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 "We stayed without food and ammo for two weeks," - demobilized Vinnytsia National Guard fighters mark one year of Bakhmutka breakout. PHOTOS

Demobilized National Guard soldiers of the military unit No.3008 gathered in Vinnytsia on Oct. 31 to mark the anniversary of their breakout from a Donbas entrapment and communicate with comrades.

Censor.NET reports citing Vlasno.Info.

The unit's personnel was formed of mobilized Vinnytsia region residents.

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"I was drafted during the third wave of mobilization," says Junior Sergeant Dmytro Tanu. "I am a father of three kids and could have stayed in the reserve, but I decided to go and defend the motherland."

The unit fighters were supposed to conduct passport control and guard a checkpoint, but turned out to be sent to the front line. Separatist positions were in just 340 meters from the National Guard soldiers.

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"From August of last year we were defending the 32nd checkpoint near Bakhmutka in the Luhansk regions," says former fighter of the unit Oleksandr Porokhovnychuk. "The enemy shelled us regularly, and on Nov. 14 we were encircled."


"We spent two weeks with next to no food and ammo. The vehicles with provision could not reach the checkpoint. There was no connection with the headquarters, equipment was breaking down. The only order was to hold the field. And we did, with huge losses. The exact number of killed, including Aidar soldiers and paratroopers who served with us, is not known. They were dozens. Most of the fighters were rescued due to the special operation and talks," Tanu says.



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