your relatives is abducted? First and foremost call the police regardless of all the threats!!!" the police deputy chief stressed.

похищение задержание преступники

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