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 Six Ukrainian soldiers killed in Donbas within last week. PHOTOS

Six Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the Donbas over the past six days. Four of them were killed in a battle, two more have died as a result of non-combat activities.

"Over the Nov. 5-11, six Ukrainian soldiers were killed at the front according to Censor.NET's sources in the ATO Staff. Four are combat losses, two more are non-combat losses. Some names may be published, they have already been made public officially," Censor.NET chief editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

Oleksandr Boiko (36th Marine Brigade) from the Kyiv region was killed on Nov. 9.

Oleh Yurdyha (24th Mechanized Brigade) from the Lviv region was killed on Nov. 10.

Two Ukrainian soldiers we killed while performing combat missions on Nov 11.

According to the officials, there were no losses reported on Nov. 5-8.

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"The intensity of the fighting in November is no higher than in October. There are 40-50 severe shelling of our positions on the various sectors of the front reported over the day. There are locations with constant activity, and there are areas where the truce is observed.

"The enemy continues to disrupt the disengagement of our troops by constant shelling of our positions near the village of Stanytsia Luhanska, at the "Kniaz Ihor" height.

"Ukrainian troops still hold the tactical initiative at the front. At several points, our units continue to conduct successful operations by assuming control over the Ukrainian territory in the so-called "gray zone". Overall, the situation remains tense but fully controlled by Ukrainian forces. Fire is being regularly returned on the cease-fire violators, but restrictions remain in effect in general. No signs of abrupt change of the operational situation are being observed. There are no probabilities of the start of large-scale hostilities in the near future," Butusov wrote.

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"May the memory of the fallen heroes live forever. Each of them had two teenage children who now became orphans.

Look into their eyes. They sacrificed their lives for our future, because they believed that here, in the rear, we work for the sake of building a strong modern state. We have no right to forget them for the sake of their families their children," the journalist added.


Oleksandr Boiko from Kyiv died in a combat mission on Nov. 9, 2016. He was from the 36th Marine Brigade. Two children became orphans.


Oleh Yurdyha was killed in a combat mission on Nov. 10, 2016. He is from the village of Yaktoriv in the Lviv region. Two children became orphans.
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