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 Two Ukrainian military perished in combat. One of them was about to get married, - journalist. PHOTOS

Two Ukrainian soldiers died in a combat mission in the east of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports quoting journalist Nataliia Nahorna's Facebook.

"The guys we've failed to save. They were on a combat mission and wore bulletproof vests. Today, we are saying goodbye to one of them, call sign Krym. The one who arrived from the peninsula [Crimea - ed.] to fight for his country. The second one had a wedding scheduled for Saturday. To be more precise - funeral for tomorrow. His wife is four months pregnant. This was supposed to be his last trip. He was a commander and could send a rookie. Instead, he went himself. We have decent officers, although there is one fewer now," the journalist wrote.

война смерть гибель бойцов

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At the same time, Maksym Ivanishchev reported the death of only one of the two Ukrainian soldiers.

"Yesterday, commander of a deep reconnaissance company, Major Serhii Lobov died in combat in the vicinity of Troitske. He was 28 years old, he had a wedding scheduled within a week. The bride is six month pregnant..," Ivanishchev wrote.

война смерть гибель бойцов

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