Reservoirs in occupied Crimea get shallow. PHOTOS+VIDEO

Artificial self-replenishing reservoirs in Russian-occupied Crimea continue getting shallow, which calls into question the further water supply of peninsula's residents.

Well-known Crimean blogger Serhii Psariov, following statements by occupation "authorities" there was no water supply problem, has examined the filling of peninsula's artificial reservoirs, Censor.NET reports referring to the Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism.


Izobilnytske reservoir that supplies water to Alushta and surrounding areas is half-filled, while Verkhniokutuzivske reservoir is almost empty.

крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище
Izobilnytske reservoir

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крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище
Verkhniokutuzivske reservoir

Aianske reservoir, supplying water to Simferopol and several villages in the Salhirska valley, is almost empty.

крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище
River flowing out of Aianske reservoir has almost dried out

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Simferopol reservoir, supplying the Crimean capital, is the only one where the situation is under control, according to Psariov.

крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище
Simferopol reservoir

However, the banks of the reservoir, which are supposed to be a sanitary zone, are heavily littered.

крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище

Bilohirske and Taihanske reservoirs have got shallow as well.

крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище
Taihanske reservoir

крым вода водоснабжение водохранилище
Bilohirske reservoir

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Mykhailo Romashchenko, the director of Ukraine's Institute of Water Problems and Land Reclamation, claims Crimea's own water resources are enough to meet the needs of 1 million people only - less than half the population of the peninsula.Источник: https://en.censor.net.ua/p414006