25-year-old prosecutor Bobita owns four apartments, two expensive cars as her salary proves inconsistent with lifestyle. PHOTOS

Aged 25, Olena Bobita, a prosecutor at Kyiv's Obolon district prosecutor's office, possesses four apartments, two luxury cars and affords regular trips to the Dominican Republic and Egypt. Surprisingly, her annual salary makes 75,000 hryvnia ($2,870). Salary of her husband, also a prosecutor, made 87,000 ($3,330) in 2015.

Censor.NET reports referring to the non-governmental Anti-Corruption Action Center Facebook page.

декларация прокурор бобита

"Meet Olena Bobita, a prosecutor at Kyiv's Obolon district prosecutor's office, who loves living a lavish life. According to her income statement, the 25-year-old daughter of former head of several regional tax administrations owns four apartments: two in Kyiv (130 square meters each), one in Rivne (220 square meters) and one in Luhansk (51.90 square meters)," the message reads.

As noted, Olena owns only a half of the second apartment in Kyiv.

авто декларация бобита

"Bobita was lucky to acquire a 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan last year for just 150,000 hryvnia ($5,740). Today, the car is estimated at 500,000 hryvnia.

авто декларация бобита
авто декларация бобита

"Add a 2011 Porsche Cayenne, regular vacation in the Dominican Republic and Egypt and get a portrait of a "perfect" prosecutor," the NGO notes.

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декларация прокурор бобита

Additionally, Bobita's declaration includes three garages in Kyiv of 21 square meters each.

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