National Police Chief Dekanoidze visits site of Ternopil policemen's death and families of killed officers. PHOTOS+VIDEO

A resident of Babyntsi village of Borshchiv district of the Ternopil region killed three people, including a 41-year-old woman and two police officers. The man armed with a shot-gun gravely wounded his wife first and two local police officers later. The criminal was killed by policemen during detention on Aug. 23.

A mourning was announced in Ternopil region police office due to the tragedy.


Yesterday, National Police Chief Khatia Dekanoidze arrived at the scene, Censor.NET reports citing communications sector of Ternopil police.

Dekanoidze examined the crime scene, spoke to heads of the agency in the region, visited the wounded officer in a hospital as well as families of the killed policemen. The police chief called the events "evil day for Ukrainian police."

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"This tragedy is not my personal. It's a tragedy for the entire National Police. It's a tragedy for every police officer. We have lost great young fighters. Unfortunately, the situation with jealousy caused this catastrophe. Neither helmets nor armored vests saved the fighters.

"I mourn with the families. This grief could not be undone. But this is the profession of a police officer. They gave their lives in the line of duty," Dekanoidze said.


One of the killed officers is survived by a wife and a child, another one by a pregnant wife. Three children of the killed woman and her killer husband became orphans.

Khatia Dekanoidze promised to help the families of the deceased officers and instructed to conduct an investigation of the situation.

Earlier, two police officers died of gunshot wounds, one was injured while detaining a criminal in Babyntsi village in the Ternopil region Aug. 22.

The tragedy occurred in Borshchiv district. A group of police officers who arrived to the scene on-call were attacked by a 45-year-old local resident with firearms.

The police reacted to a phone call by a neighbor who reported the man firing from a shot gun on his yard in the evening of Aug. 22.

When the police arrived, the man continued shooting. He shot one police officer dead and wounded another one. The officer subsequently died from the injuries. Another law enforcer was wounded upon detainment, the police reported.

The criminal was killed on spot.
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