Children of WWII veteran gave father's decoration for remelting into National Hero of Ukraine order. PHOTO

The Order of Glory of late WWII veteran Kharlampii Udovychenko, who fought the war as an infantry soldier in tank divisions, was given away by his son and granddaughter to be reused for creation of the National Hero of Ukraine decoration.

As reported by Censor.NET, this was announced by journalist and volunteer, organizer of the National Hero of Ukraine Order Andrii Boiechko on his Facebook page.

Boiechko told the story of the late veteran, owner of the decoration. Kharlampii Terentiovych Udovychenko was born in 1920 and fought during the entire WWI as a Soviet soldier. He returned home in 1945 with a shrapnel piece in his lungs. He died at the age of 77, and was never taken care about by the state and authorities, the volunteer wrote.

Boiechko received the decoration via a courier service yesterday, June 22 - the day when Nazi troops attacked the Soviet Union back in 1941.

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Friday morning, the volunteer called the son of Kharlampii Udovychenko Anatolii and asked for permission to tell the story. The veteran's son said that if his father knew that Russia would wage a war against Ukraine and lead to so much trouble, he would himself give away his decorations.

"Remelt it and burn down the Vlasovite ribbon [symbol of Soviet troops, and currently - of separatism movement in the east of Ukraine - ed.] together with Ukrainian 'vata' [non-patriotic population that supports Russia's war in Ukraine - ed.]," he said to Boiechko.

"I want the guys who receive the order of the National Hero of Ukraine to know that their decoration includes strength and courage of Ukrainians who had fought for their land back in the middle of the past century. Then, they were fighting against Fascists from the West, now [you are] fighting against Fascists from the East," Anatolii said, according to Boiechko.

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